A buyers guide to affordable laptops

Laptop computers are affordable personal computers that are easy to transport from place to place. This style of computer has a clam shell design that allows a unit to be closed together and stored in a carry on case, for example. A laptop is called a notebook computer and is used frequently in home offices, at mobile work stations and in a university class setting.

The Features of a Laptop Computer
A laptop computer is affordable since it is smaller and lighter than a desk computer. A laptop computer has the additional affordable features:

* A laptop comes with a display screen that opens up in front of a user.
* There are speakers for music downloads and for lectures.
* A keyboard is available for any type of normal computer input and the keyboard is usually of a normal letter size.
* A pointing device is a part of a laptop and this style of portable computer uses a touch pad pointing device instead of a mouse.
* Modern day laptop computers come with a webcam and a microphone that are pre installed.
* A mobile computer can be powered with its own rechargeable battery.
* A mobile computer can be plugged in to a normal wall socket and uses a normal electric current. An AC adapter is used to transfer the wall electricity to the mobile computer unit.
* Internet connections for laptop computers include a standard UCB port Internet service connector. A mobile computer can use a wireless Internet service as well.

Laptop Computers in Additional Versions
Laptop computers are used for educational assignments. An affordable laptop has several important features that a student can use during a class room lecture. Students can use laptop computers for homework assignments and may write class assignments with a word processor that is a feature of most portable computers. The following are additional versions of a laptop computer that may be useful for someone wanting to purchase a smaller and lighter mobile computer:

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* A netbook is a small and light portable computer. This version of a laptop has less computing power than a traditional laptop. A netbook portable computer is less expensive than a full size laptop, has fewer features and the keyboard is smaller. A netbook style of computer does not come with an internal optical drive. The CPU’s are slower but are more energy efficient.

* A tablet PC has a touch screen for finger or stylus use. These smaller and less expensive portable computers have a keyboard that is removable and can be moved out of the way.
An ultra mobile PC is a version of a laptop that is a small form factor version of a pen computer. A pen computer is a class of laptop with specifications that were launched as smaller than sub notebook computers.

* Handheld PC’s are small computers that are smaller than any standard laptop and this version of laptop is sometimes called a palmtop. The first handheld device was compatible with a desktop personal computer.

* A rugged laptop is one that is engineered to operate in tough conditions. These portable laptops are used with mechanical shocks, extreme temperatures and in extreme wet and dusty environments.
An ultrabook is a very thin version of a laptop and is less than 0.8 inches thick. Most versions of the ultrabook contain solid state drives instead of a rotational hard disk drive. This description of small computers is used for thin and light laptops.

Desktop Replacements and Additional Applications
A desktop computer is often replaced with a laptop version and there are several additional applications that require a smaller and more portable computer. A desktop replacement is a large laptop that is not intended to be transported frequently but needs to be less bulky and transportable at times. A distinction between desktop computer and desktop replacement computers has become less defined. A desktop replacement computer has a 15 inch display window or larger. Battery life for a replacement computer may be less than a smaller laptop. Media center laptops and gaming laptops are often of a replacement computer size.

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Sub Notebook Computers
Someone looking for a small and portable laptop may want to review a sub notebook version. This version of laptop weighs between 0.8 and 2 kg (2 to 5 pounds) and a battery life for this computer can last up to 10 hours. Sub notebooks or ultra portables use 13 inch and smaller screens. An optical media drive is omitted and often this version has fewer ports. The sub notebook uses expensive components designed for minimal size and best power efficiency. Advanced materials and construction methods are used. They run general purpose desktop operating systems instead of those for hand held devices.

Advantages of Purchasing an Affordable Laptop
Laptop computers are smaller and portable. This style of computer is less expensive and has standard operating systems included as well. There are several advantages for selecting an affordable laptop computer and these advantages include the following:

Portability is the main advantage for a small laptop. A portable computer can be used in different locations including at school, at a work presentation, at a coffee shop while traveling, during flight delays and while commuting and in a meeting room.
Productivity increases when a computer is available for work production during times that would otherwise be non productive. A long commute time can be used to complete job assignments, for example.
Immediacy of use is important. A portable computer can be accessed for critical information where a worker is located. A laptop computer can be used at any location.
A portable computer allows a user to gain up to date information.
Wireless WiFi connections are available. Internet information and emailing can be completed as soon as possible. Important business information can be delivered on time.
Laptops are small in size and can be transported or stored easily.
This version of computer uses less energy and has a low power consumption.
A small computer is quieter than larger desktops because of the slower components and less heat is produced during a portable computer’s operation.
A charged laptop can be used during a power outage and is not affected by short power interruptions and blackouts.
A laptop is all in one and has everything in one chassis.

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Finding an affordable laptop may include reviewing several versions of a small and portable computer. A laptop has a size advantage and is an all in one business machine, for example. A portable computer can be taken to class or can be used to write homework assignments. Class notes can be taken on a portable computer. There are several versions of a portable computer to choose from. A selection of a computer may depend on the environment where it is needed. Security measures can be taken in order to assure that information put into a portable computer is not tampered with. A portable computer can have an entry pad lock and a chosen password will need to be used.

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