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What does it take to Become a Security Guard?

One of the basic needs of a person is the need to be secured. In basic terms, this may come in the form of having a roof over your head. But our world is more complex than that. Things happen, and without specialized and professional security officers, we may lose property or worse, our lives. It is therefore important that security guards are well trained and skilled to handle any possibility in keeping us safe and secured to go about our daily activities without fear or doubts.

In most cases, banks, mining organizations, transportation companies,  airports, schools, hospitals, housing estates, shopping malls, etc all need the services of security guards. Even some pirate residences require security due to the profile of the owner. You may be wondering if being a security guard is for you or not. And that is a natural question, We must all ask ourselves what we would love to do. This post is to help you understand what it takes to get and probably maintain a security guard job in Ghana.

Security jobs vacancies have surged on our TonatonJOBS. Therefore, if you find being in the security industry is for you, you might want to get started right away by applying. 

If you are wondering what a security guard is and what they do, read our previous article on security guards and what they do. 

Brief About Security Guard Jobs

A security guard is essentially any person responsible for keeping a person or property safe from theft, harm, or any other illegal activity as defined by national laws. Consequently, one must be very vigilant, extra observant, and greatly informed on the behavior of potential dangers. To do this, the guard must possess a special set of skills. 

Skills Required to Become a Security Guard in Ghana


Crimes happen very fast. It takes the alert person to catch the signs and put a stop to plots and prevent danger from eventually happening. Alertness comes from training and learning to pay careful attention to almost everything happening around. 

Following Complex Instructions

In times of crisis, a security guard may be required to follow a specific set of instructions in a particular sequence. Often, there is little room for error. Take safety precautions, for instance, missing one or two could result in some dire consequences where you may even be taken as a suspect in a crime. 

Leader and Team Player

Most people panic in times of crisis such as crime, you need to be able to lead everyone to follow a procedure to emerge safely. You need to be able to lead fellow team members as well to have smooth operations. 

Surveillance Skills

Technology is great for surveillance. However, one needs to be able to understand their use to be effective. Also, physical surveillance such as in patrols, etc. is an important part of the security guard job


Maintaining professionalism is an integral part of security. Making people feel secure means being the professional who doesn’t go out of conduct in the least case. 


Simple, say the truth. It could save lots of people and property. 

Physical Fitness

Within the law, security guards may be required to use physical effort. A security guard also needs to be physically fit for their good as physical strength may become necessary in some select cases. Refer to your training and the law for specifics. 

Knowledge of Basic Security and Fire Inspection Procedures

Training is an important part of security service. Professionals need to be physically fit at all times. They also need to be abreast with basic security procedures and emergency activities around theft, fire, first aid, etc. 

 Good Communication Skills

Communication is very important between security team members and civilians. Clarity of expression, timeliness of information, prompt reporting, verbal and non-verbal communication are all very important. Remember that there is no room for compromise in times of crisis as little errors and breaks in communication can mean loss, death, or casualties. 

 Attention to Detail 

Simple oversights could become a serious security challenge. Ignoring tiny details that you were trained to identity could be the reason why property and lives are lost. Report any little changes as and when exactly you identify them. It could go a long way to solving a problem or even preventing it from happening. 

What does it take to Become a Security Guard?

  1. Be 18+ of Age
  2. Be an SSCE or WASSCE holder or Higher Education
  3. Have a good criminal record
  4. Be of good character
  5. Be Physically Fit
  6. Complete Your Training

How to Get a Job as a Security Guard in Ghana

Security guard jobs are one of the most flexible jobs you can have. With little to no education, you can quickly get started. However, to get to high-level roles in the security field, you will eventually need some qualifications, training, and good education. 

Lots of Security guard Jobs in Ghana do not require previous experience. However, some require some form of training in that regard.  

Even though few educational qualifications are required to get started, getting to the top management requires a good education. We would provide some qualifications you may want to have to gain higher-level roles especially in the management area and becoming a player in logistics and transport.  

There are many skills utilized in the security guard field. These skills can mostly be acquired and learned in the field itself. 

When it comes to degrees, there are several programs you can enroll in to give you the edge to gain management-level roles. One of such qualifications is a degree in logistics, management, security management, forensics, asset protection, and crisis response. 

These certificates will require substantial time and funds. If you are working on a tight budget, you might want to start on the lower end of the field and learn your way through. Acquire your qualifications while learning on the job. This provides a very good mix of theory and practice giving you a greater edge over those with just one. 

Steps to Getting a Security guard Job in Ghana

The first step is to visit the TonatonJOBS platform to create a profile. It is an easy process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Creating your profile is the easiest way to build your resume which potential employers will use to shortlist you. The platform has lots of Help Desk Executive roles, operator jobs, sales jobs, and storekeeper jobs waiting to be filled. 

The final step is to prepare for an interview. Due to the nature of the job, you can expect it will require practical problem-solving skills which you may already have. But answering the common interview questions may not be something you already know. Go through some practice over answering any question you think might be asked and prepare adequately for the interview.


The security industry is a budding field in Ghana even though there are a lot of players. Therefore, standards need to be maintained and enforced.  This article gave a layman’s view into the requirements of the entry-level of the industry thus if you want to become a security guard in Ghana. You would surely need more credentials and training if you want a high-level job in the industry. Check out the latest security guard jobs on our website.

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