Video game wars, a guide to the different consoles in 2014.

Shopping for a console that you know you will use continuously can be a difficult task. This is especially the case when you have a wide range of video games that you are interested in. Purchasing a console is not the same as purchasing a phone. When you are purchasing a phone you know that you will be able to gain access to thousands of apps that you will potentially enjoy. However, each console has its own set of apps that you may or may not be able to take advantage of. In addition, since the Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 have recently come out, there are not a lot of video games that can help you make your decision. The best way to figure out which console you should purchase involves looking at what each one offers as an investment. You will have to try to figure out which console will have the games and features you want in the future.

Learning More about the Nintendo Wii U

A lot of men and women are interested in the Nintendo Wii U because of the popular video games that are normally offered by Nintendo. For example, Mario and Zelda are two video games that have been able to survive the video game industry for many years. In addition, a large majority of Nintendo video games have some features that everyone can enjoy. Because Nintendo games are great for people of any age, the Nintendo Wii U console is the best option for families and men and women who enjoy playing with large groups of people that have varying tastes. However, men and women who are more serious about their video games might not be able to enjoy the features and games that are offered by the Nintendo Wii U. This is because games like Metroid, Zelda and Mario are normally the only games offered by Nintendo that have become huge hits. In addition, the Nintendo Wii U is not as powerful as the other two consoles that are available. The Wii U features eight gigabytes of storage and two gigabytes of RAM.

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Nintendo Wii U Advantages

Although serious gamers might not be interested in the Nintendo Wii U, it does have a few different advantages that might make it worth the money. For example, it offers a different type of gaming experience that makes full use of two different screens. The tablet controller that is known as a GamePad is something that is new to console gaming. In addition, the Wii U is the first Nintendo system that offers gameplay for up to five different people. In addition, the Wii U is compatible with older Nintendo Wii controllers and games.

Nintendo Wii U Disadvantages

Unfortunately, the GamePad has a surprisingly short battery life. In addition, the loading time for some of the features that are offered by this console might be too much for those who might be impatient. Playing video games with the GamePad can be a little hard to get used to as well. Although the Wii U offers the Nintendo TVii, it can be hard to organize and use. Men and women who plan to download a large number of games might not be satisfied with the available storage comes with the purchase of this console.

Learning More about the Xbox One

The Xbox One is now available to consumers eight years after the release of the Xbox 360. However, the Xbox One offers a few different features that make it completely different from older consoles and even new consoles. Xbox One features include the ability to Skype with friends and family. Other features include online video streaming, live television streaming and gaming. It seems as if the Xbox One is attempting to provide men and women with everything they need in order to remain entertained. The Kinect is included with every Xbox One purchase. Because of this, the Xbox One is more expensive than the PS4 by $100.

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Advantages of the Xbox One

The Xbox One gives you the chance to integrate live television to your console. This means that you will be able to control your satellite box, your cable box, your television or your receiver with the Xbox One. In addition, this console features graphics that are slightly better than the graphics that are associated with Xbox 360 video games. The exclusive launch games for the Xbox One include Crimson Dragon, Call of Duty Ghost, Killer Instinct and Need for Speed: Rivals. The launch games include a wide variety of games from various categories. This includes sports games, racing games, fighting games, sports games and even fantasy games.

Disadvantages of the Xbox One

Unfortunately, the Kinect does not always work the way you want it too. Because of this, it can get a little difficult to handle the new Xbox One dashboard. The new dashboard gives you the chance to take advantage of the snap feature and use two different screens at the same time. There are a few applications that cannot be used with the new snap feature. Xbox One apps include Skype, NFL, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant and Netflix. Apps like Spotify and Pandora are not yet available for this console. An Xbox Live Gold Membership is required in order to take advantage of most of the features that are available with this console as well. In addition, trying to add full DVR integration might be a little complicated.

Learning More about the Sony PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 is more affordable than other consoles like the Xbox One. In addition, you are not forced to by any extra accessories. Although you are not required to pay extra money in order to take advantage of various online features, you do have to pay for the Sony PlayStation Plus membership if you want to take advantage of online multiplayer games. This membership also includes many different games that can be downloaded for free. New features that are available with the PS4 include PlayStation Now and various Sony Online TV services. PlayStation Now is designed to provide real time streaming to your PS4 and other Sony consoles that you might own. The Sonly Online television services are designed to provide video streaming for live TV channels.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Advantages

One of the best things about the PS4 is the fact that the interface is a lot simpler than other consoles. In addition, the graphics that are associated with new Sony PlayStation 4 video games are better than most consoles. In addition, a wide variety of digital games are available. Quite a few different apps that are designed for entertainment streaming are available as well.

Sony PlayStation 4 Disadvantages

Although the PS4 offers an easy interface and quite a few different services that are better than most consoles, the console is not compatible with older PS3 video games. In addition, the amount of PS4 games that are available is not enough to keep people entertained just yet. In addition, the PS4 does not have the same DLNA compatibility that other consoles provide. The media playback support that was available with the PS3 is not available with the Sony PlayStation 4 as well.

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