How to sell your phone quickly on Tonaton.com

People who are in the market for mobile phones might begin their search at sites like Tonaton.com, where shoppers can find the new or used phones they want with ease from the comfort of their home or business. When sellers don’t take the time to include details about the phone, its features or include photographs in their advertisements, it is unlikely their phone will sell as quickly as the ones that do carry a detailed explanation on the site.

Shoppers, especially when planning to make a purchase on-line, want to know exactly what they’re getting for their money. Those selling their old Samsung Phone at Tonaton.com will typically want to connect with a buyer as soon as possible.

There are some steps a seller can take to make the Blackberry phone they’re advertising stand out and make the phone look and sound more appealing, which can lead to a quicker sale that will meet the needs and expectations of both parties.

Start with an eye-catching title

The title is often the first part of an advertisement that catches a buyer’s attention, so it should be short yet explanatory. A buyer who is looking to buy an iPhone may not be inspired to click on your sales pitch if the title simply reads “phone for sale.” A buyer may be more inclined to take a closer look if the title has specifics that might match what they are looking for, so using a title like “iPhone 5S with leather case” may be more effective for moving a buyer to read more about the phone you’re selling.

Consider the buyer’s point of view

If you were interested in buying a used HTC phone, for example, what kinds of information would help you in your purchasing decision? If your advertisement does not include specifics, like whether the phone is an HTC Desire 510 or and HTC One, or other points such as the size of the screen or any accessories that may be included, that can discourage even the most motivated buyer. Consider including these particulars in your advertisement. Perhaps go a step further by incorporating consumer ratings or a comment from a product review site outlining the benefits of using the type of phone you’re hoping to sell.

Picture it

Even the best product descriptions may not speak to a potential buyer as well as a couple of good quality photographs. If you’re planning to advertise your Blackberry phone, the photos you include should be of high enough quality to showcase the appearance of the product adequately. Lighting is key when capturing a clear image, as is how far away the photographer is positioned from the subject. In a well-lit area, use a piece of plain white paper or poster board to act as a plain background so that all attention will be on the product you’re selling. Natural lighting works better than a camera flash, which can produce glare and unwanted shadows. While positioning the camera as close to the phone as you can, make sure the photo is in focus. Once the image looks clear, take a photo of the front face of the phone and another displaying the side view. Add a third picture to display special features like slide-out keyboards. It may also be helpful to include another item alongside the phone you’re selling to give buyers a visual idea about size. High quality photos give buyers more confidence that they will get what they are paying for far better than a fuzzy image captured hastily in a dimly lit room.

An ineffective sales pitch could mean your phone remains unsold for a longer period of time. If you take the time to put together an informative and visually appealing sales pitch, chances are you’ll finalize a sale much faster than those who cut corners to post an advertisement sooner than later.

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