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Who is a Housekeeper? Roles, Responsibilities & Best Practices

Housekeeping is often not even considered a career and in our part of the world, housekeeping isn’t really formalized by many institutions or groups. This makes it quite challenging for people to seek a housekeeping job in Ghana. However, being a housekeeper as a job is one of the most satisfying jobs you could find yourself. Of course, not everyone will like it, but for those who want to venture into the industry, be sure to slide right in because we will be giving you all the tips, best practices, and duties of a housekeeper. We will also show you the financial compensation or salary a housekeeper in Ghana takes on average.

Moving on, you should definitely know that housekeeping is not just about being a “Houseboy” or a “Housegirl” even though it has often been tagged with such terms. Part of the aim of this post is to help you understand the formal meaning and role of the job, who a housekeeper is, and how to get a housekeeper job in Ghana. 

Who then is a Housekeeper?

A housekeeper is a worker who is employed to take care of a particular place pertaining to daily tasks such as cleaning, washing, organizing, and maintaining a house, hotel, corporate office, and hospitals. 

The job of the housekeeper isn’t only needed in a household but also in other environments, hence it isn’t right to say that a housekeeper is a houseboy or housegirl. 

Housekeepers are very useful in making sure that places are well maintained and organized. A good organizer is going to be a good housekeeper because the skill of organizing is very essential to executing the job to a satisfactory level. 

What is Elite Housekeeping? Elite Housekeeping Vs General Housekeeping

Elite housekeeping is when the entire maintenance of a facility is handed over to a team (in rare cases it can be a company) with adequate and specialized staff to do each task very well. It is often utilized by hotels and public facilities such as apartment buildings, etc. 

In an elite arrangement situation, you would find that there is a dedicated cook, cleaner, gardener, etc. Even within a place such as a kitchen, you could have a senior chef, sous chef, all making up the team. 

The Elite form is often offered as a service by companies that hire and assign the staff for your use. 

General housekeeping is the usual way in which we all know where the housekeeper executes general and usual tasks such as cleaning, washing, organizing the place, making beds, taking care of kids, dusting furniture, and so forth. 

The main difference between elite and general housekeeping is that the former involves a host of staff who specializes in certain tasks while the latter involves mostly one person seeing to a cross-section of tasks. 

Specific jobs are more common in Ghana and neither elite nor general takes the award. But general housekeepers seem to be in higher demand in our housekeeping jobs section. What is common in Ghana is companies and institutions hiring for specific housekeeping roles such as cleaners. When it comes to general, there are a lot of opportunities in the home care area. If these excite you, jump straight to TonatonJOBS to apply now. 

What Does a Housekeeper Do?

The tasks and responsibilities for a good keeper are quite many and vary slightly depending on whether it is generally such as a home care provider or specific to a particular task such as cleaning as popularly demanded by corporate offices. We will list a general overview of what all housekeepers are required to do. 

List of Tasks Housekeepers Do

  1. Dusting and polishing the furniture in the facility
  2. Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, showers/bathtubs, and sinks
  3. Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen area
  4. Making beds and changing linens regularly
  5. Washing or cleaning windows
  6. Sweeping/vacuuming, polishing, cleaning carpets and rugs, and mopping hard floors
  7. Sorting, washing, loading, and unloading laundry
  8. Ironing clothing items and keeping them at their appropriate places. 
  9. Using any cleaning equipment such as vacuums, mops, detergents, and other cleaning tools
  10. Keeping bathrooms stocked with clean toiletries, and other supplies
  11. Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
  12. Emptying trash receptacles and disposing of waste
  13. Steaming and cleaning draperies
  14. Tidying up rooms
  15. Monitoring cleaning supplies and reporting to patrons for restocking arrangements to be made.
  16. Reporting any necessary repairs or replacements as early as the observation is made.

Skills Required for Getting a Housekeeping Job

There are two types of skills required for every job. These are soft and hard skills. Hard Skills are more specific to your job while soft skills are universal and required in every other job. 

Soft Skills

  1. Working quickly without compromising quality
  2. Attention to the details of the job
  3. Organizational skills
  4. Prioritization and time management skills
  5. The ability to learn and adapt within the environment of work
  6. Ability to work with little supervision and maintain a high level of performance
  7. Customer-oriented and friendly

Hard Skills

  1. Carpet cleaning
  2. Sweeping
  3. Deep cleaning
  4. Mopping
  5. Window treatment cleaning
  6. Vacuuming
  7. Dusting
  8. Bathroom and bedroom cleaning
  9. Infection control
  10. Polishing

Top Housekeeping Jobs in Ghana on TonatonJOBS

  1. Cleaner
  2. Home Care Agent/Assistant/Provider
  3. Nanny
  4. School Cleaner
  5. Bank Cleaner
  6. Airport Cleaners

Salary for Housekeeping and Cleaning Jobs In Ghana

According to, the average salary for a domestic housekeeper is between GH₵328.88 to GH₵1,649.58 in 2021. This is good money and surpasses some office jobs. If keeping people happy and maintaining places is what makes you happy, you should give housekeeping a try.  

How to Get a Housekeeping Job in Ghana

The second step is to visit the TonatonJOBS platform to create a profile. It is an easy process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Creating your profile is the easiest way to build your resume which potential employers will use to shortlist you. The platform has lots of housekeeping jobs in Ghana, storekeeper jobs, waiter jobs, and receptionist jobs waiting to be filled. 

The final step is to prepare for an interview. Due to the nature of the job, you can expect it will require practical problem-solving skills which you may already have. But answering the common interview questions may not be something you know. Go through some practice over answering any question you think might be asked and prepare adequately for the interview.


Being a housekeeper could be challenging, exciting, and satisfying for people who love to genuinely serve and help others. The Ghanaian market has more demand for cleaners in general but there are multiple job vacancies for home care providers on our TonatonJOBS platform. Be sure to check them out. 

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