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Marketing Jobs in Ghana

Marketing helps companies identify their audience and provide a product or service that satisfies that audience. There are many steps to evaluating consumers, finding the right customer along with their likes and dislikes, then planning a marketing campaign that will speak to that customer. The essence of marketing comes down to the four Ps of the business; the product, the pricing, the promotion and placement.

Jobs in Ghana can be difficult to find with many graduates flooding the market each year, but there are always new products to be marketed, and online positions that need to be filled for the creative professional marketer. The marketing professional should be willing to market themselves. Jobs in Accra are available for marketers with experience too. New students might have to take on jobs that will pad their curriculum vitae with relevant experience.

Qualities of a Marketing Professional
People on the outside of marketing do not understand how challenging it can be as a profession. Marketers need to be able to analyze a product down to the smallest detail when it might not even be their product. They have to understand their target audience, which requires a lot of research. They have to have great analytical skills and research knowledge. They have to be able to think critically about a product or service and understand the psychology behind marketing that product to consumers.

Degrees in Marketing
A degree isn’t required to break into the field of marketing if the professional wishes to build a portfolio. A professional searching for marketing jobs in Ghana can start at the bottom in a company and work their way to the top while gaining knowledge and experience along the way to a better position. Many professionals obtain a degree then earn professional credentials through marketing associations. Even if the professional obtains a degree, they might have to start at the bottom in certain companies depending on the hiring process for marketing jobs in Accra. Often, companies will promote from within before finding outside employees.

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Types of Marketing Jobs Available

Internet marketing positions are specialized marketing positions that require knowledge of the Internet along with the psychology and business practices of the online world. Internet business practices and online marketing can vary drastically from print media or television. The Internet marketer must understand how customers browse, research and purchase products online.

Web Content Manager
This kind of position involves managing the overall look and feel of the graphic online content. This could include websites, blogs and advertisements. It could include the text as well as the graphics of the online campaign.

Social Media Professional
Social media is a completely different world versus web content. They are both part of the online world but vastly different. The social media professional must research the company’s target audience, find out where they congregate online and speak to them in their language. This requires an in-depth research phase before implementing a social media campaign.

Search Engine Marketer
There are certain strategies regarding keywords and search engine practices that will help products rank higher in search engines. This allows the company or product to be found by customers. The higher the company ranks, the easier it is for customers to find them over competitors.

Marketing Analysis

This phase of the marketing campaign happens throughout the process. In the beginning of the campaign, the marketer will research consumers to find the perfect audience and their likes and dislikes as well as the current trends in the market.

Pricing Analyst
This marketer studies the pricing trends for similar products. The pricing analyst studies rivals for gaps in their marketing popularity, customer response and pricing structures.

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Consumer Researcher
This professional marketer digs in depth into the psychology of the consumer to find out what they want and need. This is the important information provided to the design team so they can create a campaign that will speak to the consumer.

Marketing and Design Positions

Once the research phase is over, all the information gathered by marketing analysis team is presented to the design team. The design team must come up with the campaign, which includes the artwork, logo, branding that will encompass the entire product’s visual impact to the customer.

Content Writer
All the pictures and logos will need compelling copy to go with them. The content writer will have to create content for websites, advertisements, product descriptions and other persuasive work.

Visual Designer
This is the person who creates logos, branding artwork and decides on color scheme as well as the look of the campaign across all media outlets. The visual designer must know what the consumer will respond to and how to get the customer to buy the product or service.

Marketing Managers

These positions are held by professionals who have been working in the industry for many years and have experience in most phases of the marketing world. They will oversee all phases within their department.

Online Manager
This manager will oversee all online communications from social media to web content writer. All decisions will come to the online manager. Social media communications, online content and search engine optimization will be in this manager’s department.


Marketing Director
This professional will handle various departments. Often, this manager will have many parts of a campaign to oversee and will manage more than one campaign within the company. The marketing director will make sure that the departments are enforcing the vision of the client.

Professional marketing job duties are diverse and depend on the department in which the marketer wishes to work. They all contribute to the overall advertising of a product or service to consumers, but they are very different in the details and duties to be performed daily. Creative and driven individuals will find a job promoting client’s brands or products to be fun and fast-paced. Those searching for a professional marketing position in Ghana or Accra can find a satisfying career on

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