Wondering why nobody is contacting you for an ad you placed on Take a read.

For the past two (2) years, has been there, helping Ghanaians sell things they don’t need and to find things you need at great prices. helps people de-clutter their lives as they make a little extra money.

Things advertised on usually get sold within days. Little wonder the site has become the Largest Marketplace in Ghana.

Nonetheless, a few ads stay for a long time on our site without being bought. Since the happiness of our clients is key to us, we have decided to walk our clients through some simple steps of how to sell fast.

1. Pick the right price. Everything sells if the price is right. You may consider how much buyers are willing to pay before you set your price. You may also refer to our site for the range of prices of what you want to sell.

2. Use good pictures. For better results, ads with pictures get more views. We advise you use clear pictures of the actual item for sale, from different angles, to properly display your product. Please avoid using pictures from the internet and other people’s pictures. These turn to be deceptive as they do not show exactly what the person expects to get.

3. Provide a clear title and description. It helps to include information that is relevant to buyers. Keep the title short and simple. Be honest in your description and include details of all the features and other information.

You may also promote your ad on to sell even faster!, being the Largest Marketplace in Ghana has thousands of sellers. Promoting your ad makes it stand out and reach more interested buyers quickly and easily. This is another great way to get your items sold quickly.

a) Top Ad: At the top of every ad listing page, there are up to 2 spots reserved for Top Ads. This is sure to make your ad stand out since they are bigger than regular ads, highlighted in yellow and clearly marked as “Top Ad”. In addition, your ad will still be posted as a regular ad.

b) Daily Bump-UP: This promotion moves your ad to the top of the regular listings once a day for 7 days. Your ad has a fresh start once a day to get your ad more views.

So, let your ad be attractive. An attractive ad will mean more interested buyers. With lots of interested buyers, you have a better chance of selling your item for cash…..early!

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