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Toyota Vitz For Sale in Ghana: Price, Specifications and Popular Uses

The Toyota Vitz is one of the most popular cars in Accra and other parts of Ghana. It is known for its small size, fuel efficiency, and low consumption as well as its low cost. Vitz is the preferred vehicle for many Ghanaians for various reasons and purposes. For these reasons, it is one of the most sold vehicle models on the Tonaton market

In this post, we will be looking at the Vitz, its features and specifications, some of the common uses of the vehicle, and why you should buy the Vitz for your vehicle needs. 

Brief Description of The Toyota Vitz

vitz_w toyota

What is known in Ghana as the Toyota Vitz goes by several names in other regions of the world. The original name being Toyota Vittsu, the three- and five-door subcompact hatchback is known as Toyota Yaris, Toyota Echo in Oceania and North America between 1999 and 2005, and Daihatsu Charade in Europe between 2011 and 2013. The Vitz brand was created by the Japanese automaker Toyota and the nameplate of Vitz was what was used in the local Japanese market. 

The company produced the car from 1999 to 2019. Since then, the car has been sold more than 3.5 million times to customers in over 70 countries as of 2010. Toyota made the car over two generations. Even though the car is still being made, the name “Vitz” was dropped in 2019 as the company began to record dwindling sales numbers. It was replaced by the XP210 Series Yaris. Hence you can spot some of such cars in Ghana: looking just like the Vitz yet have the name of Yaris. 

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Main Features of the Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz Toyota
  1. Dual Airbags 
  2. ABS
  3. Power Steering 
  4. Central Locking System
  5. Front Fog Light
  6. Steering Adjustment 
  7. USB Connection
  8. AC
  9. Power Door Locks

Specifications of the Toyota Vitz

Engine, Performance, Brakes & Others

Engine Capacity1296cc
Engine LayoutStraight
Bore/Stroke72 x 79.6mm
Compression Ratio10.5:1
Fuel TypePetrol
Max Power86 Bhp / 6000 rpm
Max Torque116 Nm / 4000 rpm
0-100 km/h13 secs
Top Speed180 km/h
BHP/Litre66.4 bhp/litre
Front SuspensionMacPherson Strut
Rear SuspensionTorsion Beam

Price of Toyota Vitz in Ghana

The Toyota Vitz costs between GH¢35,000 and GH¢39,000 to buy in Ghana. It should be noted that most of the Toyota Vitz cars in the market are foreign used ones with others being Ghanaian used. Getting a brand new Toyota Vitz is extremely difficult and rare. 

Advantages of the Toyota Vitz Compared to Others

word-toyota vitz
  1. Good at Fuel Economy/Low Consumption

The Toyota Vitz is used for various purposes mainly because of its low consumption needs. The vehicle reportedly consumes a liter of fuel for every 18km to 26.5km of travel. The company has made engines for different Vitz ranging from 1 liter to 1.2 liters. 

  1. Sporty-Tuned Suspension

Sport-tuned vehicles have a different feel to them whenever you are at the back of the drive wheel, You get a sense of a firm suspension which is absorbing all the roughness and giving you a better body roll and handling. You feel in control of our vehicle with a sport-tuned vehicle like the Toyota Vitz. 

  1. Small, Compact with Convenient Features

Small compact cars are not only cute but fun to drive. The Vitz particularly comes with convenient features that allow you to enjoy your drive. 

  1. The Build Quality Ensures Reliable Vehicle Use
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The Toyota brand is known worldwide for its very robust quality build and long-lasting vehicles. The fact that most of the Vitz vehicles in the market are foreign used yet functioning well here in Ghana shows that the vehicle can be relied on for longevity, robustness, and quality. 

  1. Vitz is Affordable

Among the various advantages of the Toyota Vitz is its extremely affordable price. For a price of between GH¢35,000 and GH¢39,000, you can get a great Toyota Vitz car on 

Disadvantages of the Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz
  1. Has a Quite Slow Acceleration

The Vitz is known to have a relatively slow acceleration. This is one of the downsides of a low-consumption car. But from experience, the vehicle is not very bad as it may seem. It works quite well. 

  1. Not a Good Option for the Families

Due to its compact and small size, the Toyota Vitz is not very suitable for families who require bigger and spacious vehicles. 

  1. Plain and Not Very Attractive Looking

If you like your car looking very extravagant and plush, the Toyota Vitz may not appeal to you due to its simple and plain style. 

Popular Uses for the Toyota Vitz

  1. Uber/ Ride-Hailing

Ride-hailing services took the country by surprise with Uber, Bolt, Yango, and Ehyen capturing the market and shifting transportation trends. Among the top vehicles preferred for starting Uber and Ride-hailing businesses is the small, compact Toyota Vitz which has the required number of doors, consumes less for commercial purposes, and stands out for easy identification when someone orders. 

  1. Taxi Services
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It isn’t only ride-hailing transportation service providers who prefer small less fuel-consuming vehicles. Taxi drivers prefer smaller vehicles as well which are perfect for doing business. 

  1. New Drivers/Young People

New drivers especially young people find the smaller vehicles much appealing due to cost and ease of use. The convenience of driving a compact car makes it one of the most preferred choices when some little savings are being allocated for purchasing a vehicle. 

  1. For Driving Lessons Driving Schools

Driving schools are some of the institutional bodies which greatly demand small vehicles for teaching learner drivers. Their fuel efficiency, ease of use, and convenience make them great for such purposes. 

How to Buy the Toyota Vitz in Ghana is the best place to buy and sell Toyota Vitz and any other car. Buying and selling with Tonaron are fast, easy convenient, and secure. Visit right for the best car deals in Ghana. Whenever you are using the Tonaton platform, be sure to adhere to the safety precautions and report any suspicious persons and sellers. 


The Toyota Vitz is one of the most popular cars in Ghana. The transport industry in Ghana particularly sees a lot of benefits in the vehicle due to its relatively low cost, fuel efficiency, and low consumption as well as its compact size. Its manufacturer is one of the world-leading automakers meaning the Vitz is not just beneficial but also could last long. 

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