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Popular Motorcycle Models in Ghana

There are lots of motorcycles in Ghana. Guess why?

A Motorcycle’s model is one of those things that is often not negotiable when buying a motorbike. Like buying a car, getting yourself a motorbike can give you the need to think long and hard about which type fits your needs and preferences. 

Motorbikes are everywhere in Ghana. And they play a useful role in both transport, logistics movement, and passion. Next are some of the reasons to use a motorbike.

Why Use a Motorbike?

1. Convenience

Vehicles for private use are personal and usage depends on the needs of the individual. Most people who ride motorbikes enjoy more convenience as they do not face parking problems, don’t have to spend a lot on maintenance, and definitely, don’t have to stay stuck in traffic. 

Due to the size of motorbikes, you can easily maneuver through traffic without having to be stuck in one place for a long time.

2. Practicality

A motorbike is sometimes practical when you look at your needs, budget, and your situation. You may need a temporal means of transport. Motorbikes are cheaper and can be easily sold on platforms such as This makes it more practical in some situations to simply buy a bike, enjoy it and then sell it off at a cool price. 

3. For Fun / Thrill of Riding / Passion

Instead of having a joy drive, some people prefer a joy ride. They prefer to feel the wind rush over their face and to relish the feeling of freedom that most cars do not give. 

It is even better when you are part of a bike group or club. The feel of community and friendship gets better and stronger.

4. Fuel Economy

Motorbikes are generally less heavy on fuel consumption. Even though they require less fuel than cars, they provide great speeds that will allow you to reach your destination fast.

5. Being Able to Park with Ease

Parking can be terrible if the parking lot is small or others park “by-heart”. Poor parking behavior from other drivers can put you in a mess. You may have to wait for others to come and move their cars before you can drive away. This is a problem with motorbikes due to their size and slight flexibility. They can easily be maneuvered out. 

10 Most Popular Motorcycle Models in Ghana

1. Royal Motors

Royal Motors

Royal Motors, officially known as Royal Motors Ghana Ltd was established in 2001 in Ghana. The company is in partnership with the Lee Group (NIG) which has a presence in West Africa with about 60 factories. 

Indeed, the Royal Motors brand has stood the test of time as they continue to provide motors and later tricycles.

Royal Motors Ghana currently has 12 Motorcycle models and 6 tricycle models available for purchase. 

Top Selling Royal Motors Models in Ghana

  1. RY125A
  2. RYGY150
  3. RYGY150PLUS
  4. RY150-12
  5. RY110 – 35

2. Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto

Bajaj auto is a subsidiary of a diversified and larger group of companies called the Bajaj Group, The World’s Favorite Indian. The group was established in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj, an Indian closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi. 

Bajaj Auto is ranked as the world’s fourth-largest three and two-wheeler manufacturer. The company is present in 5 continents and has a strong presence in Ghana.

Top Selling Bajaj Auto Models in Ghana

  1. Avenger
  2. CT
  3. Dominar
  4. Pulsar
  5. Platina

3. Yamaha


Yamaha Motor Company is a multinational company that builds motorcycles and other vehicles such as marine boats. 

Top Selling Yamaha Motors Models in Ghana

  1. Majesty
  2. FZ
  3. AG100
  4. YBR
  5. XSR700

4. TVS

TVS motors

TVS Motor Company is a multinational company established in India. TVS is the third-largest company in India and is quite popular in Ghana. 

Top Selling TVS Motors Models in Ghana

  1. King
  2. Apache
  3. Scooty
  4. Stryker

5. Haojue

Haojue motors ghana

Haojue Holdings Co., Ltd is a motorcycle manufacturer based in China. The company employs 10,000 people in its factory in China, responsible for supplying 80 countries on several continents. 

Top Selling Haojue Motors Models in Ghana

  1. HJ
  2. KA
  3. TR
  4. Lindy

6. Lifan

Lifan Group is a publicly traded Chinese company. They specialize in manufacturing motorcycles and automobiles. The company is headquartered in China and employs more than 13,000 people. 

Top Selling Haojue Motors Models in Ghana

  1. Lifan LF150-10S (KPR150) 
  2. Lifan LF250GY-2 Cossack
  3. Lifan LF400 (399cc) 
  4. Lifan LF150-10B (KP150) Lifan KPR 200
  5. Lifan LF100-C(II) – (PONY 100II) 
  6. Lifan LF150-5U (KPmini 150)

7. Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles. They even make submarine engines. They are a Japanese multinational company founded by Michio Suzuki in October 1909. 

Top Selling Suzuki Motors Models in Ghana

  1. Suzuki Access
  2. Suzuki Skywave
  3. Suzuki Burgman
  4. Suzuki Volty
  5. Suzuki GSX

8. Honda

Honda motors

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. has been a player in the automobile and motorcycle for a long time. They have been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959.

Top Selling Honda Motors Models in Ghana

  1. Honda Shine SP
  2. Honda CB
  3. Honda Aero
  4. Honda Goldwing
  5. Honda Bros

9. Luojia


Luojia Motorcycle is a part of the Luoyang Northern Enterprises company in China. The company is currently the 4th Biggest Motorcycle manufacturer in China. Luojia employs some 5,000 people and makes 2 Million units. The company has over 100 models under its name. 

Top Selling Luojia Motors Models in Ghana

  1. Luojia 110
  2. Luojia GN125, 
  3. Luojia CG125, 
  4. Luojia 125c


Many Ghanaians use motorcycles for their daily commutes. Others use them for delivery services, yet others use them for public transportation popularly known as “Okada” as borrowed from Nigeria. Yet, some others ride bikes for the fun and pleasure of it. Regardless of the purpose of your search, you can always find a good motorcycle model on Tonaton

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