Guide to Renting A Property In Ghana

Renting a property in Ghana is one of the things that most urban dwellers might experience once every few years. It may be an office space or commercial property, a single-room apartment, or even a house to rent for your family. 

If you have rented a room before, you would have noticed the informal nature of it all especially when you are not renting from a registered company or body. This is often the source of the numerous problems when it comes to renting. How much am I supposed to pay an agent? Am I to pay for the duration that the landlord asks for? Where do I even find good properties without having to visit locations? The questions are even more if you are new to renting.

Taking away the informal nature of the real estate industry, renting in Ghana is easier when you have the right knowledge of the market. 

If these are some of your worries, this article will be of great benefit to you. We will explore some questions to ask before beginning your rental property search, the process to follow after answering the questions, and finally some key things to look out for when renting in Ghana. 

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Property in Ghana

1. What is the purpose of this rental?

Asking yourself the need for renting is a good question as it will greatly simplify the process for you. Depending on your answer, a lot of subsequent questions would be automatically answered.

If for instance, the purpose is an office for a luxury brand, you automatically have a certain environment you need to look out for. You also exclude apartments and other types of rental properties.

If you are a student, you may need a hostel or single-room apartment close enough to your school. This then gives you a good idea of what you are looking for and where to search (location) for it.

Families looking for a house to rent have to look for a place preferably near their place of work, children’s school, etc. Also, the place should be conducive enough for their daily activities or the preferences of the entire family. Estates are often built with families in mind and all the communal amenities for both parents and children.

2. How long do I need it for?

Renting is always assigned a duration as properties are leased for particular periods to specific people based on an agreed price and terms and conditions. You need to decide how long you will be renting the property.

3. How much can I spend on this?

Based on the length you need the property for, you can start thinking about the budget you can allocate for renting the property. Knowing the amount you can spend on the property will enable you to search for what meets your budget criteria.

4. When do I have to move in?

Another key question you need to ask yourself is when you have to move in. In some cases, you may need the property urgently and be pressed for time. Deciding when you have to move-in can determine how to go about looking for the property. You might want to work with an agent if you need it urgently. You may even work with several agents from the various locations that you would like to rent at. They often have access to more properties and can easily get you a place that meets your needs and criteria.

5. What specifications must the property have?

But before engaging anyone else or doing a search, you need to decide the specifications in terms of the number of rooms, facilities, the community, etc.

Being clear on your own needs and wants will also help you decide if you have to make some compromises on the amenities and facilities available at the property. 

5 Steps To Renting A Property In Ghana

Steps To Renting A Property In Ghana

1. Search for Properties

The first step after asking yourself the key questions is to start conducting your search. 

There are several ways to begin your search. Before you get started, it helps to consider your availability and the options you can use to get a property. 

First is, If you are busy, you might want to start with an extensive search online using platforms such as to view and make inquiries about properties. Typically, you can find landlords, agents, and developers on the platform. Agents usually have their fees so it helps to ask and be sure what their charges are. 

Secondly, If you have more time on your hands, you can hit the road and get to your desired locations. Ask around and you would have a few places to tour soon.

The third option is to find a trusted agent who will take all your needs, wants, and budget into consideration and then find you a room. 

  • Use Tonaton.Com (Find Both Agents and Owners)
  • Visit The Locations (Find Both Agents and Owners)
  • Work With An Agent

2. Book Appointments

After finding properties that you are interested in renting, make bookings with the owners or the agents and visit them. Be sure to ask lots of questions and conduct an extensive check on the property. The check is important because there may be some faulty and undesirable parts of the property that you may be forced to live with once you make payment for it. 

3. Compare and Choose One and Pay

It is important to see several properties which will allow you to compare and to choose the very best. Remember, most properties are rented for a year or 2 so choose a place you are certain you can live in or work at for the determined period. 

4. Ensure All Paperwork involved is Done

Paperwork is boring but the details are always in the details. Check the paperwork and confirm that everything is as discussed before signing the documents. 

5. Move-in

Hurray! You make it! Move-in and enjoy your new property. If there are some faults you notice early in your tenure, get the landlord informed immediately. 

What To Look Out For In A Property

  1. Is the neighborhood okay? Is it noisy? Clean? How are people?
  2. How is the landlord? Can you work with such a person?
  3. Be sure the place has no history of flooding. Check for wall marks indicating flood. Ask around the neighborhood.
  4. Are there enough sockets?
  5. Will your stuff fit into the room Or the things you plan on buying
  6. Is the place spacious enough?
  7. Is there water? How consistent?
  8. Is there electricity? How consistent?
  9. Is it well floored? How about the paint?
  10. Any signs of rodents? Or other animals?
  11. Do enough light and air get into the room?
  12. How about cabinets? Shelves? 
  13. Is mobile connectivity good? How strong?
  14. What are the terms of the lease?


Renting in Ghana is now very flexible and being busy shouldn’t prevent you from getting a great place to rent, be it for your family, office, or other purposes. 

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