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The 10 Hottest Skills In the Ghana Job Market

Upgrade Your Skills For Career Success

Have you ever wondered which skills are in demand in Ghana right now? Perhaps you intend to start a career in a new field or simply want to diversify your portfolio and explore new industries. 

A fulfilling career is hardly one that relies on one skill only but on several often related skills. If you are a programmer, you may want to learn multiple languages to be very successful through your versatile portfolio of expertise. 

As we move toward a more technologically advanced world, certain skills are becoming redundant and obsolete. This requires you to constantly upgrade to new skills and technologies that are more relevant to the current demands of the job market.

We are sharing with you these 10 skills that are currently in high demand in Ghana. 

Skills Trend in Terms of Demand



We are moving toward a more technology-based world. This general trend has a lot of implications when it comes to which skills to learn and acquire. Since the trend is more technological, its related skills are in high demand. 

Timeless Skills

There are certain skills which in essence makes us more human, do work better and efficiently, and connect with our relations well. These skills never run out of trend. Certain aspects of the skill may require upgraded knowledge. And some may change too. But the fundamentals are often the same.

Skills Technology Can’t Replace

Technology is fast replacing certain jobs and roles altogether. This turn of events has sent some into joblessness and panic. Panic not, there are some skills that technology still cannot replace. These require less physical work and more thinking or use of mental resources. 

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The 10 Skills to be shared will cut across all of these 3 areas.

These Are The 10 Hottest Skills In the Ghana Job Market Now

1. Data Science, Analytics and Manipulation


Data can be likened to the new gold. Companies and organizations are constantly receiving data from their online and digital assets. 

These data are raw data. As we were taught in information and communication technology (ICT), data often doesn’t make sense. As a data scientist, analyst, you can easily use your skills to make sense of the data and gain information from it. 

This skill is in high demand as data is the key source of information for decision making.

2. Programming

skills in demand in ghana programming

Computer programming has been in demand for a long time now. But it is safe to say, it is in even higher demand. 

Applications, websites, etc are being developed. Companies are being off a single app or platform such as 

All of these solutions need to be developed and programmed. Essential programming languages include HTML, CSS, Java, SQL popularly used for designing and building websites. Others include Ruby, Python, etc. 

3. Digital Marketing

skills in ghana digital marketing

Marketing is an all-time skill and field of knowledge. The internet has brought a new spice and crop of skills needed for digital marketing. 

Digital marketing requires many skills. Some build their careers on singular digital marketing skills while others take up the whole digital marketing field. 

Essential skills in digital marketing include Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Social media marketing (SMM), Content creation and marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. 

It is literally a world full of surprises and exciting discoveries. A key requirement here would be an attitude of learning, especially based on data.

4. Leadership

top skills in demand in ghana leadership

Leadership is one of the all-time skills that never runs out of style or trend. People need leadership. Organizations need leadership. Industries need leadership. And so forth. The skill of leading is in constant demand. Also, training and teaching others how to develop and harness their own leadership skills is a good way to create an income stream. 

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5. Graphic Design and Photography

highly demanded skills in ghana graphic design and photography

Graphic design and photography have become high demand skills thanks to digital marketing and the rise of online platforms. Companies need creatives to publish. Social media posts, infographics, stock images, brand images, etc. 

Also, people looking to build their brands online and offline need the services of photographers and creative designers. The good thing is, you can literally learn these skills in a few months and start making money.

6. Persuasion, Selling, and Marketing

skills in ghana Persuasion, Selling, and Marketing

Sales are the bloodline of any established business or organization. Not-For-Profit organizations too need to be marketed and they need to raise funds to undertake their activities. 

These skills have been in existence for as old as humanity. You need to sell yourself to get a suitable spouse. You need to sell yourself well to get a good and high paying job. It was once said that “Nothing happens until a sale is made”. Companies. in crisis or not, need salespeople. Salespeople are some of the most highly paid occupations.

7. Speaking

skills speaking
Jopwell/ Pexels

Ideas make the world a better place. Being a person who shares ideas through the power of speech and rhetoric is lucrative as well. Events are in constant search of industry leaders and well-educated resource persons to spread some of the profound ideas that make the world go round. Do you consider yourself a thought leader? You can be a speaker too. 

8. Team Working, Collaboration, and People Management 

Team Working, Collaboration, and People Management

These can all be summed with a single term. This term is emotional intelligence or EQ as popularized by Daniel Goleman in his book with the same title. Emotional intelligence as presented is even more important than intelligence quotient or IQ as it informs how we relate and interact with each other. You may be smart but be rude to people which may cause some damage to your exploits. 

It is therefore healthy that we all develop good practices from emotional intelligence to make the world a nicer, more humane place to be.

9. Problem-Solving Skills


The world is full of problems. The world generously rewards people who take up some of the biggest problems and create effective solutions for them. We as a company are constantly connecting buyers and sellers creating value. Problem-solving may involve other important skills such as creative thinking, design thinking, and empathy (to understand the problem deeply).

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10. Video Production and Editing


Youtube is currently the second largest search engine. And it is a search engine for only videos. All major social media platforms are building significant features around video streaming, live casts, and sharing. Brands are constantly trying to up their marketing through video marketing. NGOs are recording and producing documentaries to educate people about things that matter.

All these run on the skills of people skilled in video production and editing. The roles may differ but you get the point, producers and all. 

Bonus Point

11. Teaching and Coaching

Teaching and Coaching

This bonus point can be applied using any of the skills listed above. 

Education is beyond the school system. People are enjoying education, taking courses they want, and basically exploring whatever feels good. These enthusiastic students need teachers. There are several commendable platforms facilitating this. All you need is to have a skill you know well enough to teach others, sign up to any of the platforms, and start teaching.


Finding a job and landing it often will be determined by your skills and how well you are good at them. We hope with this list, you have a clearer path now to explore and learn. Skills in demand are many, hence this isn’t conclusive.

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