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Types Of Driving Licenses in Ghana

Knowing the types of driving licenses in Ghana may seem unimportant but it all changes immediately you buy a car or you are prospecting to buy a car. Owning a car comes with several things necessary for you to fully enjoy your new car. One of these requirements is a driver’s license. It is against the law to drive without a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) issued license. National Police officers would often and randomly ask drivers for their licenses. Therefore, you need to get a license first to be legally allowed to drive. Getting a license means getting a license to use a specific vehicle or type of vehicle. This is determined by the type of license you apply for. 

In this post, we will share with you the requirements for obtaining a driving license in Ghana. We will also describe the main types of licenses you can apply for when you visit the DVLA offices. 

Requirements for Acquiring Your Drivers License in Ghana

The DVLA before admitting you for any of the different types of licenses will need proof that you have met certain requirements. These are mandatory and you need to take cognizance of them so that you can prepare your documents before taking the step to DVLA. Here are the key requirements for getting a DVLA license.

  1. The physical presence of the applicant at any DVLA office
  2. Minimum of 18 years of age 
  3. Basic education (BECE) or Adult Education, Ability to read and write
  4. Photocopy of a Valid national ID e.g. Passport, Voter ID, National ID.
  5. Passport Pictures (3)
  6. Undergo mandatory training at a DVLA licensed driving school.  
  7. You only become eligible to apply for the actual license after 3 months of using the learner driver’s license.

Types of licenses You Can Apply For in Ghana

The type of license which the DVLA issues to you will determine the vehicles you can and cannot drive or use. This is important as different vehicles demand a different level of responsibility and skills. It takes more effort to drive a trailer or long vehicle than it takes to drive a 4-door saloon car.  

Professional drivers would often need to have higher levels of access to vehicles to drive than the everyday personal driver. 

The various licenses are put into classes. 

1. Class A 

This is a license for motor vehicles only. 

Minimum Age Requirement: 18

2. Class B 

This Class license allows you to drive pick-up vehicles, minibusses, cross-country vehicles, and other vehicles that take 15 or fewer passengers. 

Minimum Age Requirement: 18

3. Class C 

This class of license is typically used for bus drivers with passengers not more than 45.

Minimum Age Requirement: 18 / 21 Depending on Vehicles involved

4. Class D 

This license is for drivers of heavy-duty vehicles, coaches, and other heavy buses. Such vehicles must not take over 65 passengers.

Minimum Age Requirement: 18 / 21 Depending on Vehicles involved

5. Class E  

Generally, agricultural machines fall under this category. This includes tractors, forklifts, rollers, and combined harvesters. 

Minimum Age Requirement: 18 / 21 Depending on Vehicles involved

6. Class F 

Class F vehicles are vehicles that exceed the weight of 35,000kgs. They are similar to vehicles in class D but not in weight. Vehicles in this class include but are not limited to articulator trucks, long vehicles, etc.

Minimum Age Requirement: 18 / 21 Depending on Vehicles involved

6 Steps to Acquiring Your Drivers License in Ghana

1. Visit any DVLA Office to Initiate the Process

The very first step is for you to visit a DVLA office of your convenience with all requirements and Purchase Forms and Make the Necessary Payments for the forms.

2. Compulsory training of at least 48 hours with a DVLA approved driving school

The requirement is that your total time of practice must not be less than 48 hours. If you train for 2 hours a day, that would give you 24 days to reach the target of 48 hours. 

3. Computer-based Written-test 

Visit the office to take your written test. You will be required to do the test using a computer at the test center. The questions are usually multiple-choice. 

4. Oral Test and In traffic Tests

After you have completed and passed the computer written test, next will be an oral test where your knowledge of road signs will be tested. You will be required to identify a wide variety of road signs and markings. 

5. Make Payments for temporary License and P – plate 

You are about to finish the process. After passing all tests, you will be required to make another payment. This payment will be for the temporary license.

6. Acquire your Drivers License

The last and final stage is to return the temporary license for a permanent license which you will renew after every few years.  


A driver’s license is an essential tool once one becomes of age. You may need to drive occasionally or even buy your car. The best is always to get your license right when you are of the required age. That gives you the freedom to drive at any time without having to be wary of the law. After, it might already be in your dream to buy a car. The DVLA has made it relatively easier to acquire a license compared to a few years ago. Go get your license now. 

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