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Top 6 Remote Jobs in Ghana that Pays Well

Working from home has been gaining more prominence as the years pass by, with most of today’s occupation showing promise of offering a remote position. Just which of these remote jobs in ghana that pays well is right for you? can you begin now, even with minimal experience? Let’s take a deeper dive into it!

During the wake of the covid 19 pandemic, a handful of industries were forced to work remotely so as to continue operations. While the Stay at home order was unprecedented, it did open the eyes of millions of people and businesses to the great possibility of staying at home and working full time.

Remote jobs are not done at the traditional office like most jobs In the market right now. As a remote worker, you are not required to be on-site (or place of work) as you perform your duties. Other names for remote jobs include Virtual jobs, Stay at home jobs, Home-based jobs, etc.

So what are these remote jobs and which ones are paying well now? Let’s dive into the top 6 remote jobs you can start now in Ghana and make a comfortable living!

List of the top 6 remote jobs in Ghana you can start now

1. Content Creation

The content creation industry has seen a huge blossom recently, with businesses diverting more resources to providing content of value to their customers on various online handles.

A content creator is in charge of coming up with ideas for and producing material that links a brand or business to its target audience.

As a creator, you will be responsible for providing various types of content to achieve specific targets (or KPI) set, some of which include social media content, blog content, white papers, landing pages, copywriting, and much more.

To begin your journey as a content creator, you must be articulate, persuasive, eloquent, and love writing. All businesses that have an online presence or wishes to have one will require a content creator to engage the audience they have online.

2. Digital Marketing

The digitalization of most sectors of businesses gave birth to the rise of digital marketers.

A digital marketer uses digital platforms to reach customers, advertise products and services, and increase brand awareness. Digital marketers wear multiple hats for multiple purposes due to the unique blend of planning, creativity, and strategy that their work necessitates.

All businesses require digital marketers to read and understand the online market, so as to engage, obtain, and market their service to the right audience on various handles online.

A strong understanding of the online market, marketing strategies, and people is needed in order to embark on the journey of a digital marketer. However, a starting point of producing social media content for engagement is necessary.

3. Graphic Designing

Another top Remote job in Ghana with rising demand is graphic designers.

A graphic designer is a visual, creative, and very important collaborator. They use both real and virtual art forms, including images, text, and graphics, to express ideas in order to inspire, inform, or fascinate customers.

Also, they possess a mastery of graphic software skills and expertise. One of the most advantageous attributes of graphic designers is that they can easily transition into freelancers. They can also embark solo and have a high chance of success.

While they are many sectors that a graphic designer expands to (Like packaging graphic design, Motion graphic design, Environmental graphic design, etc.), most graphic designers possess immense graphic designing software skills.

4. Social Media Managers

Businesses with social media presence often look for someone to manage their social media accounts to ensure proper management and engagement with their audience online.

As a social media manager, common responsibilities include creating content, managing editorial calendars, and building brand reputation. Also, and maintaining interaction across multiple social media platforms.

Other responsibilities include using analytic tools to utilize previous and relevant data. Also, to develop plans to further grow the social media presence of the business.

With more businesses recognizing how lucrative a social media presence is, the need for managers will continue to rise. Because all responsibilities of a social media manager are online, all activities of social media can be done remotely!

5. Programming / Developer

fifth on our list of the top 6 remote jobs you can start in Ghana are Programmers (developers).

Currently, programming is one of the highest remote paying jobs in the world. A programmer is a broad term that usually defines someone who primarily deals with coding. Also, It is segmented into various fields like Software developers, Web developers, data scientists, etc.

There’s no doubting that programmers (or developers) have been in great demand these past few years. While coding and programming have long been vital skills, the Internet has hastened company digitization programs. This creates a rise in the need for people who can create projects to keep up.

Programmers need to have basic knowledge in coding a variety of programming languages (Python, C+, Java, etc) and utilizing frameworks. Also, being computer literate is a must requirement.

6. Virtual Teaching

Do you have teaching skills? Or are you a certified teacher with experience sharing valuable knowledge or skill with other people? Then you have the option of becoming a virtual teacher.

A VIrtual teacher is an educator who passes knowledge online. Unlike traditional classes, there is no need to convene in the same space or physically interact.

Because there is no need for a physical presence, entire classes are held through a computer (or Phone). Virtual teachers either work alone, proving their services for a required fee or work along with educational institutions. This makes Remote teaching one of the best remote jobs on the market.


That ends our list for the top 6 remote jobs in Ghana that pays well! These jobs are steadily rising in demand. Also, with the rise and increase, vast opportunities follow suit. If you are looking to begin your remote job journey, one of these is a great place to start. Head over to Tonaton remote jobs and start applying for the best remote jobs in Ghana.

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Good luck!

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