The Tale of The City- ACCRA

Welcome to Accra. In this city, there are a 1001 dreams, hopes and the hustle is very real. And hard work is the future. You look out for yourself. However what people don’t say it is the age old problem of accommodation. The population of the city keeps growing by the day. This makes the problem of people finding suitable accommodation more difficult but these things should be your watch and cross off your checklist;

Accessible Roads: time is always money in Accra and the more you understand it, the better it will be for you. For most people, the hustle of getting a bus or car to your destination is even another trouble they fight so hard to avoid. Hence, the need for you to have accessible roads by where you stay. It is helpful, great and one of the surest bets to making your hustle easier and simpler.

Proximity Counts: the cost of accommodation is guided by the proximity of the place to the center of the city. Rooms tend to have pretty steep prices when you live close of any of the major suburbs of Accra. Another point is the availability of students in the neighbourhood. They push up prices like no one’s business and hey, they have the money to spend so if you’re now starting out, you need either push up your budget or settle for a lower standard accommodation.

Security: nothing beats security in your quest to find a place of accommodation. It is the first and most important priority if you are an owl or nocturnal as it turns the city never sleeps. Is it a place you can return home if it’s dawn or late night? Is the place robbery prone or theft free? These are some of the things you need to check off your checklist.

Flooding: the city is famously known for its annual floods and you don’t want to be caught in the middle or anywhere near it. So make sure your accommodation doesn’t put you in between nature and authorities beef.

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