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How to make your home more child friendly

If you have children living in your home, one of the most important things you need to do is childproof your home. This means you need to make the house safe and prevent your child from becoming injured as a result of various hazards that are around your home. Let’s take a look at some of the most common hazards found in houses, apartments and other types of property that could possibly injure a child and the methods you should use to make them safe.

1. Safety gates

One of the easiest ways that children can be hurt or killed in homes is by falling down a flight of stairs when that are walking around unattended. By using a safety gate, you can prevent this tragedy from happening. The safety gate is attached to the top of the stairs, blocking the child’s path and preventing him or her from falling down the stairs if they come too close. A safety gate can also be used to prevent a child from entering dangerous areas of the house where construction is going on or where hazardous chemicals or drugs are being stored. A safety gate can literally safe your child’s life.

2. Safety locks and latches

Safety locks and latches can be used to prevent your child from opening drawers and cabinets where you keep drugs, cleaning chemicals, insecticides and other poisons. They can also be used on places where you store utensils such as knives and forks that can injure your child. Safety locks and latches can also be used on certain dangerous home appliances that could harm your child. They will prevent your child from turning on the appliance when you are not there.

3. Anti-scald devices

Anti-scald devices can be attached to shower heads and faucets to prevent your child from being burned by hot water. The device will allow you to set the maximum temperature for the water. Therefore, it will be impossible for the water to become hotter than that temperature and possibly burn your child. This will allow your child to take a shower alone without you having to worry that they might get burned.

4. Electric outlet covers

Children are naturally curious about many things. Normally this is good and you should encourage their curiosity. However, a child’s curiosity can also put them in danger. A young child will not know the danger presented by an electrical outlet. Therefore, a child may try to put things into an outlet, such as a stick or a piece of metal. Obviously, the child could get electrocuted if they do this. An electric outlet cover will make it impossible for your child to gain access to the outlet or put anything inside of it. These covers are inexpensive and will make every property in Ghana safer for your child. You should also unplug hair dryers and hair rollers when they are not in use.

5. Smoke detectors

No matter where you live and no matter how many safety precautions you take, there will always be the possibility of a fire in your home. Fires can start quickly and without warning. If this happens in your home, you need to make sure you have a smoke detector installed. Ideally, you should have several smoke detectors in your home. Install a smoke detector on the wall or the ceiling next to the bedroom of every person living in the home. This will allow every person to be warned if there is a fire in progress. If your smoke detectors work on batteries, check them every month to make sure the batteries still have power. Replace the batteries if necessary.

6. Escape plan

Along with having a smoke detector, it is important to create an escape plan in case of a fire. If a fire happens, it is critical that you and your children do not panic. Your children will need to know the fastest way to exit your home if there is an emergency. Since there might be dark smoke caused by a fire, your child will need to be able to find their way out of your house in the dark. Practice this escape plan with your children so they are completely prepared.

7. Safety netting and window guards

Safety netting and window guards are important because they will prevent your child from falling off of decks, balconies and windows. As mentioned before, children are curious. Many young children will play around open windows without realizing the danger they are in. A window guard prevents a child from fitting through it. You should buy a window guard that has bars no more than three inches apart.

8. Edge and corner bumpers

Child injuries often occur as a result of a child running into sharp edges on pieces of furniture. Edge and corner bumpers are placed on the edges and corners of pieces of furniture to eliminate the sharp edge and make it safe for your child. It is important to make sure you correctly install these bumpers to prevent them from falling off.

9. Cut cords on window blinds

It is very easy for young children to become tangled in the cords on window blinds. If this happens, the child could be strangled and die. This is why you need to cut these cords and use tension devices on vertical blinds and safety tassels on mini-blinds. Any cord with a loop in it can be a potential hazard for your child. If you are going to purchase new draperies, vertical blinds or miniblinds, make sure you only buy products that have the latest child safety features.

10. Toilet lock

It is very easy for a small child to fall into a toilet and drown. It is possible for a child to drown in only one inch of water. Therefore, you need to use a toilet lock to make sure that your child can not open the toilet without your supervision.

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