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5 Daring Ways To Land The Job Of Your Dreams

Beat Competition and Land That Role

Finding ways to land a good job you can go to as a happy person daily isn’t as it used to be. It’s no longer enough to have a perfect resume and perfect qualifications.

Getting a good job sometimes takes grit and a good strategy. It is even more challenging if you have a standard and target for which organizations you would like to work for. These daring strategies will be of gross help on your search for your dream job. Are you daring, strategic and willing to go the extra mile? If yes, let’s get into it.

The Basics of Landing a Job

Before we get to the real deal, the most daring ways to get a job, here are the basics to have at the back of your head. Make sure you work on these first since the main strategies depend on doing these basics well.

They are fundamental aspects most job seekers get wrong when they’re out searching for jobs. Don’t be like the vast majority. Do these!

Basics To Landing The Job Of Your Dreams

1. Have the right skills, Perfectly crafted Resume and Cover Letter

It is amazing how people often say any job is “okay” for them. We all have something we are passionate about, interested in, care about or simply something we would want to contribute to such as a cause or a movement. It is wrong to simply look for any job especially when you have the educational qualifications and relevant skills to back your chosen field. 

Choosing a field or a number of fields will enable you to develop the right skills and build your knowledge base about the industry so you can master all aspects in preparation for the perfect opportunity. 

This goes without saying that you need a resume that doesn’t scream “Hire me” but screams “It would be a bad move to not hire me”. Everyone likes to look good and so does Hiring managers. They want to hire the best. Craft and tailor your resume for each role you apply for even if some of them are similar. You want to be clear and direct in the communication of your value based on the job description provided with the job ad. If there is no job description attached, call the organization and ask for one.  

2. Be prepared for the interview

Don’t be late. Be well dressed. Prepare answers to common questions such as “Tell us about yourself” and “What are your weaknesses”. Research the company into details. Don’t be caught off guard. For big organizations, it would be easy to find information about them online. For not very big organizations, the simple act of calling them to make your inquiries is a good move. Check for their goals and try to align your answers to their goals and objectives. 

3. Have a vision for the job you want

Have a good reason for the jobs and companies you go after. Do not be part of the “Me too” applicants. Have a purpose, a vision and a contribution you want to make in the organization. Chances are if you don’t have a good enough reason, you will squander the job interview or the job even if you land it. Be directed by reason. 

4. Build your brand, social presence and leverage your network.

It is no longer a techy thing to be on social media or even have a portfolio website. It is the standard and you need to get on the game. 

Social media is so important that some recruiters request for your social profiles to check out what you’ve been up to lately. Build a brand around your core skills. It will give you a boost of credibility and value. 

Leverage your social and personal network to find and land your dream job by simply asking for referrals politely. Check out jobs on

5. Learn to follow up

It is quite common to go for an interview only to never follow up. In general, it is a smart move to ask how soon you can follow up so you don’t end up messing up your chances through badgering them with calls every day. That said, follow up. Be moderate. 

5 Daring Ways to Land The Job Of Your Dreams

1. Volunteer

You can use main approaches with this strategy.

Number one is to strike a deal with the organization to volunteer for a stipulated time after which they hire you if they find you highly productive or let you go if they think they’d be better without you.

Number two is to simply apply to volunteer then impress them enough to hire you when appropriate. Both strategies are effective but use them based on your value, credibility and what you genuinely know you can do if given the chance.

2. Find Problems and Offer Solutions to them

There is no organization without a problem and without the need for employees. All organizations are built on human resource. Good companies are on the constant look to identify and recruit talent because, without good workers, nothing happens.

Your strategy here is to find a problem with your skills and knowledge and propose a solution to them. Chances are that if you prove your worth, they will hire you without second thoughts.

Make sure to communicate the immense benefits of your solution and how well you fit to make it come true. Otherwise you leave them with a great solution while making yourself dispensable.

3. Walk Right In

Yes, walk right into the organization you want to work for and make your case. The worst thing that could come off would be a “No”. But it doesn’t hurt as much as staying without a job so don’t be scared. You may end up impressing them enough to give you a role.

The caveat here is to do massive research, prepare a bullet proof case they can’t resist and then do deliver your case to the organization. Without due diligence, you are far more likely to be rejected. 

4. Phone all your friends

Job seeking could get overwhelming but for the great job strategists, they build a network before they need a job or before they need a new one. That way you can lean on your vast professional and personal network for referrals and references.

It is popularly said that it is no longer “whom you know” but “who knows you” Whether you agree or not, your job is to get a job through what works.

5. Try Guerilla Marketing Strategies

Guerilla marketing is a great strategy for marketing. As a job seeker, you become a marketer because you have to market and sell yourself to the organizations you want to work for.

Guerilla techniques are mostly public, attention-seeking and bug stunts such as putting a sign that you need a job with your contact and walking in the streets to advertise yourself. One man even went further to use his last money to rent a billboard for his ad.

Such audacity and daring attitude is actually needed in some roles such as sales. Hence a good recruiter will be able to see the value in such a person and hire them. 

Bonus Point

6. Build a Project that Highlights Your Key Skills

A very smart and daring way of catching the attention of recruiters and executives is to build a project that communicates your talent, skills, knowledge, your value and above all your ability to help the organization with their goals and objectives. 


Job searching isn’t an easy task but these strategies are bound to be a game-changer for any job seeker. The key is to have a plan for each role and organization you target. Build new skills if need be. Earn more qualifications if need be. Build a social presence because it’s very important.

Above all, make sure you are highly valuable and communicate it excellently through your resume, cover letters, references, and your interview performance.

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