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5 Safety Checks to Perform on Your Car Daily

Car safety is one of the most important things drivers in Ghana or vehicle owners need to take personally. As much as the daily routine checks for safety are important, they are often overlooked as we start the day without even checking how well the vehicle is functioning. 

If there is one thing about machines you should know, it would be that their owners need to acknowledge is that machines cannot talk. Hence, it is difficult to proactively deal with issues with the car to maintain the safety of its use. It is for this reason that vehicle instrumentation is important to the daily routine checks as they have been programmed to detect certain problems and alert the driver or car user. 

The daily routine checks are a simple way to remember and to check your vehicle in a straightforward manner without forgetting some essential checks.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the daily routine checks for your vehicle, explain why the need to do this on a daily basis, and also share with you some general road safety and car tips for Ghanaians. Get ready with your car parts names because we will be mentioning quite a number of them. 

What Are The Daily Routine Safety Checks?

There are thousands of vehicle drivers all over Ghana. A cross-section of drivers is private drivers who use their own vehicles for their own transportation. Most of the drivers in this group do not possess a lot of technical knowledge about car repairs and would often rely on mechanics for repair work. Unlike some public drivers who have extensive skills in dealing with common vehicle problems. 

For the majority who do not know how to get their vehicles fixed when it breaks down, the daily routine checks aren’t complex, and anyone could do them. You do not need to pay someone to work on it daily for you. 

The Daily routine checks are a series of activities centered around checking key parts of the vehicle and ensuring that they are working properly before setting off for the day. They must be done every day hence the name. 

It really helps to keep an eye on the essential parts of the vehicle and to be sure they are at optimum working capacity. This helps to prevent a lot of inconvenience and potential accidents. 

The daily routine checks can be summed in an abbreviation called P. O. W. E. R. This makes it easier to remember right? All you need to do is to remember the word power to ensure your car is safe to use for the day. 

5 Safety Checks to Perform on Your Car Daily

1. P – Petrol / Diesel

The fuel level is very important and worth checking on a daily basis. The best is to refuel before it gets low. When the fuel level is very low, the engine is fed the dirty remains of the settled down residue at the bottom of the tank. This isn’t the best for the engine and could result in complications 

Making sure you have a good fuel level will save you a lot of trouble especially when traveling and there isn’t any filling station nearby.

There is a fuel gauge in the vehicle instrumentation panel which indicates the level of fuel in your car. try to keep an eye on it and refuel it as soon as is necessary. 

2. O – Oil

Cars are machines made of metals. A lot of friction goes on between these metals. there is the need to keep the friction low so as to prevent fast wear and tear. 

Some vehicles have an indicator for the oil while others don’t. It helps to know your car. However, you can manually check the oil by opening up the vehicle and checking. 

3. W – Water

Due to the amount of workload on the engine, it often gets very warm and needs to be cooled down. Water or a coolant can be used to maintain a good temperature of the engine. However, the water or coolant could get exhausted unexpectedly if you do not check and replenish it frequently. You need to check and be sure the level is acceptable and capable of taking you through your trip. 

4. E – Electric

The fourth check is to take a good look at the lights and other electronics such as the vehicle instrumentation panel. The panel usually is a good place to determine on the surface if the vitals of your vehicle are functioning properly. 

5. R – Rubber

The rubber draws your attention to the tires of the vehicle. They are one of the obscure parts of the vehicle and are considered less often as the interior and other parts of the vehicle. But they are responsible for the movement of the vehicle and deserve some attention. Be sure they are well inflated. Track the expiry date of the tires and make sure to discard expired tires. 

5 Safety Tips for Drivers in Ghana

  1. Avoid Making Assumptions. 

Take fewer assumptions about other road users and their actions. We hope everyone obeys the law but this isn’t always the case. Hence maintain focus and concentrate on what is happening instead of making assumptions that may result in accidents and fatalities. 

  1. Use Defensive Driving

The principles of defensive driving will help you to prevent any accidents and help everyone be safe on the road.

  1. Obey The Road Regulations and Laws

It may be hard to always obey what must be done. But they are made for your own good and the good of everyone else.

  1. Do Not Drive Under Abnormal Conditions 

Only drive when in your normal state of mind and wellbeing. Maintain the required blood alcohol and rescind to drive when doing through emotional trauma such as heartbreak, sadness, and despair. 

  1. Maintain absolute focus and concentration when driving

Driving is an active and not a passive activity. Maintain and necessary attention needed to carefully monitor and react to happenings. Don’t just react, but also anticipate and act proactively. 

Why You Should Perform the Daily Safety Checks

  1. To Stay Safe – Prevent sudden car failures and be free of any form of harm.
  2. Prolong Your Car’s Lifespan – Daily checks and maintenance can help you keep your car for longer or allow you to get a better price when you want to sell it out.
  3. Protect Others. The road is used by lots of people. Keeping your car fit for the road means keeping people around you safe from harm.
  4. Save Yourself Unnecessary Inconveniences. Imagine your fuel getting exhausted in the middle of a long journey with no filling station in sight? Avoid such inconveniencing and frustrating experiences by acting proactively and doing your daily routine checks. 
  5. Save Money. Not maintaining your car can result in permanent damage to expensive car parts such as the engine when you do not check the engine oil. 


Maintaining a safe vehicle should be your number one priority. There is no better way to achieve this than through a daily routine check which confirms the vehicle is good for use for the day. Be sure to remember the POWER abbreviation which covers the key components of a car maintenance check at home.

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