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Car Spare Parts; How to Find Car Parts in Ghana

The feeling of owning a car can become a nightmare if one doesn’t know how and where to buy car parts, especially in Ghana. 

Buying a car is a dream for most and no one would want to have a frustrating experience with their vehicle. However, the common scenario is car owners finding it difficult to find spare car parts. For car brands that are common and it is easy to find parts, one may find that they are highly priced too. This often leaves car owners with dread for getting any car problems as a minor problem could mean lots of money to be spent in buying and replacing damaged or faulty car parts.

We buy cars for different reasons but mostly to be able to move around at our convenience. Therefore, any repair problems may impede our desire to have our means of transport. Finding and buying spare car parts for your vehicle shouldn’t be as difficult as it often is. 

This is why this article is going to take you through all that you need to know to find and buy good parts for your vehicle. 

What You Should Know About Spare Car Parts

What You Should Know About Car Parts

To have a good chance of getting the best car parts for your car, you need to know a few things regarding your vehicle and its parts. 

Types of Spare Car Parts

Not all car parts you find out there are the same. Therefore you need to be extra careful about which type of car part you buy for your vehicle. 

There are 5 types car part types that you can find in the Ghanaian car market. You must insist on the specific type that you want. It is advisable to have your mechanic check it for you before parting ways with your money. 

You may wonder why you cannot simply allow the mechanic to buy it themselves. That is a genuine reaction. But the mechanic could inflate the prices leaving you a hefty bill after repairs. Try to buy all parts yourself but with the mechanic who knows the good from the bad types. 

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That said, here are the 4 car parts types which we have. 

1. Genuine or OE (Original Equipment)

Genuine car parts are made by the carmaker and come in the company’s logo and branding. This is the highest quality car part you can find in any market. Genuine car parts are originally made for new cars and not necessarily for replacement purposes hence they are often expensive and quite scarce. If you find one, thank your stars but don’t be surprised by the price. 

2. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OEM parts are the next in “originality” you can find out there. These parts are made by companies that make parts for the automaker. However, they are sometimes sold in the brand of the carmaker itself or by the OEM itself as recommended replacement parts. OEM car parts are always made based on specifications given by the automotive maker hence they are quality and can be trusted. 

3. After Market

After-market spare car parts like OEM parts are made by a third-party company that isn’t affiliated with the automaker. Aftermarket manufacturers are not bound by standards by the automaker hence their parts vary in quality. 

They are often made for specific brands and models. After-market parts could be of less quality, the same quality, or even an upgrade to your original automaker’s specifications. But in most cases, they fall short. 

You should be careful when buying aftermarket car parts. Seek the advice of your mechanic before buying. However, if you need something fixed temporarily because you cannot buy original genuine parts, aftermarket parts are great. 

4. Reconditioned parts

These could be genuine (OE), OEM or aftermarket; They have refurbished car parts. These kinds of parts are either used or slightly damaged parts which have been repaired and made to look new and put back in the market. These aren’t so expensive but could give you some headache if due diligence is not done.  

5. Used Car Parts

When cars are involved in accidents or get damaged, not all parts are always out of order. Some car parts are often still usable. These are the used car parts. They could be one of the 3 main types of car types thus – OE, OEM, or aftermarket. Buy used car parts with caution as they could have hidden problems and pose danger to you and your vehicle. 

Know the Common Car Parts

  1. Battery
  2. The Muffler
  3. Radiator
  4. Headlamps & Tail Lamps
  5. Transmission
  6. AC Compressor
  7. Wipers
  8. Brakes
  9. Axle
  10. Spark Plug

There are more. Ask your mechanic about their work and the issues with the parts. They can often help give you information about how to prevent getting into problems. 

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Make Sure to Maintain Them

To be sure your vehicle doesn’t get frequent damages, make sure to maintain your vehicle regularly as required. Some car owners think of this exercise as a waste of time and money. But contrary to that, it could save you lots of repair-related stress and expenses. 

Perform Your Daily Car Routine

Daily routine checks are a core aspect of maintaining your car or vehicle. It involves performing a set of checks on car parts such as water, oil, tires, and your lights. These will give you a sense of the car’s health and also make sure the car is ready for use for the day. 

10 Tips to Buying the Best Car Parts for your Vehicle/Car

How to Find Car Parts in Ghana

Some Car Parts are Best Bought New, Not Used

As much as you may want to save on your purchases, it isn’t every part you should buy used. Due to the role certain parts play in the functioning of your car, you need to stick to certain levels of quality and originality. 

For non-essential parts to the functioning of the car, you can buy used. These include;

  1. Body Panels 
  2. Bumpers
  3. Exhaust Pipes 
  4. Gas Cap
  5. Hubcaps 
  6. Grill 
  7. Interior Trim 
  8. Steering Wheel 
  9. Stereo And Speakers 
  10. Sunroof And Motor 
  11. Tail And Headlights 
  12. Window Glass And Motors 

Critical parts should not be bought used as they may pose danger to you and your car. Some of them are;

  1. Battery 
  2. Brakes- Disk/Rotors And Pads 
  3. Catalytic Converter 
  4. Airbags And Sensors 
  5. Air Filter 
  6. Ignition Coil, Condenser, And Points
  7. Wheel Bearings And Cylinders 
  8. Switches And Sensors Used Throughout Your Car
  9. Oil Filter
  10. Spark Plugs

Have your expert or mechanic examine the part if new

You may not be very good at identifying genuine parts as compared to your mechanic. In such cases, go with your mechanic to purchase the parts. If possible, get a warranty for the part in case it falters. 

Keep It Local

Buy from only stores you can easily go back to in case of any issues. You do not want to buy a part only to find out it has a problem but you cannot return it due to distance barriers. Or perhaps it would be too expensive to return. 

Know the Details of the Car Part you need

You are far more likely to be given a different product if you do not know exactly the part you want and its specifications. Be sure to always check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) against the part to be positive it is made for your brand and model. 

Know the terms of shops and dealerships before buying from them

You may want to know the terms surrounding the purchase in case of any returns or product failures. 

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Expect Fakes – Learn to Identify Fake Spare Car Parts

The highest of original automotive car parts are either scarce or expensive. Making fake products the commonest in the market. As a car owner, try to get conversant with the common traits of fake products so that you can better identify them. 

Check the Paint, Color/Styling

Even though it is a new part of your car, it should distort the color and style of your car. Imagine buying a part in red color when your entire car is in an as color? That would completely distort the style of the car. Well, unless you want a mixture of ash and red of course…

How to Buy Car Parts in Ghana

To save time and even money, it is a good idea to join the thousands of users who buy car parts from our auto parts and accessories classifieds. Buying from an online source gives you the convenience to sit at your comfort and make an order and have your product delivered to your mechanic or yourself. Of course, you only pay after you have checked the product and are sure it is exactly what you need. 

As of writing this, the platform has 3,784  unique car part ads. 

Sellers have different badges to show their levels of reliability. There are the usual shops, the verified sellers who have confirmed their business details with, and lastly, we have authorized dealers whom you can trust for genuine car parts. 


  1. Visit Our auto parts and accessories classifieds
  2. Browse for your preferred car part
  3. Check for the badge level of the shop. Do follow our buyer guidelines.
  4. Contact the seller and either pick it up or have it delivered.
  5. You are done!


Buying car parts in Ghana shouldn’t be stressful and frustrating as it usually is. The main problem however is a lack of understanding and how to rightly buy auto parts. We have solved this through this guide. If you have further questions, do leave them in the comments section and our Vehicle Associates will reach out to you with a response. Happy shopping!

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