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6 Strategies To Becoming a Really Great Salesperson

Becoming a salesperson isn’t something that many children will choose when asked what they want to become in the future. However, selling is one of the things that make the world go round. Without sales, we wouldn’t have big companies to employ people and also to improve the economy. As is famously said, “Nothing happens until someone makes a sale”. 

As we grow up, we learn to appreciate the importance of sales even though we may not necessarily enjoy the company of over-enthusiastic and persistent salespeople. The truth is that sales, when done right, is always appreciated. This is because at the core of selling is the provision of value to the customer or client. 

This article will give you 6 insights into becoming a really great salesperson. This will give you the strategies that high-closer salespeople use to help customers and to close deals. 

What is the Job of a Salesperson? 

Salespeople do many things, like other jobs. But the core and most important task of the salesperson is to bring in new customers who pay the company. To do this, there is a need for mastery of various skills and knowledge. The key to bringing in customers is providing massive value to the client so that they feel happy patronising you. 

The best salespeople find a seamless way of doing this by actively listening and genuinely seeking to help customers. 

Sales involve a lot; chief among the roles and skills for salespeople are negotiation, identifying customer needs, building valuable relationships and being organised. 

Skills Required for Becoming a Great Salesperson.

  1. A Strong Ability to Listen and to understand

You need to be able to firstly understand your product. Secondly, you have to be able to understand the needs of your customers. Having these 2 will help you to strike a commonality and to discover how your product or service can help the client.

  1. Empathy and General Emotional Intelligence

A vast majority of people make a buying decision from their emotions, whether business purchases or personal, and then find some logical reason to back that decision. This common tenancy makes it important to understand emotions and to be able to relate with them appropriately to land a sale or deal.

  1. Clear and Effective Communication Skills

Without good communication, you would lack the ability to explain the benefits of your product or service well. You might even have the most qualified prospect but through wrong communication, blow the sale up in flames. 

  1. A Good Level of Positivity and Confidence

Every salesperson who excels at their job has an incredible air of positivity and self-assurance that drives them beyond rejection. This same air of optimism infects prospects and gives them the confidence to buy from the salesperson. 

  1. Proper Personal Management

Appointments, time, and other things are central to sales genius. All these activities need to be managed hence a good salesperson needs to develop the skill of proper management which allows them to execute their numerous tasks.

  1. Good Presentation and Speaking Skills

Even though salespeople should always listen more and allow their prospects to talk, there are times when they too have to say something. This comes in the form of mainly public speaking and doing product presentations.

6 Strategies To Becoming a Really Great Salesperson

  1. Develop Self Awareness and Build Esteem

Self-awareness is first for a reason. Selling is very energy consuming mentally, emotionally and physically. That means you need to know yourself enough to be able to motivate yourself and keep your energies up. You need to constantly work on your self-image, grow your self-esteem and to learn what works best for you as a person and as a salesperson. 

  1. Develop or Use a Sales System

Having structure in your approach to selling is a great way to become a really good salesperson. A system for selling basically has guides to doing a lot of things. This helps you to know what to do at each point in the sales cycle or process. An example is sales scripts for cold calling. A really good system takes the burden of having to think through everything because the system has been provided and you know what to do at each point in time.

  1. Work on Your Mind

Working on your mind has two main components. The first is building your mindset so as to withstand the rejection that comes with sales. Having a good level of self-awareness is necessary to do this. The second component is building your knowledge and skills that help you to understand and close deals. Naturally, the more you practise, the more you learn practical lessons necessary in landing a deal. 

  1. Network Like Crazy and Build Relationships

Salespeople should probably take networking as a job title because sales rely on relationships. Referrals come from people who know you who like to see you succeed. Try to communicate with the people around you and even those you aren’t familiar with. You might get a deal from a stranger which happens to be a big deal. The next thing is to network with other salespeople whom you can learn from and grow with. 

  1. Commit To Lifelong Learning

The strategy of working on your mind has been mentioned but the need for an attitude of lifelong learning needs emphasis beyond just working on your mind. You must dedicate part of your resources to acquiring knowledge and skills. Sales are constantly evolving and you need to keep up with what matters most to get those deals. 

  1. Track Your Sales and Be Curious About Your Results

There are so many factors when it comes to selling. Without keeping track of your sales and keeping an eye on the reasons why your sales are what they are, you may end up frustrated most of the time. Because both successful and failed sales are learning ground. Find out why sales fail and also find out why they succeed. You can then focus more on the things that bring in sales and build relationships.  


Sales is a very rewarding job or career and are absolutely worth it. Mastering these skills will catapult you to sales superstar status earning you the best of sales job offers. The key is to stay committed to the ideals and provide value to all clients you serve.

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