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How To Find Apartments for Rent in Accra

If you are looking for good apartments to rent in Accra, then going digital is probably the best option for you. The old way of moving from one place to another is simply impractical and costs more than just your money, but also your time and energy. It doesn’t matter the type you want or where you want it, developers and landlords are increasingly leveraging platforms such as Tonaton to showcase their awesome properties.

There are quite a few tools at your disposal if you want to use the digital space in your search for a room to rent in Accra. However, selecting an apartment to rent is not as easy as simply having access to the vacant places to rent. So, we created this article as a guide to help you in finding the right apartment in Accra, evaluating it, and finally renting it. Without outlined steps, you can save yourself both time and money and still get the best apartment in town. Finding good deals doesn’t have to be difficult with Tonaton. 

Most people make some mistakes when looking for apartments. The most prominent among them is not planning their search right from the word get-go. Jumping into platforms and visiting places without planning is the easiest way to spend days, money, and energy without any fruitful outcome. Accra stay by plan, so you plan stuff out beforehand before making your moves. “Going straight into the search process without a plan can mean so many things you do not want, including having to settle for an expensive apartment, a location that isn’t favorable, or worse end up in a place with so many problems that you do not have peace of mind at home.”

Tips To Finding the Best Apartments in Accra To Rent

Tips To Finding the Best Apartments in Accra To Rent

What Are Your Priorities?

Your apartment is your own personal space and you will be in there for a few years. If you don’t put your priorities first, you might regret renting the place. Figure out what is important to you. Do a list if you have to. And demand them. If you cant find them in an apartment, move to the next. 

Spend within Your Budget

Your living space is one of the most important things. However, you need to cut too much spending so you can buy other equally important things you need especially when it comes to furnishing your apartment and finding items for your living room. 

Start Your Search Early 

Start your search early. To be safe, you can start it no less than 2 months before your rent expires in your current place of residence. This is particularly necessary if you don’t want to depend on agents in the rush hours of last-minute and eviction notices to leave. 

Do You Want to Live with a Roommate?

If you are low on cash and don’t mind living with someone, you could find a roommate with whom you can share the rental fees and other costs involved in maintaining the apartment. If you decide to get a roommate, be sure you are on the same page with responsibilities and shared ones. Agree on all monetary obligations and expectations. Living with someone could be a headache if you choose the wrong person, you might want to know why they are before moving in with them. 

Consider 5 Apartments

To be sure you are getting the best, see 5 apartments before making a decision. Some agents or landlords may try to convince you that what they are offering is the best out there. Do not buy it. Go see for yourself.

Steps to Finding an Apartment in Accra

Steps to Finding an Apartment in Accra

1. Log in to Tonaton is Ghana’s largest classified site and has 22,839 properties listed on the site out of which 5,606 are apartments as of the writing of this article. Based on where you want to rent in Accra, you have access to all of these apartments available for rent or sale. If you are new to our platform, you can sign up. But it isn’t compulsory to sign up to view ads. To be able to message our members, you will need to sign up to access our in-app messaging platform. 

2. Go to the Apartments Section

Head straight to the properties section and select the apartments section. You can make this selection manually at the left side right after you click the “All Ads” on the homepage. You can also use the search option to search for apartments. The left-side search tool is very helpful in finding particular apartments based on location, price, and other information. 

3. Find Your Desired Properties

If you created your account, you will be able to favorite the apartments you like so you can have them in one place for immediate access. 

4. Contact them to Arrange Viewing

You can find the contact information of the agent or company that posted the ad for the apartments you are interested in. 

Make a call and ask them some questions to verify the availability of the apartment and other information of interest to you. Be sure to bargain and try to beat down their price when it exceeds your budget or you think it doesn’t merit the asking price. 

A pro tip here is to compare the price of the apartment to the prices of similar apartments in the same location. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect and how to bargain. 

5. Do this for 5 Apartments

Remember we are viewing 5 apartments before making a decision. This will allow you to experience different apartments and be able to compare. 

6. Compare the Apartments

After looking at the 5 apartments and getting all the information you need, compare them. You can rank them based on the 4 factors shared earlier in the post. 

7. Select The Best Apartment

Make a choice from the best that strikes green on all the indicators as already discussed. 

8. Review Documentation, Pay and Move-in

The last part could spell future consequences you may live to regret. Be sure to properly review the tenancy agreement and also be in agreement with them before signing. If you have any reservations, make sure they are addressed and an agreement is reached before signing. This is necessary because once you sign, the document becomes legally binding. 

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Please do your own research and work with a legal representative where necessary.


What are the Prices of Apartments for Rent in Accra?

What are the Prices of Apartments for Rent in Accra

Apartments for rent in Accra are both expensive and also affordable depending on a wide range of factors like location, facilities, and access. However, the main factor is location because the best locations have the best facilities and access to convenience areas in the city. The prices typically cost anything around GH¢1,000 to GH¢10,000. Now, don’t be scared by the pricing as the actual prices could be different. Also, the range is that wide because of the different types of apartments available. Right from single-room apartments to apartment houses and studios, there is a wide range of them to choose from. 


If you are looking for the best of apartments in Accra, the easiest way to find them is through The marketplace has various agents, homeowners, and developers who are more than ready to help you. Once you have your preferred Accra locations and your plan, Tonaton can help you find the best deals in terms of not just prices but also location. If you are feeling lucky right now, why not check out some cool apartments in Accra?

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