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Why Inspecting Used Cars Before Purchase is Important

Inspecting used cars before buying is probably the most advised thing when it comes to buying used vehicles. Has someone ever recounted to you a story of how they bought a used car in Ghana only to find that it had several problems that cost them some hefty amounts to repair? This may have been your experience or that of someone you know. The truth is, some used cars have problems while others don’t. This same truth presents the problem to which this article is dedicated to helping you solve.  

Unfortunately, most people ignore the advice to check used cars before making the purchase

Used cars are the most sold in the country. On top of that, there are some good ones out there no matter what you may think. However, finding the best seller and used car in Ghana is often the difficult aspect.

Finding cars for sale isn’t as difficult as it is often made to seem. There are lots of ways to do that. 

With thousands of used cars sold each year, the market is indeed huge. We would be looking at how to find used cars today since you can do that easily on What we will be looking at is why you need to inspect used cars before making a purchase. This is very important. Also, we will give you a few things you can pay more attention to when buying your used car

Why Inspecting Used Cars Before Purchase is Important

1. Be Sure of What You are Buying

When you are buying a car, you may be very excited that you don’t consider some pertinent factors like inspecting it first. You may be aware of all the specifications and features of the vehicle and that is good. However, that only gives you what to look for. Those specifications and features represent the state of the car when it was bought as a brand new car. That may not be the case now and some of the features may have been lost, parts replaced, or even the car may have been involved in an accident. 

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All these factors give you what to look for when buying a used car in Ghana. When you perform the inspection, you will be fully aware of the state of the car before you make a purchasing decision. This is important for several reasons. You do not want problems to spring up from a car you thought you were going to use without problems. 

At least knowing what you are going in for will keep you at peace as you know what to expect. You can plan along those lines and keep the car healthier. 

2. Get the Best Price

Used cars are widely preferred because of their price appeal. For a slightly used yet functional car, you can save up a few Ghana cedis. However, what happens when you pay more than the car is actually worth? Well, that would be sad.

That is one of the great reasons why you need to know the state of the car by doing a used car inspection. 

Equipped with the knowledge of the car, you can make the right bargains to get the best price. Without knowing the value or worth of the car, you will only be casting stones in the dark. That changes drastically when you know exactly what you are getting, especially when it has problems you would have to spend lots of money working on. You wouldn’t want to buy such a car for an exorbitant price.

3. Avoid Unforeseen Consequences

Cars can be your best friend if you move around a lot. They are great transport machines and “make the world work”. However, like every other machine, they are vulnerable to mechanical problems. 

Mechanical problems unlike aesthetic issues can affect the performance of the car. Speed and safety are very important when it comes to cars. You need a car that ticks both checkboxes. 

Purchasing a car without doing a car inspection can result in the purchase of a faulty car. This could be disastrous. 

To prevent the possibility of such unforeseen incidents as accidents, parts breaking down, you should pay attention to the state of the car before purchase by doing a simple but lifesaving used car inspection. 

Things to Look Out For When Inspecting a Used Car 

1. Vehicle History

Knowing a detailed history of the vehicle is very important when it is a used vehicle. This is because cars aren’t to be evaluated based on how they look on the surface. A quick paint job could get you thinking a completely dysfunctional car is good for driving.

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For Ghanaian used cars, you may have to seek answers from the agent. 

For Foreign used vehicles, you may have a more official way of checking the history of the vehicle. Carfax is a great platform where you can enter the vehicle details to have access to history. If the vehicle has been reported stolen, you would know. If it has been involved in any accidents or other reported situations, you would get to see it in the records. 

2. Check the Mileage of the Car

The mileage represents the distance traveled by the vehicle in its entire existence. There is a meter that calculates the mileage and you can easily check from the odometer. 

The more miles traveled by a vehicle the more likely it is that it has defects and faults. 

Even though this isn’t an accurate way of determining the value of the vehicle, it still serves as a rough estimate. A vehicle that has been used for a long time certainly has higher chances of having problems. 

Note that the mileage could be manipulated hence it may be better to have a mechanic check. A good mechanic would be able to know if it has been tampered with and possibly get the actual mileage. But signs of tampering should be offset already. 

3. The exterior & interior of the Vehicle

The interior and exterior of the vehicle are what you would see first mostly. They either draw you in or out. For new vehicles, make sure you get the absolute best. But for used vehicles, you don’t need to sweat the small stuff such as minor scratches that can easily be worked at. 

Be absolutely sure you like what you see. For used cars, be sure you do not over compromise with the look. To guide you, here are a few things to look out for;

The exterior & interior of the Vehicle: What to look for.

  1. Scratches and Paint Job
  2. Seat, Material/Leather. Are they cool for your taste? Are you willing to incur extra costs by changing them?
  3. Air Conditioning.
  4. Check the Trunk of the Car. Be sure it works fine and the platform for holding your stuff holds well. 
  5. Lights. 
  6. Tires. Check the expiry dates. Look for signs of wear, one-sided wear might be a sign of an alignment issue. 
  7. Accessibility to Repair Parts and Service Centres
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This may not be an issue for most vehicles. But better safe than sorry. It is best to seek the advice of your mechanic about options that readily available parts. It will prevent you from being stuck with a vehicle that is either difficult to obtain spare parts for. Or the spare parts are expensive. 

Also, be sure there is preferably a service center nearby. Having the make brand service center check is ideal. 

4. Have a Mechanic Do a Thorough Inspection of the Vehicle

If you fail to do any of the other suggestions, do not miss this. The mechanic, assuming it is honest and impartial, can find critical issues with the vehicle by inspecting it thoroughly. Even if you are satisfied with the other checks, do not pass this by. 

This is important for buying used cars, especially in Ghana. 

Things to Lookout for 

  1. Engine Leaks or Corrosion
  2. The Underbody
  3. Alignment
  4. The Anti-braking system
  5. Etc. The Mechanic would know what else to do. 
  6. Check the Dashboard

The dashboard is an excellent tool to check for possible faults with a used car. The vehicle instrumentation signs will light up for different reasons. Some are minor signs while others show possibly fatal faults. Do check the dashboard. 

5. Any Clunking noise when driving or turning at curves

A clunking noise while driving is often a sign of a problem. Have a mechanic assess for issues.


Inspecting used cars before purchase is very important and it saves money, lives, and also unforeseen inconveniences. There is more to gain by paying someone if you cannot do it yourself than not doing it. The recommendation is to work with an experienced car inspector which is why Tonaton Certified cars work with professional mechanics when screening cars to sell. You can get your used car faster and easier to buy through us. Sign up now

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