How To Sell Your House In Ghana

The real estate industry stands the test of time and houses generally appreciate over time. Some people take advantage of this to buy and sell houses over short periods; called flipping. However, this short guide is not for the home-flipping business. This guide is for the everyday person prospecting to sell their house.

People decide to sell their houses for lots of reasons. You surely do have a reason why you want to sell your house. Most people are likely to be involved in one home sale in their lives. Even though most still stay in family houses in the rural areas for a long time, they often move into the city or buy their own home. They could build or buy. At the other end of the transaction is someone selling their house.

Selling your house is an endeavor that can be both emotional but less stressful. Most people only get stressed a lot when they want to buy a house on the other end. Even though selling a house is supposed to be simpler than buying a house, that doesn’t mean it will always be easy. This is even truer if you are engaging in selling your house for the first time. 

Ready to know how to sell your house the easy way?

Is This the Right Time to Sell?

Before we get into all the details about how to go about selling your house, first things first. For every house sale, you need to have a reason for selling. For that reason, you can figure out if it is the best time. Real estate prices tend to work in trends sometimes. Ask yourself if you will get the right price for your property at that time.

Another reason why you should decide why you are selling is that prospective buyers may be inquisitive and try to know your motives for selling it. Sometimes, they may be suspicious that there is something wrong with the house. You have to give them a convincing reason so they can be at peace with a decision to buy your house.

Things to Consider When Selling Your House in Ghana

  1. Is there a better alternative?
  1. Is Your House Worth Much?
  1. Are You Willing To Follow Through?
  1. What Preparations Need To Be Done Before Sale?
  1. What Are The Financial Implications of The Sale?

How to Sell Your House in Ghana

  1. Survey Your Location Housing Market

Once you have gone through the questions you need to consider before selling your house, you have to perform a market search. You need to find out some of the houses for sale and their asking price. Find out their facilities. The information you gain from your inquiries will be useful for your understanding of how to go about selling your own house. 

  1. Set Your Asking Price

The next is to set your asking price. Now note that normally the asking price considers the agent’s fee, other expenses such as legal documentation, etc. Be sure to make your price very competitive and relative to other houses in your area.

  1. Visit & Register

The next step is to sign up on Tonaton is home to thousands of houses and properties for sale and rent. Signing up allows you to post your property.

  1. Post Your Ad

Posting an ad on is quick and easy! Simply click the yellow Post Ad button and follow the instructions.

  1. Get Verified

Once you post your ad, it doesn’t go directly to the website listings. It goes for approval. Also, all new accounts are verified on their first post. So be ready to provide your credentials.

  1. Get Calls and Book Appointments

Once your account is verified and your ad has been approved, you are ready to fly. 

  1. Sell and Collect Your Money

Meet prospective buyers and make necessary arrangements. Make sure there is a sale agreement. 

Common Mistakes Made Selling Homes

  1. Acting on Emotions

As much as selling a house you are so attached to might be emotional, it is purely a financial transaction and should be treated as such. Bringing your emotions into negotiations and decisions might leave you getting the worst out of your sale instead of the best. It also makes the whole process more cumbersome. 

  1. Not Working with a Registered Agent

If you are going to work with an agent, they might as well be a registered company or individual. The Ghanaian system is more informal but insists on getting a registered agent. There are some out there. This is important because you cannot trust anyone at all to sell your house with your interests at heart. A real estate agent is more likely to be professional and deal with you with all transparency. 

  1. Setting Prices Above Average

Piecing of real estate is often location sensitive. This is because most people buy real estate or houses from the neighborhoods that they like. If your asking price is above the other houses around, you stand to lose out on potential sales.  

  1. Selling at the Wrong Time

Selling at the wrong time could mean settling for less for your house or being stranded when your plans don’t pan out and you cannot afford your planned new home. 

  1. Not Paying Attention to Imagery

Selling houses has moved online. Yes, people still book appointments but there are platforms like where you can share your property with thousands of people in only a few days. In that regard, having pretty quality and catchy pictures are the way to capture a lot of eyeballs. In most cases, there are equally nice properties but if your imagery is the best, guess who will get all the calls? 

  1. Selling to Wrong People

Selling to the wrong can cost you your finances when they are unable to pay or present a false front for their own purposes. This is another good reason to engage a registered real estate agent who can take care of phonies and get you only well-qualified leads. 

  1. Keeping the House in a Bad State

Keeping the house in a bad state is one of the top sins of selling your house. People buy what they see. If it doesn’t look good, they don’t buy. You can even perform some upgrades to make it look and function better. 

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