How To Find A Nice Single Self-Contained Room In Ghana (6 Tips)

Finding a single self-contained room in Ghana in recent years has become quite a task, especially if you are in the capital or other major cities. Due to rural-urban migration, rent in cities has skyrocketed without much difference to the quality. 

In such an environment, it is beneficial to actually consider your options when you do decide to make a move into a new room. Regardless of the purpose, whether you are a student or a worker, this article will be of help to you.  

In this article, you will be exposed to how to sequentially approach your room search and also what you should look out for when looking for the room. 

How To Find A Nice Single Self-contained Room In Ghana In 6 Steps


Affordability / Budget

When looking at making a move into a new room, you may want to first consider your budget since it is very important. 

Yes, we all want luxurious spaces, the plush amenities and facilities and nice neighbourhoods. 

But do that within your budget. This can’t be stressed enough. You may be able to make up the payment for the room itself, but you would live in the room with additional living expenses. Hence it is important to keep this in mind. 

The ideal is to budget no more than 20% – 30% of your income to pay for the room. If you make GH₵1450 each month, make sure that your monthly rent doesn’t go beyond the 30% mark, at most. 

Remember to consider the utility bills and other maintenance costs that would be involved in maintaining your living standards when allocating the amount of rent you can afford.

Choose A Number Of Desired Locations. 

To help with your room search efforts, make sure to have a list of desired locations you would like to live in. Consider your main areas of activity. Such as for work, school or others. If you work at Accra central, it would be convenient for you to have a room around there. 

If you are a student at the University of Ghana, it helps you get a place on campus or nearby such as Madina, Atomic, Haatso, and East Legon. 

You need to consider the living standard. What does it cost to buy basic needs? How expensive are the restaurants for when you want to eat out? If you work out, is there a nearby gym? Does the facility have a gym? 

Asking such relevant questions before you even hit the field to search for a room will simplify your search as you already know what you want and what you are willing to pay.

It helps to do research about the rent on those locations you choose. The research will help you to know which locations fit your budget and which ones don’t. If they’re generally higher than your budget, you may want to reconsider your budget or your location. 

Consider The Amenities You Need And Want

Your needs are things you cannot live without, or basic human needs and utilities. Wants are nice to have but aren’t basic needs. Depending on what you do and who you are, these may constitute different things. 

For example, strong internet connections may be a necessity for the work at home person. While the person who is okay with “Good” connection wouldn’t worry too much about connectivity so far as they can make and receive calls and send messages. 

Having a pretty clear understanding of what you need in your room or apartment will help you to adjust your budget and know which locations to search. 

Conduct A Search

Time to move. Taking into account the previous decisions you have made, you can start searching for your room. 

There are a number of ways to begin your search. Before you get started, it helps to consider your availability and the options you can use to get a room. If you are busy, you might want to start with an extensive search online using platforms such as to view and make inquiries about properties. Typically, you can find homeowners or agents on the platform. Agents usually have their fees so it helps to ask and be sure what their charges are. 

You have more time on your hands, you can hit the road and get to your desired locations. Ask around and you would have a few places to tour soon.

The third option is to find a trusted agent who will take all your needs, wants and budget into consideration and then find you a room. 

  • Use Tonaton.Com (Find Both Agents and Owners)
  • Visit The Locations (Find Both Agents and Owners)
  • Work With An Agent

Compare And Select

If helps to check a number of places so you can compare rental prices, facilities and amenities. Visiting the places is absolutely considering that you would be staying there for a long time. This will help you get a room which fits your needs and wants as well as your budget. 

Pay And Move-In

Time to move into your new single self-contained room apartment. Not so fast, you have to make payment before moving in. It is common for landlords to demand years of rent in advance. This isn’t legal. Landlords can legally collect only 6 months advance rent. However, on the ground, landlords typically tale from 1 year to 3 years. 

Pro Tip: Ask Plenty of Questions and Take Pictures: Asking questions when you visit the property will help you to uncover potential problems or even existing problems. It would be a difficult situation to pay more than a year’s advance rent only to find out serious issues after a week or two of living in the room. 

First off, getting your money back may be difficult and you may be forced to stay in a room that is problematic. Take pictures of the nature of certain facilities in case there is a maintenance problem or dispute. 

Lookout For These Things When Searching For A Room

  1. Is the neighbourhood okay? Is it noisy? Clean? How are people?
  2. How is the landlord? Can you work with such a person?
  3. Be sure the place has no history of flooding. Check for wall marks indicating flood. Ask around the neighbourhood.
  4. Are there enough sockets?
  5. Will your stuff fit into the room Or the things you plan on buying
  6. Is the place spacious enough?
  7. Is there water? How consistent?
  8. Is there electricity? How consistent?
  9. Is it well floored? How about the paint?
  10. Any signs of rodents? Or other animals?
  11. Do enough light and air get into the room?
  12. How about cabinets? Shelves? 
  13. Is mobile connectivity good? How strong?
  14. What are the terms of the lease?

Read the tenant/lease agreement carefully 

Carefully reading the agreement is very important as anything that happens between you and the landlord will be governed by the agreement, even in court. It helps you read it well. If possible, get someone to help you interpret it if you don’t understand anything. 


There you go. These are the 6 steps to take to get your room. Did we miss anything? Leave your questions in the comments and we would be sure to respond. Ready to start searching for your room? Visit and view 1000s of rooms and properties.

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