Tonaton Unveils Futuristic Plan to deliver by drones

It’s an audacious plan that will require a lot of research and safety testing and GCAA approvals, but Tonaton Ghana today leapfrogged the rest of the players in Ghana’s online classifieds industry by running its firsts tests on drone delivery.

“We’re excited about the Best Deals and Buy Now offers on Tonaton.com
And drone deliveries is one of the many ways we are trying to improve on the user experience by not just cutting down the service cost but reducing the delivery times as well.”, says Zubair Riaz, Managing Director of Tonaton.com

Even if drones end up handling only a small portion of Tonaton Buy Now’s overall deliveries, the implications could be far-reaching.
The company, for instance, might not need as many delivery men or other costly logistical operations. Drones could also have environmental benefits, by reducing reliance on pollution. The biggest boon may be to customers, who could be able to receive their orders more quickly, depending on where they live.
Tonaton.com, is Ghana’s number 1 classifieds online marketplace where one can find listings of both used and new items to purchase. With approximately 30 million plus page views on Tonaton.com, people from all walks of life advertise their products and services on Tonaton.com.
Since it opened its doors for business, Tonaton.com has always led innovations in the ecommerce space with a view to finding the best ways to save customers time and money and create more opportunities for Tonaton members.

What delivering by drones through the Buy Now service will achieve is relieving buyers and sellers of the inconvenience of traffic and the physical distance that exists between them. This is just another example of the value that Tonaton.com strives to provide its users.

Drone delivery will require government approval and some safety assurances from the Ministry of Transport but this is just one example of modern innovations enhancing and adding value to lives in Ghana.

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