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How to dress for an interview?

So you have answered one of the many job advertisements on and you have been called for an interview from your prospective employers. What do you wear for that all important interview?

Wearing the right clothing items to an interview is everything! It often separates the successful candidates from the unsuccessful and let’s get it straight, first impressions matter a lot. You are hardly able to correct this impression or create another first impression. Forget what anyone else may tell you.

Before you utter the first word, your appearance has said everything and places you on a pedestal which determines, very simply put, how seriously the interviewer will take you.

Let’s be clear, that an organisation’s staff can wear a pair of jeans and t-shirts to work on Mondays does not mean you can wear same to an interview at the organisation. Your outfit to an interview has little or nothing to do with the dress culture of the organisation. You are not yet a staff till you resume at the organisation.

Dress code for interview

I would like to help you nail that next interview, the reason why I am sharing the following tips with you.

  1. Dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate for the role you are applying for. More often than not, this means you have to be dressed in a suit regardless of the company’s dress code policy. It is never a good idea to dress down especially when you want to be taken seriously. If you are in doubt, please be dressed conservatively.
  2. Wear a suit. For men, wearing a suit means wearing matching jacket and trousers, shirt, tie, coordinating socks and a pair of shoes. Ladies have it a little easier. They can wear matching jackets and trousers with a shirt or camisole.
  3. Be comfortable in the outfit you are wearing. This means that as a lady, if your waistband is cutting you in half or jacket is too tight or your camisole is too low, you will not act your best. That is not a good time to start adjusting your camisole and it is certainly not a good time to be fiddling with your skirt hooks or buttons. For men, the same thing applies, you should feel at ease in your outfit, be able to raise your hand without difficult.
  4. Be clean. This is not intended to be derogatory. You really have to wear clean and well-ironed clothes. Prepare what you will wear to an interview ahead and this means physically checking to be sure that they are in good state. It is never enough to take a mental note because it might mean that you are waking to rumpled or dirty clothes even.
  5. You can never go wrong with personal grooming. Polish your shoes. Clean your nails. Groom yourself. Shave your beards, barb your hair before. If you prefer facial hairs, be sure that they are well trimmed. Ladies wear clean moderately low heels. Keep the nail colours and make-up conservative as well.  Ladies and gentlemen, check the bad breath (it might help to chew on mint gum just before the interview. Wear a deodorant but never a strong aftershave or cologne except the intention is to piss off your interviewer.
  6. Avoid loud and flashy colours. This also includes wearing a conservative blouse, avoid bright colours, animal prints anything lacy, sheer or low-cut. Keep the colours conservative. Ideally, you should wear grey, deep brown, navy blue, black etc all paired with equally subtle colours like white.

These might appear to be a lot of rules but you see, it will increase your chances of being taken seriously when you are dressed in this very professional manner. What other tips do you think we missed out? Share with us in the comments!

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