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How to Get Sales Jobs in Ghana

New business, Selling, is a critical part of any business unit. This explains why sales jobs in Ghana top our jobs listings frequently. Possessing the ability and skills to sell products and services is the gateway skill to making a good living. Sales promoters as they are sometimes called are some of the well-paid people in organizations and in the world. But is a salesperson worth it if they cannot sell themselves enough to get a good job that they love? 

In this article, we will go into the field of selling and business development; how to position yourself to get a sales job in ghana, and also share with you the skills and requirements necessary to becoming a top-notch sales executive. We will further show you how to start finding sales jobs in Ghana right now. Isn’t that exciting already? 

Getting a Sales Job in Ghana: Sales 101

What is Sales?

Selling is often seen as a manipulative effort in influencing people to buy things they do not need. But this is far from the truth. Sales involves the set of activities surrounding successfully selling a product or service to someone who needs it. In this case, both the seller and the sold benefit from the transaction, and a relationship can be formed. 

This definition of selling is so simplistic. It takes away the complexities that make selling one of the most difficult things you can find yourself doing. 

To become successful as a sales promoter in Ghana, you would need to understand the 7-step selling process.  

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The 7-step Selling Process

1. Prospecting

Prospecting is the very first step. It involves scouting for potential customers who have the cause to purchase your product or service and also the capacity to afford your product or service. This is very important as it will save you a lot of time, energy, and resources. You will be able to prepare and approach only the people with a good chance of doing business with you. 

2. Preparation

One of the important skills of a sales promoter is the ability to deeply understand the product or service. Having a solid idea of what your offering does, the ideal person who needs it, and their pain points, you will be able to prepare to approach the prospect. Preparing involves conducting your research about the prospect and tailoring your presentation to their particular needs.

3. Approach

The approach is your first point of contact with the prospect. At this stage, you are well informed about the prospect and how best you can help them with your offering. But you might want to use a technique as you cannot possibly know it all. There are 3 popular approach methods;

  1. Question – Asking an engaging question to get the prospect hooked.
  2. Product – Giving a free product or service trial.
  3. Premium – Giving the prospect a gift. 

The approach could be done with a meeting or a call. 

4. Presentation

The presentation is the opportunity for you to listen to the prospect and also to present your offerings to them. Through dialogue, you try to assess their needs to align those with your particular offering. 

5. Handling objections

This stage is probably the depressing part of selling. Prospects could drag the deal by presenting myriads of concerns and implicit requests for more information. Most people will stop active follow-ups when objections start to rain in. But this is where you can shine. In fact, most sales executives who stick past the objections stage are able to close the deal or build a relationship that they can leverage later on to make a sale. Objections are simply requests for more information. 

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6. Closing

Closing involves asking for the decision of the prospect. It is when they come to a conclusion after sharing with you their needs and listening to your proposition. There are several techniques to closing a sale which you should study and implement in your closing. However, the best is always to go with what is best for the prospect. Focus on building a relationship and not just selling them. They will only come back and also give you referrals when they find your offering really valuable and helpful. 

7. Follow-up

Your done job isn’t done when you make a sale. Once you land a client or prospect someone or a company, it is necessary to keep a healthy relationship with them. Such relationships are a great avenue for repeat deals and valuable referrals. Stay in touch. 

Skills and Requirements For Sales Jobs

  1. Product knowledge
  2. Prospecting
  3. Research skills
  4. Good communication ability
  5. Collaboration with team members and clients
  6. Business Intuition
  7. Social Selling
  8. Storytelling
  9. Active Listening
  10. Problem-solving skills
  11. Presentation and demonstration skills
  12. Negotiation Strenghts
  13. Territory Management
  14. Objection-Handling Skills
  15. Good at adopting Technology
  16. Time Management and Planning
  17. Curiosity 
  18. Good Judgment

How to Get a Sales Job in Ghana

Sales executive jobs are one of the most flexible jobs you can have. With little to no education, you can quickly get started. However, to get to high-level roles such as sales manager roles, you will eventually need some qualifications and good education. 

There are many skills utilized in the art of selling. These skills can mostly be acquired and learned in the field itself. 

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Steps to Getting a Sales Executive Job in Ghana

The first step is to visit the TonatonJOBS platform to create a profile. It is an easy process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Creating your profile is the easiest way to build your resume which potential employers will use to shortlist you. The platform has lots of marketing jobs, Customer Service Executive jobs, and manager jobs waiting to be filled. 

The final step is to prepare for an interview. Due to the nature of the job, you can expect it will require practical problem-solving skills which you may already have. But answering the common interview questions may not be something you know. Go through some practice over answering any question you think might be asked and prepare adequately for the interview. 


Sales jobs in Ghana are ever-increasing as organizations make a strong comeback after covid-19 related economics challenges faced in 2020. Becoming a really good salesperson by embodying the various skills a salesperson needs is a good way to get started to landing that sales promoter or executive role. Be sure to rehearse for your interview and get someone to watch and give you feedback. All the very best. 

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