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Latest African Wear Designs For Guys (Men) 2021

Men’s fashion is one of the most vibrant parts of African culture and the latest African wear designs for men have been changing. Over the past few years, we have seen several trends of clothes, styles, and materials come and go yet some of them have remained and become even more than trends. 

In 2021, it’s a bold new world for African men who are exploring and embracing traditional styles, culture and blending them into the 21st world. Gone are the days when men shied away from bright colors and colors which are considered “more feminine”. The new African man says “Real men wear pink”. These are some of the ideologies shaping the bold new world of African men’s fashion. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the popular styles and materials that have to take hold of African men, especially in West Africa such countries as Ghana and Nigeria. Some of these styles and materials have been traditionally worn by tribes but didn’t gain much popularity and prominence in fashion till recent times. We bring you 7 of these fashion trends starting with the Kaftan which is now ubiquitous and considered a basic fashion trend for men of all ages and backgrounds. 

Latest African Wear Designs For Guys (Men) 2021

1. Kaftan

Kaftan is a kind of Tunic or a robe. Both Tunics and Robes are common in many cultures around the world including West Africa. Kaftans are donned by men in most cultures in various materials ranging from wool, silk, cashmere, or cotton. They can be worn with an extra piece of clothing like a sash. In Ghana and Nigeria, a Kaftan could be a simple plain top and a matching trouser. However, this isn’t always the case as Kaftan styles are as varied as there are personalities. Most people will have a personal tailor make it for them so it is almost always an expression of the wearer’s personality. However, most men have the plain ones for casual events and the office. 

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2. Jalabiya 

If you are a Ghanaian, you might think the Jalabiya is “What Moslems wear” and in a way, you might be right. But Jalabiya is not necessarily an article of Muslim clothing as its history is closely tied to the Arabic men and women who wore it as a piece of their traditional clothing. It is native to the people who live around the Nile Valley and other desert areas. Jalabiya is a long, loose, full-length, and wide-sleeved gown. It usually has decorated hems and a nice collar. Embroidery is the most common way Jalabiyas are decorated. It’s comfortable to wear and could be worn with a trouser or otherwise even though the vast majority of men wear it with a trouser. Women too are known to wear it with a trouser. It is widely worn in Ghana by Muslims for prayers and you can see Jalabiyas of different colors and decorations whenever there is a Muslim celebration like Eid Ul Adha. It’s always a delightful sight. It is now embraced by more men and some Christians wear it as well. 

3. Agbada

The Agbada is native Nigeria and worn by men. It is loose-fitted, always appearing in bright colors like wine, red, deep blue, and other colors that the wearer fancies. If you are wearing an Agbada, better prepare to have your groove on as this traditional wear is used for very special and ceremonial occasions like weddings, funerals, and religious celebrations. Even though the traditional Agbada wear is popular for its elegance and wide use for social events, we are seeing more men wear them in the corporate setting or office settings in several African countries. 

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4. Kente

Who knew a cloth with origins from Ananse (The Cunning Spider in Asante folklore) would ever become the number African cloth? Kente was traditionally worn by only the king and members of his court. It was later allowed for other chiefs and eventually the ordinary people. Even though more and more people were privileged to wear the “kingly” kente, it never got corrupted and its purpose and significance have remained to date. Today, men and women alike wear kente for the favorite days of their lives like their weddings, national events, and more just like it was used centuries ago. Kente has been a traditional cloth of the West African country of Ghana and Togo for over 400 years. Both men and women wear it and it can be sewn into various styles. The industry has been able to replicate a lot of kente design with African Prints that have also taken the front stage in the fashion world, and for men, this is just what they need to bring out their personalities. 

5. Atiku Styles

Atiku is a Nigerian native cloth. It’s a pure cotton cloth and moderately weighted so it’s not too heavy and not light as well. The good thing is, it is 100% which means it could get expensive but on the other side, it is very tender on the body. This material can be used for various styles whether you want to make an Agbada or a simple Kaftan. Atiku is your best bet as it gives a premium and classic look to all your clothing and makes you stand out on every occasion that you wear it. 

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6. Dashiki

Bright colors, check. Simple design, check. Easy to wear, check. The Dashiki is one of the most colorful pieces of clothing you can have in your closet. It holds an intimate cultural place with Africans and has gained prominence on the world stage as the cloth is now sold worldwide and worn by different people from all parts of the world. The Dashiki can brighten up your day and make you smile. It is worn by both men and women, adults and children, and anyone in between. It represents a call to return to Africa for most black Americans and Africans in the diaspora. 

7. Ankara Styles 

Bright, mixed colors are very prominent in African culture and fashion. Clothing is one of the common ways we portray the cultural meanings of colors. Yellow for instance men’s gold and royalty and wealth. Ankara fabrics are characterized by such bright colors. It is the textile that is used to make African prints which are ubiquitous in Ghana, Nigeria, and various African countries and can be sewn into lots of styles for men. Ankara clothes are 100% cotton and have that premium texture and feel when worn. 


Men’s fashion has come a long way and these styles and materials are just probably a stage in the process. Men are getting good at showing off their personality in their styling and choice of what they wear. It’s a great time and as we have shared these latest trends in styles for men, we hope you find inspiration and get your groove on. Feeling lucky? You can get the best deals on clothes on Tonaton. 

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