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Your Guide To The Top 3 Japanese Used Car Brands In Ghana

There are some things in life you can’t do without and as cars move from being a luxury to necessity, there are some things you need to find in mind when going for your first car. Like any other relationship, the first is the deepest and the most memorable hence the need to find one that won’t be problematic, troubling and costly to maintain. In this frame, Japanese cars make the perfect match starting from pricing to fuel consumption to usage. They provide superior perform without compromising on the need for speed or the rate of fuel consumption.

toyota cars in ghana

For the list of cars, let’s start with Toyota. The commonest among the batch and the easiest to fix, use and get on a budget. With more than a dozen types to choose from, Toyota gives you a catalogue of high performing cars that allow for you to work and live within your space while giving you a body and engine unrivaled by the price or mileage. From the Camry to the Corolla to the Yaris, RAV4 or the more rugged Hard Bodies or Land Cruiser or quite a stylish Fortuna and Prado, Toyota has maintained a level of quality that has been perfect over time. The price for Toyota cars in Ghana looking at the saloon, Corolla or Camry range from GH 27,000 – GH 60,000 in Ghana. Find out used Toyota cars on nabus motors.

Hyundai also makes a perfect candidate as they offer the sort of feeling you can’t find in most cars built from other places. They provide most of the things you look for in a car in the right quantities and never exchange anything to cut cost. The pricing is within reach while using a Hyundai allows for control and a more of a boost in social standing. If the coming year has anything to look out for, it will be getting all the things you’ve put on hold for a while. It will have to have a Hyundai in the mix with a lot of good living in the back of the success tale of 2016. Hyundai gives you, Elantra, Azera, Sonata, Accent, Genesis and the “i-series”. Each of them gives the sort of feeling and comfort you can’t find elsewhere on a tight budget. If your taste is more of sedans, you can find your fit from GH 13,500 – GH 60,000.

And then, there is Nissan probably one of the oldest chooses of a car for Ghanaians. Nissan with its catalogue of the saloon, heavy and big cars has over the years given car lovers more than a hobby when it comes to their collection and up and coming Ghanaians the opportunity to own their dream cars without thinking of the cost of maintenance and fuel. Their cool designs are no substitute for their cool prices that fall within GH 15,000 for Nissan Sentra to GH 77,500 for Nissan Rogue. Just take a tour with this link for Nissan cars.

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