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10 Proven Strategies for Hiring the Best Talent Candidates

Recruiting is no joke. Not when you want the best of talent out there for the role and the perfect cultural fit for your organisation. As a human resource manager, this may be one of the challenges you face. Another is keeping talent happy. But what if you could kill two birds with one stone?

With the right recruitment strategies, you can attract the best and most motivated talent. The secret is to see the connection between how vacant roles are filled and how productive and happy the recruits become. 

More often than not, it is the potential employer’s role as well to make sure the candidate truly understands the nature of the role in terms of its challenges, problems and advantages. A mix like this shows the real deal of the role.

Some companies merely seek to show the good side to attract talent. The recruits then get shocked either by responsibilities and challenges. Or better still, a radically different culture than they expected. This shock may result in a dissatisfied employee who merely seeks to do enough to stay afloat. Or a high employee turnover voluntarily. 

To understand how to attract and retain the best while making sure they have a good sense of their roles and responsibilities, challenges and opportunities, let’s consider what employees want from an employer. Insights gained will help us understand how best to attract new talent into the organization. 

What Do Employees Want From an Employer?

A survey found that most employees and employers had varying ideas about what exactly employees want. 

In such an environment, it is going to be difficult to have the optimal productivity level that is truly possible. 

Why do people work in the first place? It goes beyond simply getting a salary. As much as salary is a factor, it is sometimes given too much importance. 

When a critical analysis is done, it would be realised that it isn’t one thing that employees want from work.

A salary may bring them in but it surely won’t keep them when the working environment is not conducive. Or when they are piled with too much work. 

Various reasons make employees stick and depending on the employees some will work and others will not work. 

However, on a broad scale, we all want to feel fulfilled and useful. We want to feel acknowledged when we are part of something great. Acknowledging people for instance goes beyond giving them an award or mentioning their name in the next company meeting. It could be a promotion, a raise or something extra. 

As much as these suggestions may work for one employee, another may require a plaque that they can hang in their office. Yet another may be happy with a simple note from the head of the organisation. 

As long for as it may make may them feel appreciated, valued and useful, it would surely be something worth doing for your employees.

The crux of this is that you need to tailor your employee appreciation efforts by learning what makes them happy.

By learning, you could ask their colleagues and observe them as HR managers. This is because when asked, they may not give a helpful response. And they may even be modest about it by saying “Am okay, I don’t need anything”.

With this strategy in place, you can then usher in any recruit knowing that they are far more likely to be happy and to be more productive. 

10 Great Strategies for Hiring the Best Talent Candidates

1. Know Exactly What you Want

You can’t find the best if you do not know what the best is like. Have a good idea of the perfect candidate for the role. Having a good understanding of what it will take to do the job will be more useful than other fancy strategies. 

2. Get the Basics Right

Knowing what you want in a good candidate sets the tone for doing the right things to attract them. This includes building a good job description, an ad strategy and also an assessment strategy. How will you determine whether a candidate matches your criteria? 

This helps especially when several people are involved. Already agreed criteria will put everyone on the same page and avoid disagreements. 

If you are looking for a video creator, YouTube may be a great place to search. If a graphic designer, Dribble, Instagram or one of the other design centred websites will be a good place to focus your efforts on. 

3. Position Your Company as a Good Place to Work

Positioning your company as a desired place of work is a long term ideal. It involves building a brand. If well done, getting great candidates applying will be almost a piece of cake. 

Positioning your brand as the dream workplace has many benefits and starts with how well current employees are catered for. 

4. Make it Challenging to Get into the Pool of Candidates

Getting a lot of applicants is often the goal. But you may agree that you will end up recruiting only the number of vacancies available. If it is one, then you will end up recruiting one person.

It is therefore important to not just seek many applications but rather quality applicants.  For certain hires, it is even better to target certain 2 or 3 candidates and try to woo them. An example is a top management role. Scouting for the top 3 candidates who have done or are doing what you would require of them and making them offers is a great strategy.

For other roles, you would surely need more candidates. The idea is to focus on quality and not just quantity. This is because the organisation is going to spend resources processing these candidates. It will be a loss to end up with a candidate who is half desired but due to time and resources wasted, you are forced to take them.

5. Involve Current Employees

There are several ways you can include current employees in the recruitment process. You can include someone who is already in the same role, a manager or someone who will be able to ascertain the fit. 

This is important both for current employees and the company. They feel important and part of the company as their decisions will help bring in new blood into the company.

You can also get everyone involved in publicising the vacancy. This can be made better with incentives for employees who bring in candidates who end of doing well. Experts advise that such referral benefits be paid at least 6 months after the recruit starts. This is because when the old employee leaves while the recruit is still new, the recruit usually performs less than otherwise. 

The third option is to consider current employees first. You can promote, or move vertically those who qualify and want the role. This strategy certainly helps them feel the appreciation and the possibility of upward mobility. 

A good number of employees leave because they feel they have no future with the company. Promoting them and making new vacancies accessible to them first will surely defuse some of these feelings and help you retain great employees.

6. Use Digital Recruitment Platforms

Online platforms such as TonatonJOBS are a great solution for recruiting talent fast. The main reason is that these platforms already have a large pool of registered job seekers. Profiles of job seekers make it easy to screen CVs. 

TonatonJOBS for instance has a dashboard which allows you to manage multiple vacancies. You can even view and screen their profiles, shortlist and recruit without much hassle. And all on one platform. 

The service comes at a low-cost structure which makes it ideal for hiring at a budget. 

7. Check The References

Too excited to have got the right person may make you forgo the need to confer with the references. But skipping this step may cost you later.

References are the best to give you an unedited feel of the candidate. In some cases, some candidates may have some historical details which may be a threat to your organisation. 

Certainly, be sure there aren’t any wrinkles before making a hire. 

8. Work with Recruiting Agencies

It is sometimes a very good idea to use the services of professionals who recruit for organisations like yours. This is because due to their good grasp of the field, they can make good choices whom you can then assess and select. 

They will be great especially when you are time-bound and need to get a recruit quickly. 

9. Have Great Benefits

One of the things to watch out is the benefits you offer candidates. It is a good strategy to offer above what competitors give to attract the best. 

This includes salary, health insurance, social security and other perks that may be good for the employees. 

10. Treat Your Current Employees Well

Your employees are the best people to spread the word of the wonderful company that you are. It starts with them feeling appreciated, cared for and valued. This may be achieved using different strategies and personalisation. But it will be a worthwhile venture. 


Recruiting with confidence should be normalised. Human resource managers should be able to sign offers knowing that they have made the best choice and don’t have to worry. These strategies are certainly not the end but a great start for making this happen. 

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