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How to Find International Jobs in Ghana [Guide]

International jobs are perhaps the best way to move abroad. Education is also another safe route to move to another country, but in most cases, once your study period is over, you head to your home country. If you want a permanent stay, you would, by all means, need to get a job – that is where getting an international job from Ghana comes into play. 

If you are new to applying for jobs and other opportunities outside of Ghana, the sheer effort you need to put up is enough to discourage you from pursuing your dream. But, applying for jobs abroad is not necessarily hard but rather, different and challenging. If the reasons are not obvious, the difference in cultures and expectations alone is a huge factor. Another is the often unfamiliar nature of the application process, so many documents to process, and several legalities! 

But like many people who have done it, you can too. Getting an international job is one of the most impactful decisions you can take. And in this post, we will delve into pertinent questions as well as provide you with a grounded understanding of how to go about it. 

How to Get an International Job from Ghana

How to Get an International Job from Ghana

Strategy: Investigate the Country you Want to Move to

Most jobs are not advertised and getting an international job means going through a lot of competition. Remember, you aren’t the only person looking to grab those jobs. Certain countries are particularly appealing to a lot of countries. Get to know the platforms your target companies publish their job ads. A good number of organisations have Visa-sponsored jobs, which means they help you secure your visa to move into the country. However, they do not advertise these jobs as such since they do not want unwarranted attention. Also, they want to limit it to only those who truly want to work with them and not just for the sake of acquiring a visa. 

Things to Note When Doing Your Investigation

CV Standards in the country: You need to check your eligibility to work in the country. The last thing recruiters want is a great candidate who they cannot employ.

Also, the format and kind of information you put in your CV are paramount. Since you won’t be meeting them physically, your CV is one of your best tools to get on the shortlist. In the US, it’s called a resume and called a CV in the UK. US companies would always expect a one-page resume while Two pages CV is mostly preferred in the UK. These differences are minute but far from unimportant.

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The last thing to note is most organisations, especially the large ones would use Application Tracking Software programs. This software is meant to sift through the chaff and give the recruiter only those who fall within their requirements. Without the right formatting, using industry keywords, and demonstrating value, your chances are next to slim. Writing the best CV is easy when you know what exactly to provide to communicate value. 

Present Yourself

How do you look online? Social media? Do you have social proof? These are questions you should find answers to immediately when thinking about working abroad. International companies do now have the chance to meet with you physically in most cases hence they rely on a lot of social proof to decide whether you are of the right attitude, talent, and expertise that they need. What do your social media pages say about you? Pay particular attention to LinkedIn which is a professional platform. Make sure to feature your LinkedIn profile in your CV or resume. 


You might wonder, networking? Networking is a great way to find good jobs, understand the job market in the country where you are trying to move into. You can also get people to refer you to join their company. This is particularly important because in this case, you have someone helping you in the company. There is little chance you will be discarded as a good candidate.

After all, they feel they do not know much to bring you in because someone would be stepping in for you when there is a need. Also, you can network to simply make friends. If you are serious about finding an international job from Ghana and moving there, it’s pretty good to want to know about life in that country. Ask about the culture, and simply explore. You might like or dislike what you find out. 

Understand the Immigration Processes Involved.

If you want to move to a new country and work there, you must first understand how work permits work, immigration laws, and details about your next steps. This kind of information will help you not only stay informed but also be able to explain your eligibility to work in the country if you are asked. It would be embarrassing to land a great international job only to realize that you lack the eligibility requirements. 

How can I get a job abroad?

How can I get a job abroad

Online Job Boards

Online job boards like TonatonJOBS are the easiest way to find jobs in other countries. Most job portals allow you to find jobs by location. This means you can simply search by the country and even city that you want to work in. 

Social Media Networking

Social media is a great networking tool for anyone looking for jobs outside of their country including Ghana. There are lots of Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, and other social networking sites that allow you to connect with people in the position to help you find jobs in their home country. 

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Company International Transfers

If you are working at a multinational company, chances are that you can get an international transfer. In some cases, you get moved around the world as you get promoted. 

Job Fairs: Jobs fairs, online or offline is probably the best and most direct way to get jobs outside Ghana. These are rare, especially with the covid-19 situation. Embassies and other recruitment organisations usually hold such events to bring together employers and job seekers. You get to meet the human resources representatives of foreign companies with whom you can gain direct insights. 

