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How to Rent a Car in Ghana

Renting a car is not certainly something you do on a daily basis. However, once in a while, renting a car becomes necessary. You may be in a different country, need a car urgently or perhaps you are preparing for a special occasion. All these situations may call for using a car from a rental source.

If you are a business entity, renting a car in Ghana is one of the best options to support your own fleet. Also, when you require a few more vehicles, you can occasionally benefit from getting a car from a rental company. 

In this article, we’ll look at how to rent a car in Ghana, why rent a car, and how much it costs to rent a car. 

Why Rent a Car

Why Rent a Car
  1. Convenience

There are lots of cars and types you can rent. Renting a car in Ghana allows you to move within and outside of the country at your own convenience. Most rental services have options for a chauffeur or a self-drive arrangement. 

  1. Great for Expats; Travel on a Budget

Buying a car only for a short trip is not just a waste of money but also going to put you through a lot of hassle. If you’re traveling to Ghana, the best way to move around is with a rented car or if you prefer to use ride-hailing services such as Uber. Uber cars are quite comfy even though they cannot be compared to rental cars. The best uber cars are Kia morning, Daewoo Matiz, and other small cars. The best way to decide is to look at the respective costs and your period of stay. 

  1. Choose Any Car you Want
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You may not own a car when you rent a car but you definitely can choose which car you want anytime you want to have a ride. Perhaps you can rent your favorite dream car for a joy ride out of town. If you want to arrive in grand style, you can opt for chauffeur services. Most car rental companies in Ghana have this as an option. If you want to drive yourself, you will need a local driver’s license or an international driving license if you’re an ex-pat. 

  1. Low Cost and Affordability

For as low as GH¢250 per day or $42.16 per day, you can rent a car in Ghana. These are typical sedan/saloon cars such as Toyota Corolla. For more comfortable vehicles such as a 4X4, you should be budgeting above GH¢850 or $143.34 per day. 

What You Can Use a Rental Car for

Tips to Help you Rent the Best Cars
  1. Multiple Point Transport

With this kind of service, you have a chauffeur at your disposal. They would drive you for your rental period. 

  1. Special Occasions

There are some occasions which have to be made magical such as weddings. You can rent cars to make your special occasion memorable.

  1. Point to Point Trips/Journeys

If you are running late for an important meeting or appointment, you can quickly have a chauffeured rental car to use from one point to your meeting location. 

  1. Self-Drive Trips

Ghanaian car rentals have options for you to drive your car once you have met its requirements. They are likely to ask for your driver’s license whether you are a Ghanaian or an international traveler. 

  1. Airport Pickup/Shuttle Services

After a long flight, finding a ride is likely going to be a hurdle. You can have a rental car pick you up at your destination. Some companies have shuttles if you are traveling with a host of other people. 

  1. Corporate Purposes
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Businesses can take advantage of rental cars when they need to supplement their fleet or perhaps if they need cars for a short while. It’s best to rent than to buy when you wouldn’t be using it for long. 

  1. Heavy Duty Trucks, Excavators, etc

It isn’t only regular vehicles you can rent. For your project, you can rent heavy-duty trucks such as caterpillars, excavators, etc. 

Tips to Help you Rent the Best Cars

  1. Start with More Than One Rental Company

Starting with one rental company wouldn’t be the best thing to do when looking for a good company. This is even crucial for first-time renters or if you are new in Ghana. Starting with a pool of companies gives you the upper hand. You are able to compare services and their pricing. Having all this information is important in making a good choice. You can compare and decide on what’s best for you and your budget.  

  1. Confirm The Genuineness of the Company

The last thing you want is to get scammed on your lovely trip or vacation. Does the company have a website? Are they registered? Do they have an office/business location? You might want to answer these questions before renting.

  1. Consider Your Budget and the Duration of your Trip

The rate for getting your rental vehicle should be something you can work with especially when you are working with a tight budget. Get to know all the items you are paying for under the service and ask them to remove unnecessary ones. If you do not need a driver, why pay for one? If you dont need a fancy car. why pay for one?

  1. Know Your Road Before Choosing A Car

Ghana has a road system that can go from world-class to disappointing in a short distance. The best way to know you have the right ride for your journey is to ask. Ask people and be sure to seek advice from the service company. Let them know your destination and they can help you with routing your trip and the right vehicle to use. 

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How to Rent a Car in Ghana

  1. The first step is to visit
  2. Navigate to the “Vehicles” category. 
  3. Proceed to select “Rentals”
  4. You have successfully filtered your way to the rental cars available.
  5. Compare Pricing and services and make your choice.
  6. Enjoy your ride. 
How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Ghana?

You can rent a decent car in ghana for as low as GH¢250 per day or $42.16 per day. Car Rental companies would often have a suite of options and obligations for the renter.

The above rate estimate is for regular vehicles. Heavy-duty trucks and vehicles are more costly. An excavator for instance could go into the GH¢3,500/$587.70 range. 

Requirements to Rent a Car in Ghana

Most well-established car rental companies will demand details such as your name and address, date of issue of your Ghanaian driving license or International Driving Permit, and credit card number. 


Renting a Car in Ghana, if done correctly, can greatly reduce stress and improve your overall experience. If you are a visitor, you might want to consider crying along with your driver’s license if you would like to drive. If you’re a Ghanaian, you can get your driver’s license the right way if you dont already have one. Renting is good when you need it for a short while. Here’s our guide to buying cars in Ghana for longer stays.

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