What’s New in The Apple iPad Pro (2021, M1)

Apple recently made device announcements including the new iPad Pro, the pink iPhone 12, and Airtag. The announcements brought excitement as the features provide greater and improved features and performance.

The iPad Pro 2021 has received a few major upgrades. Even Though it is almost identical to the previous iPad Pro design terms, it has a lot to offer in software, hardware, and features. 

Introducing the New iPad Pro 2020

The iPad Pro 2021 edition is incredibly good. It’s over the top powerful and it has a beautiful display which makes the experience even better. It is the creative person’s device as it is great for editing HDR videos. If you aren’t into editing, it is also awesome for viewing HD content. 

The iPad Pro 2021 edition runs on an M1 chip which is far advanced compared to its predecessors and other tablets in the market. 

In addition to the new chip, the device also comes with exciting new features such as Centre Stage which is much cooler than it sounds. Centre Stage uses the new ultra-wide camera and machine learning to recognize and keep the subject in the center of the screen. As you move around the area, it automatically adjusts the camera settings such as zoom to keep the subject in focus and at the center. A good feature of the Centre Stage is that it can recognize other subjects in the shot and adjust to keep them in too, including zooming in and out. 

The new iPad Pro is a great device for users who multitask a lot. It has 16 gigabyte RAM on the high edition allowing you to do heavy stuff without losing the speed and functionality of other apps and services. 

Just when we thought Apple was killing all the ports in their devices, they added thunderbolt cable support to the new iPad. This addition allows you to plug-in accessories. 


The drawback to the iPad Pro 2021 is that it doesn’t support multi-user which means only one person can use the device. It also doesn’t have any form of desktop support for extended display such as Samsung Dex which Samsung devices are capable of. 

Even though the new iPad is not very different from the previous one, it has a lot more features. However, do they warrant an upgrade? Leave your comments in the box at the end of the post. Chances are good that if you are a current iPad pro user and you love it, you will like the new upgrades and might want to get the device. 

Difference Between iPad Pro 2020 and iPad Pro 2021

One of the key differentiators between the new iPad Pro and previous models is the addition of a liquid retina XDR display. However, this feature is exclusive to the 12.9-inch version of the iPad pro. This version is suitable for professionals such as video and photo editors who can take advantage of the great display. A more general way to enjoy the new display however is using it to consume media content such as movies. 

What’s New in The Apple iPad Pro 2020

1. Breakthrough M1 Chip

The M1 chip is an 8-core CPU designed to deliver up to 50 percent faster CPU performance than A12Z Bionic. The chip has been used in the Mac and now has been introduced to the iPad bringing all the processing power of the chip to the smaller device. 

2. 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR Display

The display of the new iPad has been greatly improved and if you are a previous iPad user, you will immediately notice this.

It provides an excellent viewing experience when playing games, watching movies or even performing heavy video or photo editing. 

3. Support for Thunderbolt & 5G

Thunderbolt coming to the iPad is a big step. Most power tablet users do so with several accessories. Therefore the lack of any form of support was a little frustrating.

All that changes with the thunderbolt support which allows you to connect all your favorite accessories giving you the best experience. 

Also, you can now access 5G bands using your iPad. Guess what? You can do all the streaming you want. And if you are a game person, you can play all your online games without worrying about connectivity. 

4. Center Stage

Centre is a soothingly good new concept. Much may not have been done with the cameras such as higher specifications however, the introduction of Center Stage makes all the difference to how to use cameras. 

Your iPad Pro camera can now detect you as the subject and make camera movements and adjustments to make sure you stay at the center.

And if there is more than one subject, Centre Stage can accommodate all of you making sure no one loses the spotlight. How cool? 


Apple is always on the edge looking for new and better ways to improve the way we use and interact with technology and the world. The new iPad is definitely a powerhouse that can be used for work, entertainment, and anything between.

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