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How to save money buying and selling books online

How to save money buying and selling books online
There are literally millions of books out there in the world, and each of them will have thousands or even millions of copies. They’re more popular than they’ve ever been, and it like everyone out there has their own private collection, whether big or small. It’s easy to see why. Listening to a good story is one of the oldest traditions that humans have, and everyone loves a chance to step into someone else’s shoes and experience drama, excitement, fear, love, victory, or whatever else, even if they’re just fiction. You might be a lover of fiction yourself and regularly purchase the latest and greatest releases as soon as they come out. Unfortunately, book prices have been rising steadily within the past couple of years, so it’s getting harder and harder for readers to enjoy their favorite past time. You might be searching for a way to save money to feed your hobby, or maybe you’re just looking for a way to earn some more money by selling second-hand books you already have. There are many ways to save money by buying or selling them online, and we’re here to show you how:


It seems that the price of books has skyrocketed in recent years for both hard covers and soft covers. What does a book lover do when they simply can’t afford to read the same amount of stories that they used to? While it’s true that mainstream publishers are charging quite a bit for their newer releases, it’s very easy to find other methods to save money. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Avoid new releases
While your favorite author might be coming out with their new novel just next week, it’s important to realize that it’s going to be much pricier buying it brand new. If you can hold off for even just a few months with some other authors, you’ll end up being able to get the same exact story for a much more affordable price. Wait for the first wave of readers to get done and you ought to find it at used book websites sooner than you realize, and all for just a fraction of the original cost.

Buy only what you’ll read
Every book lover is guilty of this: they’ll go out to a book store and buy a few books, then they might read the one they originally came in for, but the others they picked up will probably start collecting dust and never be opened until some years later. It’d be much easier on your finances if you commit to only buying what you’ll actually read. Purchase just one book and don’t purchase the next one until you’ve made some decent progress through the original one.

Smaller sellers
We live in a world of big name brands and huge bookstores, whether they’re brick & mortar or online. These stores are great but often don’t have to work so hard at competing as the smaller book sellers do. Because of that, you’ll often end up paying more when buying your book through a large chain. There are many smaller book sellers out there all over the internet if you’re willing to look for them.

Once you’ve found some good sellers, try to hold off on your purchase for awhile. Many stores will often have regular deals, such as 20 or 30% off prices or buy one/get one free deals. Sign up for their newsletters, look into any discount memberships they have, and regularly check them once or twice a week to see if any new sales get added to their front page.


Maybe you’re more interested in selling books instead. You might have a few favorites that you like to reread regularly, but the majority of your library is simply taking up space. Many book buyers will drastically underpay owners simply because those book owners aren’t familiar enough with the system to know what their second-hand books are truly worth. Let’s take a look and see what ways there are to make more money by selling books online:

Keep them in good condition
This first tip is a no brainer. Used books in good condition are going to sell for a lot more on the used market. Make sure to keep any dust jackets in pristine condition and try not to bend or crease your bindings or pages.

Sell your used books
Once you’re finished with a book, consider selling it right then. You might end up rereading it, but that won’t be for awhile. By the time you do decide to reread, the price for that particular book will have gone down. It’s better to get those new releases back out on the market sooner to take advantage of the higher price.

Buy low, sell high
Selling online isn’t a new phenomenon any more, but there are still many people out there who don’t use it to their full benefit. There are many places that’ll give you second-hand books for free or even for five to ten cents apiece. When you come across those in the real world, purchase them and then resell them online to make a nice profit.

There are tons of ways to save money buying and selling books online in today’s world. You just need to be always on the lookout for good deals and to even resell once you’ve read through them the first time. While you’ll still have to end up paying some money for each book, hopefully the above mentioned guide will make it a lot easier for you to enjoy your hobby without having it break the bank.

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