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A look at the Samsung range of fridges and freezers

Samsung is known around the world as being one of the greatest companies when it comes to making electronics and home appliances. However, their reputation for making high quality and long lasting refrigerators is unmatched in the industry. Samsung has a wide variety of refrigerators/freezers available. No matter how big your family is and what your needs are in terms of refrigerators for sale, Samsung is sure to have something you will like. If you plan on looking at used refrigerators, the following article will give you information regarding some of the latest models and the features that are included with them:

1. Samsung Energy Star 29.5 cubic foot refrigerator with FlexZone counter-height drawer, freezer drawer and French drawers. Model # RF30HBEDBSR

This model is constructed from stainless steel. It contains beautiful French doors and a showcase design for added convenience. The purpose of the showcase door design is to allow you to reach items that you use frequently without having to open the refrigerator door. Keeping the door closed will help you to save electricity by keeping in the cold air. This fridge also has a metal cooling system that can seal in the freshness of your food and lock in the cool air at the same time. Stainless steel paneling enables this fridge to keep the temperature consistent in both the fridge and freezer sections. Various types of food can be kept at different temperatures thanks to the unique design of the FlexZone drawer. This unit also includes various other features such as tempered glass spill-proof shelves, a door alarm, high-efficiency lighting and an indicator that will alert you whenever the water filter needs to be changed.

2. Samsung 20 cubic foot capacity bottom 33-inch refrigerator. Model # RB215ACPN

Samsung invented the twin cooling system that is contained within this refrigerator/freezer. It allows cool air to be diverted separately to the refrigerator and freezer sections of the unit. As a result of the airflow in these two sections always being separate, there will always be drier air in the freezer. This means the fridge’s air will stay at 40 percent. Single cooling systems have a rate that is usually four times higher than this. All of the fruits and vegetables that you choose to store in this unit will stay fresh for much longer than in most other fridges. The unit contains a very deep door bin that is designed for the storing of tall bottles. Reversible doors are another attractive feature of this unit, making it easy to position it in any location in your home. The handles can be switched based on what hand you usually use to open the door. The outer display will always let you know the unit’s inside temperature. You can also control the ice and water dispenser and find out when the water filter should be changed by using this display.

3. Samsung Energy Star 28 cubic foot refrigerator with cool select pantry and a freezer drawer. Model # RF28HFEDBSR

When you store food in this model, you will have no problem seeing it thanks to the high efficiency LED lighting. This lighting even makes items stored in the back easy to see. It is also built from attractive stainless steel. The cool select pantry feature allows you to control the temperature that certain foods are stored at. There are three settings for the temperature. These are fresh, chilled and deli. The foods that you place within the cool select pantry drawer will have a temperature that differs from the food that is kept in the regular part of the fridge. There is also a Twin Cooling Plus system that can produce over four times the humidity that can be created by systems that are single cooling. The ice maker can create nine pounds of ice during a period of 24 hours. The unit is capable of storing as much as three pounds of ice.

4. Samsung 26 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer with integrated water/ice dispenser and four French doors. Model # RF4267

This particular fridge is a good choice for individuals who are going to be doing a lot of cooking and entertaining. The unit is fully equipped with a pair of humidity-controlled crispers, six door bins and five shelves. There is also a filtered water and ice dispenser. The large size of this unit means that no matter how much food you need to store, you will not run out of space. While its outer dimensions are similar to that of a standard fridge, the amount of space found inside is far greater. The inside shelves and door bins contain stainless steel accents, giving the unit a lovely appearance.

5. Samsung Energy Star 28.2 cubic foot refrigerator with freezer drawer, FlexZone drawer and French doors. Model # RF28HMEDBBC

This model comes in a black exterior that gives a sleek appearance to any kitchen. It comes with a temperature controlled storage drawer that is divided into several sections, allowing a person to store foods at the unique temperature they require for optimum preservation. This is a great place to store a child’s snacks or food that you are saving for a large gathering. This fridge also comes equipped with a Twin Cooling Plus system that will ensure your food is always kept as fresh as possible. It can create a level of humidity that is more than four times that of a single cooling unit. The ice maker can churn out seven pounds of ice per day. It can also store four pounds of ice, so you will never run out.

6. Samsung Energy Star 24.5 cubic foot refrigerator. Model # RS25H5000BC

This black exterior fridge has many features that will help you to keep your food fresh for longer than you ever thought possible. First of all, the storage space provided by this unit is enough to store food for a household that contains many people. Various door bins, crispers, shelves and drawers are all included. Power Freeze and Power Cool options are both included within the freezer. Both of these will enable you to keep your food chilled for minimal amounts of time. A compact ice maker, shelves and door bins will also be found inside the freezer. LED lighting is used in this unit, which will help to lower your electric bill.

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