Solution to Accommodation Issues in Ghana

One thing that has become a major feature in almost every Ghanaian city is the competing shadows of skyscrapers and the clouds. It is interesting, astonishing and impressive at the same time. With new and old developers fighting to own the most beautiful views amidst the changing taste of the Ghanaian, there is quite a number that stand out.

Apartments are the new go-to investment for developers and business savvy people alike who are buying into the changing status of the Ghanaian. You walk through Accra and it is the first thing you see in neighborhoods like Cantonments and Airport, Roman Ridge and East Legon. They come with different price tags and social standing in a way or the other. As expensive as they come, there are other options that work in favor of the average working Ghanaian. In neighborhoods like Madina and a couple of other good and quiet locations, you get to live a part of the new cosmopolitan dream.

Stores and shopping centers are also helping in shaping the designs and fabrics of Ghana. With structures like the Accra Mall and complimenting ones like the Westhills, A & C, Marina Malls and the latest addition, the Achimota Retail Centre, Ghana is enjoying its fair share of shopping options far from back in the day when it was all about Makola, Kantamanto, Madina, Kejetia and the host of other places that offered buyers and sellers a place for trading. In places like Kumasi too, there is a surge in the number of stores. The traditional ‘Trading Sensitive City’ now enjoys more developments and a dozen more storey buildings. There is also the new school place for all things you need, everything you want and at a reasonably negotiable price. Online is the new cool and is making it even easier for making shopping simple, trading even more enjoyable and the experience in between, impressive.

Estates are also enjoying quite an interesting rise as cities get choked and people look for other alternatives. Financial institutions, banks and investors are now filling in the spaces for the housing deficit we have harbored for years now. You can now find outskirts of cities and towns beautified by new communities. However, the most interesting part of these new developments is that there are so many places like the Lakeside Marina Estates that affords good living standards on budget. With little or no hustle, Tonaton largest property listing in Ghana helps you find best property deals.

Hostels. The growing number of schools and students mean there is little space for lodging. School areas like Legon, Madina, KNUST, Ayeduase among others have also seen facelifts from people’s living rooms accommodating students to new and fully furnished housing units at affordable prices. The choices for hostels keep changing and growing with each new school district or infrastructure. For a student, this is quite simple. You get to live good and within budget with options available on

This new infrastructural improvement and boost have inspired a new sense of living for the young, cosmopolitan and more sophisticated bunch. People are now settling for the best in designs, looking for places closer to roads and means of transportation, safer and affordable as well as meet their standards. With more than enough options out there, online is the golden trove we’ve been closing our eyes to and is the place for answers if you’re looking for new and good conditions be it for academics, social or fun things.

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