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Shop Attendant Job Duties and Responsibilities

Have you ever met someone who said they were a shop attendant and you wondered what exactly such a worker would do? Or perhaps you are aspiring to be a shop attendant and want to know what exactly you would be required to do when you land the job. Whatever your reason, the shop attendant job is an interesting job with lots of everyday duties and responsibilities.

We will be delving into the main duties and responsibilities of a shop attendant. But before we get into that, we also look at who a shop attendant is. You can also read our detailed how to get a shop attendant job blog post. 

Who is a Shop Attendant?

Shop attendants may be called differently depending on where the individual is working. Shop assistants may bear the title of Store Assistants, Retail Sales Assistants, and Sales Assistants, or Shop Assistants. 

There are also fuel pump attendants for filling stations. In the retail industry, a shopping center or provisions shop, shop attendants generally do similar things. On a general level, shop attendants help customers in a shop. 

Shop assistants “attend ”to the needs of the customer as well as the needs of the shop. They work to keep the shop a welcoming place and this includes a number of roles and responsibilities. 

What Does a Shop Attendant Do?

Shop attendants do varying things and are responsible for quite a number of things in the stop setting. This list isn’t exhaustive but covers the essential aspects of the work involved in working at a shop. The exact roles and responsibilities will come from your employer.  

Everyday Duties and Responsibilities of Shop Attendant

  1. Welcome and greet customers. An essential part of the shopping experience. 
  2. Receiving, processing, and organizing products in the shop. Being efficient and effective in processing the purchase orders. 
  3. Restocking sold-out or low shop items products and ensuring that the shop is well organized for customers to easily go about their shopping. 
  4. Assisting customers in locating desired shop items.
  5. Informing customers of shop promotions to encourage them to buy.
  6. Accurately describe product features and benefits
  7. Performing end-of-day cleaning duties, which includes wiping down windows, mirrors, and fixtures as well as sweeping and mopping the shop floor.
  8. Addressing and resolving customers’ complaints in a professional and acceptably humane manner.
  9. Keep up to date with product information
  10. Processing customer payments using the shop’s Point of Sale (POS) system –  if any.
  11. Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of store items to provide advice and recommendations as needed.

Steps to Getting a Shop Attendant Job in Ghana

1. The first step is to visit the TonatonJOBS platform to create a profile. 

To get started, create your account at, and that’s it. You are on your way to getting a shop attendant job in Ghana

2. Update Your Profile

It is an easy process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Creating your profile is the easiest way to build your resume which potential employers will use to shortlist you. The platform has lots of receptionist jobs, office assistant jobs, and storekeeper jobs waiting to be filled. 

3. The final step is to prepare for an interview. 

Due to the nature of the job, you can expect it will require practical problem-solving skills which you may already have. But answering the common interview questions may not be something you know. Go through some practice over answering any question you think might be asked and prepare adequately for the interview. 


The best way to enjoy a job is to know what it entails first. If that excites you, you can get it to explore further. Knowing the duties and responsibilities of a shop attendant job is the beginning and will help you stay at the top of your job. Before you go, Check out the latest Shop Attendant Jobs in Ghana.

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