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Making That First Great Impression

First impressions are important. They help with the perceptions people form about you and how you help them perceive you. What usually happens is up to you and how you act or react in every instance goes a long way to defining who they get to know.

Be it a date or an interview or a new job opening, you need to create the utmost best you can ever give off and one of the surest bets is the way you look. If they can’t trust you with your look, then it is bad enough for your chances of scoring a favor. For that, let’s help with these tips;


Get the Shoe Right:

your shoes define you more than you think. For a guy, your shoe speaks before the first ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ hence the need to get it right. If leather, it should be spotless, if suede, make sure you have it polished and sprayed well. The ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you, you need to have that shoe if heel, as comfortable as possible in order to focus on the other things. The flats should also be clean and go to go any time any day.

Shirt Should Speak Volumes:

if you are going to get that lady or panel to take a second look at you before the entrance. The shirt if labelled should be the right color and mark, if not, it should be well ironed and clean enough to get that smile off the person’s face.

The Watch Alert:

although watches have been relegated to aesthetic than functionality, you need one to keep you in shape. The watch like the shoe set a different image in the mind of the individual you are sitting with and offers them probably a means of understanding the sort of personal you are.

Comfort Is Always Key:

you don’t have to come off as intimidated or on the urge to leave the place. What people pick up during first meetings move beyond what you say and in the midst, your countenance is one. If you look too confused or scared, you need up not giving off the vibe the person might want to see.

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