Tonaton Verified Badge: Building Trust and Business Growth

One of the primary aims of a business is to help its clients and customers. To do this, the business needs trust. Trust is said to be the glue that holds relationships together. For businesses to be able to attract their ideal prospect, there is the need for them to be first of all trustworthy. A trusted brand or business gets more business because anyone can be assured of satisfaction when they do business with you. is committed to ensuring that our platform remains the largest and safest platform for doing business thus buying and selling. We have introduced several features to make this possible. But we keep innovating to make it easier to do business and grow on our platform. 

Tonaton Verified Badge: The Business Growth Tool

To help your business, is now offering a new feature named Verified Badge that implements a safeguard designed to help both buyers and sellers to experience trustworthy trading over the platform. We do this to keep a safe marketplace where you know who you’re doing business with. This new feature will support the business to rise to new heights of sales and growth. This will be fuelled by trusted business transactions on the platform.  

Buyers have peace of mind when browsing through our listings as they can easily find the trusted and verified shops to do business with. Having the verified badge puts you at the forefront as buyers will automatically trust your shop and buy from you. 

The two major goals with this feature:

  1. Gain More Prominence with the verified badge on your store and all your ads
  2. Build Trust in Your Shop Boosting Sales

Verified Seller Badge: A Symbol of Higher Trust

When you become a verified seller, you will get a badge to display over your shop. It will help your shop to reach people based on valuable behaviors, such as people who do physical shopping mostly or people who are hesitant to contact you.  

Trust is a decision-making process. Getting the badge will immensely help you to get the top spot on your consumer’s mind. Also, it will make you more responsible and accountable to them. A win/win for both buyers and sellers. 

An illustration of how the Verified Badge will appear in your shop.

Verified Seller Ad Preview on

Verified Badge Implies Trustworthiness

Getting customers and clients to trust you is hard to achieve, especially when you are targeting them online. But it is imperative to success- perhaps a bit more important than sales. If you get others to trust you, it will become easier to grow and nurture your business. So, where and how do you gain trust? 

The Verified Badge will assist you to gain customer confidence. When potential users visit your verified shop, they will have the confidence to buy. In addition, you get the verified badge added to all your ads shown in listings whether in search results, category, or shop. This allows everyone seeing your ads anywhere on the platform to immediately identify you as a trusted seller with whom they can do business with. While getting a membership gives a major role to boost your sales, adding a Verified badge will take your business to the next level.

Eligibility for Tonaton Verified Badge

The key eligibility criteria for obtaining the badge is the duration of being on the platform and being a subscribed member thus; Member for the last 6 months.

Benefits of being a member

1. Post more ads

Post more ads with a membership! Focus on creating good ads that effectively sell your items rather than worrying about ad limits. The more ads you post, the more you sell!

2. Member badge

The member badge is shown on all member ads, thereby setting your ads apart from ads posted by individual sellers! We also offer special badges to make your ads more exclusive.

3. Free promotions

Promote your ads for free! Get free vouchers every month that you can use to apply Top ad, Bump up, Urgent, or Spotlight promotions to your ads and get even more responses.

4. Your own shop on

Create your own brand on by having a page dedicated entirely to your business! This is like your own online store – all your ads are listed in one place and you can customize it by adding your tagline, logo, cover picture, and other business details.

5. Add more images

Our membership packages allow you to add more images to make your ads more attractive and descriptive! The more authentic images you add, the more effective your ad becomes in generating customer interest.

6. Track buyer interest

See how much interest your ad has generated among buyers on a daily basis! You can track both the number of views and the leads over the ad’s lifetime to understand its performance.

7. Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep delivery is’s eCommerce solution. When you post a Doorstep Delivery ad, you enjoy the flexibility of handling the buyer interaction and item delivery yourself or leaving it to us.

You can offer Free Delivery and discounts which will be highlighted in your ads.

Get listed as a Power seller to get benefits such as free online marketing and premium customer service.

8. Dedicated customer support

Get a dedicated executive to help you with all your needs, including posting ads! You additionally get access to our sales and customer support teams throughout your membership period.

How to apply for the Verified Badge

Members who are doing business with Tonaton for the last 6 months consecutively will be eligible to apply for the tag to get this badge. 

Our team verifies the seller’s email, business name, and contact details. In addition, you will need to verify the documents below based on the membership category: 

  1. The national ID of the owner and Trade License of the business for categories such as Vehicles, Electronics, Home & Garden, Services, etc.
  2. National ID for Property brokers.
  3. For Jobs- Members who are registered business entities in Ghana are eligible to become a “Verified Employer”.

Unlock Your Consumer Hesitation With The Verified Badge Feature 

Adding the Verified Badge feature will allow you to reach people who get into confusion before making an online purchase. After adding the badge, you can enjoy-

  1. Secured trading through your online shop on
  2. Cater a larger audience group who are confused to make an online purchase.
  3. You can give your customer’s a strong voice of trustworthiness that they would become committed to making a purchase again.  

Get started with your shop verification by contacting your account manager/sales executive and you should be on your way to benefitting from the added benefits of the verified badge. 

The Bottomline

Building trust is a long-term goal for every business organization. It is also a continuous activity as trust gained can be lost within a short span of time. The Tonaton verified badge is one of the ways to build more brand trust. Getting started has been made simple and you can quickly get setup. 

For more information on the new Verified Badge feature, please contact your Field Sales Executive. You can also contact our support team at or call us – 0302 746 911. 

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