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A Look at the Samsung Range of Mircowave Ovens

From the beginning of their invention, microwave ovens have brought the convenience of rapid cooking and re-heating to the culinary world. But now there are not only ordinary, basic models available, but new innovative microwave ovens that combine grill browning and oven baking capabilities with the rapid cook function of the traditional microwave. Samsung has taken a lead in providing the most durable, powerful, spacious, technologically advanced home appliances, including the very best microwaves on the market today.

Samsung Ovens Are Bought and Sold Online

All the best Samsung has to offer can be found conveniently listed in online classified adds for citizens of Ghana, tonaton.com, for example, being a leader in this internet marketplace service. Under the home appliances section, one can search for the perfect new or used microwave to purchase or can list a microwave to sell. If you have an old but still functioning microwave at home, and are looking to purchase a newer or upgraded one, online classifieds are an excellent resource to facilitate this process.

Samsung Puts Top Quality into All its Products

There exists a variety of types and sizes of Samsung microwaves, but all of them have certain features in common and are constructed with care and great craftsmanship. Most range between 20 and 25 liter capacity and use between 800 and 1,000 watts of electricity. The exteriors are either stainless steel or glossy, durable hard plastic. Features like automatic menu or recipe selections, LED displays, easy to open and close doors, high quality transparent door glass, and easily pressed buttons make Samsung’s line of microwaves attractive, long-lasting, simple to operate, and highly programmable. Perhaps the most important feature, however, is the ceramic enamel interior that absorbs odors, resists scratching and discoloration, has anti-bacterial qualities, and is non-stick so that it is very easy to wipe off and clean. The number one complaint about microwaves over the years has been the difficulty in cleaning them on the inside, but that problem is done away with by using a Samsung machine.

Solo Microwaves

The most basic and least expensive type of Samsung microwave is known as a “solo” model. If one wishes only to reheat food, heat up water, and do a few basic tasks, then this may be the best choice for that person. Like all of Samsung’s ovens, the microwaves bombard the food from three starting points (not just one) and thus put the object to be heated in multiple cross hairs, leading to more thoroughly and evenly heated food products. Rapid defrost is often included in these models as well, allowing you the ability to defrost frozen items rapidly and evenly.

Grill Microwaves

Grill models add the possibility of browning or crisping food by using an additional overhead grill filament heating source. Not only frozen, but fresh meat and vegetables can be prepared in minutes and come out tasting great. One can use both grill and wave cooking methods together or apart, allowing one more complex cooking options. Consider that you could first defrost, then cook internally with wave power, then switch to grill mode to finish off a dish with a crispy top. There are many other possibilities as well. For saving on electricity when not in use, these models often have the new ECO Mode which can help you save on your power bill.

Combination Microwaves

Samsung’s combo ovens include micro-wave, grill, and convection (oven-like) cooking methods. Any of these heat sources can be used separately or in any combination with the others. This adds the ability to make baked items, such as cakes, pizza, pot roast, etc. This model is called a microwave, but really it has stretched the boundaries of the term to bring you a multi-faceted cooking machine that is still quick and convenient. An microwave unit such as this could even take the place of owning a traditional oven, though it can also be used effectively as an extra cooking tool.

Shopping Tips for Online Customers

The internet has created a situation in which access is had to a greater number of sellers. This means the shopper has the opportunity to search for a better deal, if he or she will but put a little time and effort into it. First of all, do not simply buy the first microwave you see for sale, but instead you should check multiple adds to compare prices and condition of the product. Look for a seller who lives near enough to make it worth the trip to pick up your purchase, for an add with a telling picture, and for detailed information about the exact features, condition, and history of the microwave.

Selling Tips for Online Vendors

If selling one or more microwaves online, be sure to carefully photograph each one and give them all separate adds. A general add can also be used, but separate adds increase the chances of customer views and purchases. Make sure the item is clean and plugged in when the picture is taken. This can help the customer know the product functions and is in good shape. Give the dimensions, wattage, model number, and type of microwave on your detail page- and put a short but descriptive title under the picture. Let the customer know if the oven is used or new, and if used, tell them its history of use as far as you know it. This can make them more confident the machine is going to function properly.


Ghana is served by excellent online classified adds, such as tonaton.com, that allow easy buying and selling of kitchen appliances such as microwaves. Samsung’s solo, grill, and combination microwave models are of excellent quality and a big step forward past the limits of yesterday’s microwaves. Budget and purpose of use will determine which model is best for each customer, but certain features like ceramic interior for simple clean up and three-way wave bombardment are found in most Samsung items and put Samsung atop the list of microwave producers. Buyers and sellers both can expect a constant trade in these products to continue uninterrupted for a long time due to their superior workmanship.

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