Simple Wardrobe Design Ideas and Concepts

Wardrobe design isn’t something most people consider a lot when it comes to getting a wardrobe done or when they are building their houses. Having a few cool simple wardrobe ideas and concepts can be the difference between a boring room and a fun, exciting, and functional wardrobe that you don’t have problems with for as long as you live there. 

Wardrobes are prominent in our rooms and whether we accept it or not, it plays a good part in enjoying your daily living experiences. A fitting wardrobe is a great part of furniture every house needs

Having a very spacious and well-planned wardrobe especially for your own property is a treasure and we will be sharing some ideas and concepts on wardrobe design with you. 

Before we get into the concepts we have for you, let us look at some reasons why it is a good idea to pay attention to your wardrobe design. 

Benefits/Importance of a Well Planned Wardrobe

1. Create a Space You Truly Enjoy

When planning is brought to building a wardrobe, you can be assured that you get what exactly you want since you are the one actively making the decisions. As compared to the ready-made wardrobes which come in colors, shapes, and configurations which have been pre-decided for you. 

Also, the ready-made ones are often based on trend, and what’s available in the market is often a certain type or style such as an almirah

2. It Complements Your Room and Needs Perfectly

Of course, when you are planning, you are thinking of only your room and its settings. You aren’t thinking about how it will fit into some other room but rather yours. This gives you the opportunity to create a wardrobe that perfectly matches your room in terms of theme, style, and personal preferences. 

3. A Wardrobe that Doesn’t Go Out of Style

Wardrobes in the market are often based on what sells and what is trending. What happens if none of them appeals to you? One of the benefits of planning your wardrobe design is that you are responsible for the design. You can create a design based on current trends or you can create something completely personal and new. 

Creating something personal creates a better sense of connection and appreciation for what you have. That meaning attached to the wardrobe will never go out of style and that’s something worth having. 

4. Ability to Utilise Your Space as You Desire

Wardrobes are basically space management solutions for our clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Some wardrobe spaces are linked with the washroom so that you can easily move there and dress up. That’s a matter of choice and the lengths you can go when you are designing your wardrobe. You decide how much space should be given to particular fashion items. 

5. Add Choice Features such as lighting and hanging options

Not every wardrobe comes with what you want. Let’s be frank, most of them leave you needing more features. 

Making your own wardrobe is a great way to add all that you want to a wardrobe. You could add lighting in the wardrobe if they are big enough so you can see inside of it. You can make room for hanging different types of clothes, keeping shoes, etc.

Simple Wardrobe Design Ideas and Concepts for Ghanaians

1. Walk-in Wardrobe

The walk-in wardrobe was once a luxury and only a few thought it important in their lives. However, times are changing and the large numbers in the middle class are becoming more interested in having one. 

The walk-in wardrobe is basically a closet you “walk into”. It is very spacious and could occupy its own “room”. It allows you to have a complete boutique-style display of your fashion wares, dressing provisions and is attached to your room. 

Walk-in wardrobes or closets are some of the most intimate things you can build into your room. 

A walk-in wardrobe is a good idea whether you are building your house for rent or for personal use. It adds class and value to your property. 

2. Almirah Wardrobe (Freestanding cupboard or wardrobe)

Unlike walk-in wardrobes which are sort of dressing and storage rooms attached to your room, almirahs are cupboard style wardrobes that are freestanding. They usually have a number of doors with a number of compartments for storing clothes and different fashion items. 

Almirahs typically look like cupboards. Our platform has different styles and designs of nice wardrobes for sale. Do check them out. Most of them are locally made. However, some are also imported premade. 

3. Sliding doors Wardrobe

A sliding door wardrobe is basically a wardrobe with a sliding door. Most of the sliding door wardrobes we have seen are inbuilt and attached to the building rather than freestanding. 

They make for a nice and simple way to open up your wardrobe. Once opened, shelves and compartments may be similar to that of the almirahs and the inbuilt wardrobes. 

4. Mirrored Almirah Wardrobe

When an almirah wardrobe comes with one or more vanity mirrors, it is called a mirrored almirah wardrobe. This type of wardrobe is also common for sales on our platform. 

Local carpenters are good at making them and they can even make customized ones for you. 

5. Inbuilt Wardrobe

If you are living in your own space or property, doing an inbuilt wardrobe is probably the best idea. A freestanding almirah is good for temporary living spaces such as a rented space. But the inbuilt is one that perfectly fits the house because they are custom made based on the space allocation for wardrobe and the needs of the inhabitants, thus you.

As mentioned earlier, such a feature in your room adds more intimacy to the room as you “create it”. The feeling attached to that is priceless. 


Wardrobes are not the first things we think about when we think about our rooms or where we live. However, giving wardrobes a slight thought can greatly improve your experience of your living space whether you are renting or living in your own property. Wardrobes for sale are mostly almirahs, mirrored or without mirrors. But why limit yourself to just what is available?  

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