Photography for Beginners

Are you interested in photography? Not sure where to start? Many people new to photography are confused by the number of cameras, the technology, abilities and accessories related to this wonderful hobby. Of course when attempting to answer these questions there are a few things to consider. How much can you spend? What type of camera do you want? How much time do you want to spend learning the camera and accessories? And what cameras are the best value? This will cover some of the basics such as: What is each kind of camera? What to look for? And what accessories you might need.

Compact Cameras
There are thousands of cameras for sale on the web right now. Two of the most common and best compact camera brands to start with are Cannon and Nikon; who both make several different types of cameras from very basic and affordable to high-quality and expensive. If you are a beginner, these brands are a good place to start. If your main focus for your new camera will be as a basic, simple way to take pictures that can be carried with you easily you will want a compact camera. Usually when you are looking for a compact camera the reviews are a good starting point to narrow down the cameras that are best. Compact cameras now have many nice additions built-in. When looking at compact cameras there are some things to consider:
Ease of use
Zoom ability
Megapixels (more is usually better)
Setting options
Screen size

Ease of use
Is the camera easy to learn and use? To find out you may want to look at pictures of the camera to see how it is set up, as well as reviews on it telling whether or not people find it easy to use in many different settings. Normally if a camera is too complicated it won’t have very positive reviews, but it should have comments specifically related to its use.

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The amount of zoom available in a lens is one feature that is good to look at in a compact camera. Zoom will help you to take more detailed pictures of images that are farther away. This feature is very good for travel, animal shots and close-ups of people for something like sports where you do not have the ability to get close enough to something for a normal picture.

Another thing to look at is the settings for the images. There are many options for taking pictures such as a flash setting, low light setting, or simply a setting based on your environment and the kind of picture you want like: portrait, landscape or action.

Also you may want to look at the number of pixels to find out what the picture quality will be like. Number of pixels will be shown in megapixels and more is usually better. 16 megapixels is a pretty common amount (and very good quality) but the amount can go up or down from there.

The screen is where you will be able to see the image you are about to take as well as viewing pictures you have already taken so a big screen can be very helpful in taking good pictures.

Finally, price is the other important thing to look at. Cameras may be a very good value or not depending on what features they come with and the quality of the pictures. Most compact cameras now are very affordable for the quality and features.

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Compact Camera Accessories
Camera Case
SD Card

DSLR Camera
A dslr camera (or digital single-lens reflex) is usually more expensive and looks similar to a compact camera, but has a lens that can be removed and a different one put on. This kind of camera is a good choice if you want to be more creative and have more options when taking pictures, as well as more zoom ability. The zoom on these kinds of lenses is typically much greater and the resolution (or megapixels per inch) much better. The only downsides to these kinds of cameras is the size (which is greater than a compact) and price (which is typically more than a compact, especially with extra lenses).

DSLR Extra Lenses
Most of the time these cameras will have their own kind of lens mount for extra lenses. Be sure to check what the lens mount of the camera you want to get is, as well as checking the type of mount that the extra lens is so you are positive that they fit. An example of this is that Nikon is usually an F-mount lens.

DSLR: What to Look For?
The same things apply when looking for a dslr camera as a compact camera. The best dslr cameras will be very expensive, but if you do some research and look at a few camera reviews you should be able to find a good dslr for a reasonable price. You may also want to look at some used dslr cameras and even lenses, if you know what mount they are, as this can be less expensive and you might find a better camera.

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DSLR Accessories
Neck Strap
SD Card
Camera Bag
Extra Lenses

One of the websites you may want to visit to find a good selection of compact cameras and dslr cameras in your area is Tonaton.com which has both new and used cameras. With this site you might be able to find a nicer camera in your price range and become a great new photographer!

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