Company Websites

Company websites are perhaps the most underrated source of information for companies’ recruitment. Most people do not look there in the first place. Most companies would have a “Careers” section. It could have another name but the main purpose is to advertise job openings. 

Why Get a Job Abroad as a Ghanaian?

Why Get a Job Abroad as a Ghanaian

Experience Life and Work in a New Socio-Cultural Setting

Traveling to work outside Ghana gives you a whole new experience. Off from the bustling Trotro and taxi traffic, you get to experience a new kind of traffic. You get involved in a new environment with its excitement and challenges. 

Better Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

let’s face it. Certain careers and fields require some experience with the abroad world. In some areas, the fields are even early hence there isn’t much to learn from your current environment. Moving abroad presents you with experts and colleagues in the field from whom you can learn and grow directly. 

Grow Your Network

As you travel, you may know one or two people in the country to which you are headed. However, you will surely need more than 2 people to get along in your new country. Networking helps you to fully integrate into your new job, your community, and the society in which you now find yourself. 

Become a Global Citizen

Traveling and exploring the world, different cultures, and people gives you a wide perspective of things to be able to contribute meaningfully to world affairs. 

Become More Aware of Your Culture

It’s so easy to think the world ends with your country especially when you have lived there your entire life. Truth is that your country is just one out of many with a diverse set of cultures, behaviors, and people out there. Once you step out of what you have always known, you begin to see the bigger picture of the world, and you can appreciate both your culture and that of others. 

Learn New Languages

If you are moving to a new country where you don’t speak their language, you must learn their language to function well. This forces you to learn a new language, opening you to other countries where the same language is spoken. 

Acquire New Skills

The problems society faces usually determine the skills and occupations citizens choose. Moving to a new country allows you to capitalize on your new environment to learn new skills that meet society’s needs. 

Further Your Education

You may want to work but also further your education. Perhaps your dream course can only be achieved at a handful of universities in the world.. and yet maybe you are interested in a new field that is still young in your country. All of these give one reason to move to a new country for both work and study. 

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Which Countries Are Attractive to Jobseekers from Abroad?

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • France 
  • Spain 
  • China 
  • Canada
  • Italy 
  • Australia

What jobs are in demand internationally?

  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Web Design/ Technology / Programming
  • Child Care 
  • Health Care / Medicine / Nursing

How can I get an overseas job with no experience?

How can I get an overseas job with no experience


Certifications are a great way to show expertise in an area even with little or no experience. Professional bodies take certifications seriously and some applications in lots of countries. With one certification from your country, you can gain credibility and get international jobs in no time. Look for any professional certifications in your field. Some of them are not very tasking and you can get your certificate in a year or two. 


Traveling as a volunteer gives you exposure and you can build a network within the country you want to work. With a good network, you can find a job shortly after returning to your country and moving back. 


Internships are a great way to show potential to employers. There are many stories of interns who gained employment after school. Most multinational companies prefer to groom young people who would be loyal to them, helping them achieve their goals and vision. 

Teach English Abroad

English is a language that is always in demand. The language has permeated the world and has become the language of opportunity. Being able to speak English is enough to get you a job in certain countries. If you want to go into professional teaching, you might want some certification to back your applications. The best so far are:

  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

Move to the Country First

If possible, moving to the country first allows you time to adjust, survey your new environment and decide if you want to stay. Then, you can move on to find a job. This comes at a cost that most cannot afford. But it is still a good option. 

Is it hard to get a job in another country?

No. It isn’t difficult to get a job outside. However, it is different and often frustrating due to the barriers language, distance, and socio-cultural; differences may pose. Also, recruitment processes vary from country to country, hence it will be very helpful if you do your research to understand the local expectations and adapt to meet the standards.

Barriers to Getting an International Job as a Ghanaian

  1. Funding
  2. Family
  3. Legal
  4. Not Hearing from Recruiters
  5. Culture
  6. Massive Competition 


Finding and getting international jobs is perhaps a skill on its own, and recruitment agencies operate for this reason. They have specialized knowledge and experience with laws and norms. But if you prefer to do it all alone, which is a very viable option, then go for it. Go chase your dreams and make yourself proud. The world is your playground. 

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