Ultimate Guide To Buying a New Computer In Ghana

Gone are the days when buying a new computer or even a laptop was a luxury. The world now works online and having a computer is a must for most students, working professionals, freelancers, businesses, and organizations. 

This however doesn’t make buying a computer in Ghana any easy. Laptops for sale are in abundance on the Tonaton Classifieds pages yet when it comes to deciding which is good for you and what to buy, you may need a little guidance. 

How we buy things has changed and that is a good thing at best. You no longer need to go to a physical shop to get what you need. Considering the busy schedule most city dwellers have, it wouldn’t be practical to go to the market anytime you needed a piece of electronics. Hence this isn’t the problem either.

Computers are constantly achieving greater efficiency and power as the years go by. Technology is improving at record rates. So the problem is a lack of good computers or laptops out there. 

The Biggest Problem When it comes to Buying Computers

About 20 years ago, one would only have to decide on a few things when they wanted to buy a computer. However, years down the road, you have to go through several specifications before you can arrive at the device that fits you. Even though the cost of buying a computer or laptop saw a decline after the very first computers, computers are taking a new turn in pricing. New, powerful computers are now priced high to the tunes of GH₵10,000 and even above. 

The vast amount of options and cost implications are the two factors that affect the decision to buy a computer nowadays.

In this article, we will look at how to proactively decide on what computer to buy that suits your needs and wants without necessarily breaking the bank. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Computer

Know what exactly you need the computer for

Computers or say laptops are personal items, mostly. Even workplace computers are often used on an individual basis where one person is assigned one device. 

Whether you are buying for an office or your personal use, you must think about your specific needs. Understanding your needs in a computer will help you to map out the features, specifications, and type of computer that would fit you. 

For instance, if you operate a studio where most of the editing is done on the computer, you might want to get a powerful desktop with special graphics software and specifics to aid you with your special needs. 

A student who needs a not so sophisticated computer to conduct their studies, type assignments, and watch some movies will require a different type of specification combination than the studio owner. 

Desktop or Laptop?

From the example above, you’d seen that you need to decide what type of computer to get in the first place. Is it going to be a full-blown desktop computer or a portable laptop computer.

Laptops are good for personal use if you are constantly on the move and cannot handle a bulky desktop. But if you happen to have a personal office or are an active gamer, you might want to get a desktop. 

The desktop has small compact models while others are even bulkier. There are also the all-in-one model and those that come with a separate system unit.

Laptops also come in different sizes. Depending on your personal preferences, you might like some particular sizes more appealing than others. 

Research the features that meet your needs

Knowing your needs gives you the insights to decide which features or the level of specifications that you need. Sometimes, buyers spend a lot of money buying a device that is beyond their requirements. Knowing your needs will help you save on your purchase while ensuring that you get what exactly you need. 

Here are a few things to consider when buying a computer in Ghana.

How Much Memory?

The memory of your computer to some extent determines the speed at which your tasks are processed. It is measured in GB and 8GB is standard for both desktop and laptop. However, for high-end devices, 16GB or higher is the target. 

The decision here lies in understanding how heavy your tasks are on memory. If you are into gaming, you need a high memory and should aim for something more than 8GB. But if you engage in web browsing, using a few software at a time that does not require a lot of processing power, then an 8GB memory would be okay. 

Note that memory influences the price of the device. That explains why expensive high-end computers have bigger memory sizes. 

Which Hard Disk Size?

The hard disk size is another thing to consider. If you are someone who works with files on the cloud, you may not require a lot of space. 

But if you do a lot of offline stuff and have big software packages, you need a big hard disk size. 500GB is pretty much okay for the user who works online and hardly needs to keep heavy files in their local disk. 

1 TB is great for a heavy user as is often in high-end devices. The hard disk size also plays a key role in the price of the computer. 

Optical Drives

Well, these are fading away as most new laptops exclude it from the package. Optical disk drives allow you to access compact disks. 

If you have old videos of an event, a movie, or simply software on a CD, you would need an optical drive to access the files. Optical drives are being ditched to allow for thinner and light-weight devices. If you are not bothered by a bulky device, you could get a device with an optical drive. 

On the flip side, you could purchase an accessory optical disk so you do not have to sacrifice the thin laptop experience and convenience. 

The Battery

All computers come with a decent amount of consumption which will allow you to average up to 8 hours of use. But based on your use, you may need a computer with more power. 

Graphics Adapter and Graphics Memory

If graphics matter to your work or your experience of your device, you will need to pay more attention to your graphics adapter and memory.

Graphics are processed to give you the experience. Hence, some computers have dedicated graphics processors which are great for gaming since games are heavy on graphics. Video editors will also need a pc with good graphics capabilities. 

Choose an operating system

One of the big decisions when it comes to buying your computer is the operating system decision. Even though the popular ones are all good, this decision has some implications. The popular ones are windows and macOS. 

For gamers, it is advisable to opt for windows.

Know that you won’t be able to enjoy some software depending on your choice of the operating system as some developers make their software for only one operating system.  

Computer Brands to Buy in Ghana

The brand is another decision to make. These brands are great to select from. 

  1. HP
  2. Acer
  3. Dell
  4. Lenovo
  5. Apple
  6. Samsung
  7. Asus
  8. Google
  9. Microsoft
  10. Toshiba

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget is important to enable you to stay on budget and not go for what is beyond your means. To have a fair idea of what to spend, you might want to browse our computers and tablets classified to have a good understanding of what your preferred specifications would cost. 

Visit Tonaton.com

After setting your budget, head on to our computers category and browse for your preferred device. Be sure to check for the status of the seller before reaching out to them. Always follow our safety precautions such as doing transactions physically. 

To be sure of your purchase safety and guarantee, you can use our doorstep delivery service which will have Tonaton deliver your computer to you. You only pay after inspection of the device and being satisfied. 


Buying computers for sale is something we do from time to time. As much as the device is to help make our lives easier, we hope this article has made the decision process a little better for you. Note that there isn’t an ideal computer but rather a computer that meets individual or organizational needs. Understand your needs so you can make the right choice. 

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