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Job Searching Just Got Easier

Nothing quite prepares you for unemployment. Once you graduate from school and the euphoria that comes with no longer having to write exams dies down, you realize how difficult it is to find a job. These days, the possibilities are even more limited than they used to be. The uncles who can help you with an internship are no longer as forthcoming as they used to be. They can only call in so many favours. Everyone you send your CV to puts it in a folder and dumps it in the pile of other CVs soon to be forgotten. Every job requires experience- even being a waiter. The job search battle isn’t an easy one to win.

Social media also reminds you painfully of how well other people are doing in their jobs and chosen paths. It also turns out that entrepreneurship is more complicated than it looks. Even if there is a vacancy somewhere, you have almost no chance of hearing about it unless you know someone who knows someone. offers a solution.

From the comfort of your home or the front seat of a trotro, you can search for a job online, send in an application and see the terms and conditions without having to go there. Job searching just got easier!



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