Tips for Buying Mobile Phones & Used Consumer Electronics Online

Online shopping is quickly becoming the most convenient way of shopping in Ghana’s major cities and Tonaton is paving the way as Ghana’s biggest online marketplace. E-commerce is direct, easy, accessible and relatively safe. However, like any spending decision, you should have a few things in mind before you click your way to a purchase. With the increase in swindlers and fake goods, one must take necessary precautions to ensure you get the best of what Tonaton is built for: a great shopping experience.

Do your research

Let’s say your mobile phone is beginning to fail you or your laptop cannot survive without a power plug. You have heard of the amazing deals available on Tonaton and want to capitalize. With electronic goods, there are many factors to consider such as the model, brand, specifications, price, and so on. Based merely on appearance, the HP Envy series laptops all look the same, but each is built differently for diverse purposes. By researching on the exact product you want, you will be better positioned to find precisely that on Tonaton, Ghana’s biggest classifieds. If a listing appears too good to be true, it probably is. It might sound cliché but with second hand electronics, it is more commonplace than you may think. A refurbished iPhone 6 and a genuine iPhone 6 may look exactly the same, but obviously function differently. Inferior, faulty and barely working electronics can be difficult to spot on a listing and are usually priced below the average to entice buyers. As much as you might want to save some money by buying second hand electronics, make sure the price is at a respectable average and not ridiculously cheap. 

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Be satisfied with the product and price before you decide to buy

Once you identify a listing that meets your expectations, probe the details extensively. Whether by email or by phone; do not be shy to ask the merchant for a picture of the gadget, the full specifications or even the history of its use. A phone call is preferred as it allows you to gauge the seriousness of the seller, his or her eagerness to sell and their general acumen about what they have listed. At this stage, you should be well poised to negotiate effectively as you know exactly what you will be receiving before you decide to pay any money or agree to meet.

Prioritize your safety

Most Tonaton deals are concluded with an in-person meeting although there is a delivery option. Some merchants also have shops, which are completely safe as you can easily return items, after presenting a receipt, should you have an issue. However, do not compromise your safety under any condition by meeting in a place you do not know well, do not feel comfortable in or cannot leave easily to complete a deal. A shopping mall or centrally located public space that is not isolated should work fine, just in case you run into the wrong kind. Also, do not exchange any financial information before you meet the merchant. Tonaton does not use, PayPal, Visa or any other electronic payment method.

Build ties

The backbone of second-hand shopping or any transaction is trust. With the internet, it is quite tricky to build trust but ultimately crucial to ensuring you get the best shopping experience. Just as you trust Ghana biggest e-commerce website to provide you with a comprehensive list of ads, building trust with a merchant will eliminate the anxiety that goes with buying second hand consumer electronics. You may even attract discounts! Tonaton also has a system of verifying trustworthy merchants who have built their reputation over time with other buyers, so you should have no problem dealing with them. Look out for the “Verified Ad Poster” tag next to a merchant’s name.

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For either the young or old, tech-savvy or otherwise, online shopping can be a bit confusing and overwhelming because it presents many options, making it important that you be circumspect in your decision-making. Remember to trust your gut whilst being mindful of all the tips spelt out above. You can always pull out of a deal should something feel odd or suspicious. By applying the tips, you should be able to buy that phone, camera or game console you have always wanted, save money, and take full advantage of the safe and affordable deals that e-commerce websites like Tonaton offer.

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