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How to take care of newborn kittens

Owning cats in Ghana can be a joyful experience. Cats are wonderful companions. They offer you company and comfort with their warm, gentle presence. They can playful or peaceful, depending on their personalities. You’ll also find that cats in Ghana are extremely easy to care for. They take care of their bathroom needs without a need for training. They can also be kept in the house or as outdoor pets. They do their own grooming as well. Simply place a dish of water and cat food on the floor and they’ll be set for their daily nutrition. Give them affection and they will be affectionate to you. If you have a pet cat that is expecting kittens, prepare for the approaching birth. Whether you plan on posting an advertisement for cats for sale, will give them away, or want all of the babies for yourself, you want everything to go well for the mother and her babies.

Prepare a Nest
It’s easy to get a nesting area ready for your cat. Simply get a box or plastic tub and line it with an old towel or blanket. This will be the perfect spot to give birth to kitten after kitten. Also, keep water and food available for your cat. She will be tired and need plenty of rest as well. Make sure all of her needs are cared for. Expect to see the mother cat sleeping often.

Have Milk and Bottles Ready
Depending on the size of the litter, you may need to give some of the babies milk. You can bottle feed milk to a kitten of necessary. The more kittens there are, the more help the mother will need to ensure every baby gets plenty of nourishment. It is not recommended to use cow’s milk. Evaporated milk with boiled water or goat’s milk is preferable.

Provide a Heat Source
While the mother cat will keep the babies warm, you can help as well. Keep the warm in the house warm. You’ll also want to add a warm water bottle to the nest area or place a heating pad underneath the bedding. The mother and baby will appreciate the additional warmth.

Prepare for the Birth
The mother cat should be able to take care of the birth on her own. However, you can be ready to assist. You need to clean your hands with antibacterial soap. You can also sterilize a pair of scissors in boiling water. Lay the scissors out on clean, paper towel. Also have dental floss or thread on hand. The mother cat will usually bite the umbilical cord for the baby kitten. If she appears to need assistance, you can tie the cord off with dental floss or thread. Tie it within an inch of the kitten and cut the cord with the sterilized scissors.

Make Sure the Babies are Kept Warm, Safe, and Fed
Check in on the mother cat and her babies often. Make sure the area is clean, changing their bedding from time to time. You’ll also want to make sure the mother always has food and water available. Spend time with the babies and allow them to get used to you.

Get Ready for Babies on the Move
A kitten will develop quickly. By three weeks, watch them go! By four weeks, you can introduce solid food. Try canned food before you add try, placing a small dish in the area for the babies. You’ll also need to place a shallow litter box nearby. Believe it or not, the mother cat will show her babies how to use it. Check the litter and clean it often.

Play with the Babies and Bathe Them As Well
As a kitten gets older, you can play with it and really get it accustomed to people. You’ll also want to do bathe a kitten regularly to ensure there is no problem with any kind of pests, such as fleas.

Get Ready for Cats for Sale
With your love and care, the babies will be ready for sale or to give away by the time they are about 12 weeks old. You can either place an advertisement online, in the paper, or by word of mouth. Take the time to get to know a bit about anyone who might be taking a kitten. If the kitten is going to a family, make sure children will know how to be gentle and responsible. You’ve put a great deal of care into your mother cat and each kitten. You want the babies to go to a good home.

Be Prepared for More
When you own a female cat, you are likely to deal with more litters in the future. Each time another litter comes along, you will be more prepared. If you do not want to continue to have litters, you will need to have your cat sterilized.

Consider Becoming a Breeder
You can make a nice income if you would like to breed your female cat. Do research into breeds that are in great demand or highly desirable. While you will be involved in more expense each time that you buy such a breed, you’ll find that there is an excellent return. Be sure to bring your female cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups, regardless of what kind of cat you own. Be up to date on immunizations and give your cat attention in times of illness. A healthy and happy cat should not have any problems with pregnancy and delivery. If every your cat does have problems, contact your veterinarian. You can always get extra assistance in caring for a mother cat and her babies if you feel you cannot handle it on your own. There are plenty of resources available to ensure you enjoy every minute.

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