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Interview Tips for Jobs in Ghana

Interview Tips for Jobs in Ghana

Ghana is a destination that values talent and the right skill set. This is evident from the vast number of professional jobs in Ghana classified sites, such as Tonaton. The website, which is one of Ghana’s largest marketplaces, allows you to look up office jobs by cities or regions. For instance, if you live in Accra, you can simply look up jobs in Accra. Likewise, it also allows you to find vacancies by profession. For instance, you can directly look up marketing jobs or IT jobs to shortlist your results.

If your quest for the dream job has made some headway and you are invited to an interview from a potential employer, then you must go prepared to increase your chances of securing the job.

Here are some job interview tips that can be effective in preparing you for the next phase of your job hunt:


Face yourself in the mirror and practice answering the interview questions that can be expected from the job role. If you aren’t certain about the kind of questions that may be asked, you can use the Internet to research potential interview questions for the job you are applying to. It may also give you an idea about the right answers to tricky questions that can be hard to answer.

In addition to factual questions relating to your field, it also helps to prepare for questions relating to your nature and personality. For instance, you can try to describe yourself in the best possible way. You can also reiterate your strengths.

With proper preparation, you are more likely to face the interviewer with more confidence and present yourself in a better way.


When applying for jobs from different types of job listings, many people send their resumes to as many relevant job postings as possible. In this endeavor, they may overlook basic information about the company they’re applying to. While this is acceptable during preliminary phase of job application, it is important to do adequate company research before going for an interview with any company. It also helps to know the name of the employer during the interview.

By finding out some basic information about the company and its services, you can also determine how you can contribute to the company’s overall objectives.

Get Ready

Prepare your dress a day or two prior to the interview. Make sure that the attire you choose is clean and presentable. It must also be appropriate for the kind of firm you’re planning to interview with. Don’t forget to carry a copy of your resume and portfolio. You may have to take notes during the interview, so it helps to carry a pen and paper with you.

Don’t be Late for the Interview

Make sure that you reach the destination five to ten minutes prior to the interview. If you’re not certain about the exact location of the company, you must consider leaving even sooner so you have time to look around and find the exact destination of the interview.

Don’t be Nervous

It helps to stay calm and relaxed during the course of an interview. Oftentimes, being late for an interview also makes you nervous, so these two are usually interrelated.

If you find yourself gasping for breath, it’s a sign that you’re getting nervous. Practice some deep breathing prior to the interview in order to relax your body and mind.

Give it Your Best Shot

When you are called in for the interview, take some time to familiarize yourself with the settings of the room as well as the interview panel that will be conducting the interview. Make eye contact with the interviewers. Listen to the question completely before answering it. When answering any question, try to relate it to the company. Stress how you can add value to the company’s services. Discuss your past accomplishments and how they will be useful for this company. Basically, the objective is to match your expertise with the requirements of the company.

Follow Up

It helps to follow up with a thank-you note within 24 to 48 hours of the interview. You can use this opportunity to reiterate your interest in the advertised position. If the interview was conducted by several people, you can send a separate thank you note to all of them. You don’t necessarily have to post the note; an email would be fine.

Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid

In addition to the interview tips above, it also helps to know the top interview mistakes that can cause you to lose the opportunity.

Dressing Inappropriately

Formal dressing is not a necessity for every job role. For instance, many IT companies allow casual wear at work. However, it is still important to choose business casual clothing for the interview even for non-professional jobs.

Arriving Late

By arriving late for the interview, you reflect poor time management skills. It also shows your disinterest in the company and the advertised position. Make sure that you’re on time for the interview.

Carrying a Drink with You

If you need some caffeine to fuel up your body, you must take care of it prior to the interview.

Using a Phone during the Interview

Before starting the interview, you must silent your phone. It also seems very rude to text during the interview. It clearly shows securing the job isn’t your top priority.

Not Knowing Anything about the Company

This is another serious interview mistake to avoid. It is common for employers to ask potential candidates what they know about the company. You can get this information by conducting some basic research about the company prior to the interview.

Generally, a company website includes a lot of background information about the company. Visit their About Us section for information about company history, location, mission statement and more.


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