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Motorbike maintenance tips

When you own a motorbike, you should do routine maintenance on it so you can keep it in great shape. At the same time, while it is nice to drop off your bike at a local mechanic, you should also learn how to do some routine things on your own. Not only will you learn about your bike and figure out a way to fix it on the cheap, but you will know what to do on the side of the road when dealing with a breakdown. With this in mind, here are eight motorbike maintenance tips.

Follow your manual: Whether you buy a brand new motorbike or a used one, you should always read up on the maintenance program. To do this wisely, a bike owner should find his or her manual and start reading. If you do not have a manual, it is wise to go online or to a local store where you can buy the right one for your situation. With this, you will have a general idea on the maintenance schedule and items needed. At the same time, you will have the information needed to make the right buying decisions. Without a doubt, you must follow the manual as much as possible as you will make mistakes if you deviate from it too much.

Break the bike in the right way: Now, if you buy a machine from a motorbike classifieds site, you will want to break your bike in thoroughly. Of course, if it is an old one, you will not have to worry about breaking in the bike. However, if you buy a new or slightly used one, you should consider breaking it in the right way. To do so, you should opt to keep it cautious and accelerate at a slow pace. At the same time, you should make sure to keep your top speed low. Finally, while breaking it in, an owner should use the recommended oil as some manufacturers call for a different oil when using the motorbike for the first few months. Of course, to find this information, you should check your manual.

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Change the oil: Without a doubt, when selling a motorbike, you will want to have a lot of maintenance records. For this reason, you must change your oil frequently. To do this the right way, you should, again, consult your manual where you can find out what oil type you need and how much the bike requires. Not only that, when opening the manual and reading about this, you can discover how much oil to use. Since this is such a common task that you will have to do, it Is wise to learn how to do this early on as you will waste money going to a mechanic.

Clean the air filter: With your air filter, you can keep your motorcycle in great shape. At the same time, with a clean and clear air filter, you will not waste fuel or put unnecessary wear-and-tear on your motorbike. To clean this item, you must first remove the air filter and use a vacuum to get out the old particles. If the air filter is extremely dirty or worn, you should consider buying a new one as you will have to replace this item in due time. Either way, with a clean air filter, a motorbike rider will see his or her cherished ride feel and sound great.

Tires: When riding a bike, you will want to keep your tires in great shape. To do this, you should inspect them often and look for any uneven wear. At the same time, you should listen to the bike and make sure the tires do not make odd noises. Furthermore, you should inflate your tires to the proper PSI. To do this, you must first check your owner’s manual. In here, you can find the right answer. Then, you will need to use a tire pump either in your garage or at a mechanics place. Finally, with a tire pressure gauge, you should check the PSI and ensure it is at a good level. Without doing this, you will put yourself at an increased risk for a serious motorbike accident. At the same time, with improperly inflated tires, you will waste a lot of fuel. Simply put, this is an often overlooked maintenance job you must perform.

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Bearings: Now, when you want to buy a motorcycle, you should make sure the bearings have plenty of oil. Over time, many bike owners will neglect this and think they do not have to worry about putting more lube in the bearings. This is a huge mistake, and when looking at a motorbike for sale, you should look for one that was well-maintained and cared for by the owner. At the same time, once you buy your own bike, you need to lube the bearings often. This is certainly true whether you ride on dirty roads or in a big city. Remember, when you do not grease your bearings, you will put yourself in danger. Furthermore, you will have to take your bike into a mechanic when the problem worsens.

Paint job: While it is wise to worry about the mechanical issues, you should also think of your paint job. To do this, an owner should wash his or her motorcycle every week or two. With this, you can remove any particles or dust. At the same time, you should try to wax your motorbike once a season as this will allow you to get it back to its original state. Finally, you must store your motorbike in a cool and dark place. If you have a cover, you should try to cover it when you do not use it for a long time as this will help you keep it clean. Simply put, with a proactive approach to your paint job and trim, you can keep your motorcycle looking great for a long time. Then, when placing it for sale in motorbike classifieds, you can get the most money for your investment.

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Drivetrain: With frequent oil changes and a clean air filter, you will keep your bike in great shape. But, you should take this further and worry about your drivetrain. To do this, you will want to know how a bike works and functions. This is a complicated matter, and it is wise to take a failing bike to a mechanic. But, when you know how to listen to a drivetrain and figure out if it works well or not, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

When owning a motorbike, you can have a lot of fun on the open roads. At the same time, you can feel free and happy. While this is true, you must understand how to make basic changes to your motorcycle. Furthermore, if you can change the oil and keep things in great order, you will save plenty of cash and avoid getting stranded on the side of a road. Luckily, with these eight maintenance tips, you will not run into trouble. Simply put, when you know what to do and how to think about your motorcycle, you will prevent most long-term and costly problems.

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