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How To Get Warehouse Executive Job in Ghana

Warehousing is one of the powerhouses of traditional manufacturing companies. Which means the constant need for Warehouse executives. Manufacturing companies usually need a stock of materials in order for products to continue non-stop.  That means a lot of work usually goes into managing inventory, purchasing materials, etc.

Recently, more and more entrepreneurs are going into manufacturing, food, beverages, building materials, and several others. This provides a unique opportunity for people looking to start careers in logistics, transport, and Warehousing.  Jobs are available for warehouse executives all year round partly because of the churn out rate and also new companies starting out operations in manufacturing. 

The job of a Warehouse Executive is relatively less demanding when it comes to qualifications as you’d soon see. In this article, we will look at who a Warehouse Executive is and what goes into being a Warehouse Executive.  We will further look at the skills needed, how to get a Warehouse Executive Job, and finally some of the high paying Warehouse Executive Jobs.  

What Does a Warehouse Executive Do?

Warehouse workers do a range of things. A majority of them are physical. There are also management roles that require higher qualifications and less physical exertion. 

Let’s get to understand a day in the life of a typical warehouse worker or Executive. 

Typical Day for a Warehouse Worker

Warehouses are good for keeping materials. They may be raw materials for the production of a product or for resale to another company. Sourcing of materials is a major part of the Warehousing work.

Logistics and transport play a key role. The materials need to be moved as and when they are purchased. And also when they are needed.

Materials will be loaded onto trucks to enable movement and another set of workers will be needed for that. This is the more physical part of Warehouse work. Stock and inventory management is another important aspect of Warehousing. 

The company needs to know the stock or inventory available and also the state of the stock. For perishable goods, extra measures would need to be taken to ensure that they are properly stored and safe.

Warehouses serve different purposes. Some warehouses are for keeping inventory of end-user products for e-commerce businesses. Packing is one of the main activities in a typical warehouse. The package delivery rider or driver will then do the delivery once packing is done. It is important that pickers and warehouse executives pay attention to detail to prevent sending wrong products resulting in dissatisfaction and returns. 

In conclusion, there are several roles one could do at a Warehouse that require different skills, qualifications, and experience. Based on your interests, you decide which to do. If you are strong and fit and can carry loads, then surely try out some of such roles. If you are someone who pays attention to details, you could be a picker and engage in product sorting. 

What a Warehouse Executive Does

  1. Engage in the Organization of stock and in the warehouse by properly storing them.
  2. Maintain proper records of products and/materials that have been stocked. Management should be properly informed about the record and advised on inventory. 
  3. Check and confirm all incoming shipments to be accurate. Compare the invoice details with the actual goods or materials received. A manifest should be used for all deliveries. 
  4. Monitor and report any missing or lost materials in the inventory to the manager of the warehouse.
  5. Properly organize and sort materials, products, or inventory in the company accepted way. 
  6. Maintain an accurate and updated record of inventory. 
  7. Packing, and arranging materials. 
  8. Driving and moving materials within and outside the warehouse. 
  9. Properly pack items to be shipped according to company standards to ensure they arrive in excellent condition
  10. Adhere to warehouse safety precautions and protocols.  

What are the Top Skills Needed for a Warehouse Executive Job?

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Ability to collaborate and work in a team setting
  3. Attention to details 
  4. A Flexible approach to the job
  5. Ability to learn fast
  6. Should be Dependable to execute tasks
  7. Proper organization and time management skills
  8. Ability to plan 
  9. Safety and Security conscious 

How to Get a Job As a Warehouse Executive in Ghana

Warehouse jobs are one of the most flexible jobs you can have. With little to no education, you can quickly get started. However, to get to high-level roles in the warehousing field, you will eventually need some qualifications and education. 

Lots of Warehouse Executive Jobs in Ghana do not require experience. But we would provide some qualifications you may want to have in order to gain higher-level roles especially in the management area and becoming a player in logistics and transport.  

There are many skills utilized in the warehousing space. These skills can mostly be acquired and learned in the field itself. 

When it comes to degrees, there are a number of programs you can enroll in to give you the edge to gain management level roles. One of such qualifications is a degree in logistics management. Others include qualifications in supply chain management, quality control, and risk analysis. 

These degrees will require substantial time and funds. If you are working on a tight budget, you might want to start on the lower end of the warehousing field and learn your way through. Acquire your qualifications while learning on the job. This provides a very good mix of theory and practice giving you a greater edge over those with just one. 

Steps to Getting a Warehouse Executive Job in Ghana

The first step is to visit the TonatonJOBS platform to create a profile. It is an easy process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Creating your profile is the easiest way to build your resume which potential employers will use to shortlist you. The platform has lots of warehouse executive jobs, packing officer jobs, and storekeeper jobs waiting to be filled. 

The final step is to prepare for an interview. Due to the nature of the job, you can expect it will require practical problem-solving skills which you may already have. But answering the common interview questions may not be something you know. Go through some practice over answering any question you think might be asked and prepare adequately for the interview. 

Warehouse Jobs That Pay Well

  1. Inspector/packer
  2. Production worker
  3. Stocker
  4. Entry-level laborer
  5. Shift manager
  6. Truck loader
  7. Shipping and receiving clerk
  8. Quality assurance manager

How Much Do Warehouse Executives Take?

According to, the average warehouse worker earns between GH¢640 and GH¢1790. The website breaks the salary data of the field into years of experience and provides the salary estimates based on years of experience.

Years of ExperienceSalary (GH¢)
0 – 2 Years740
2 – 5 Years940
5 – 10 Years1,240
10 – 15 Years1,460
15 – 20 Years1,610
20+ Years1,720
Salary Structure of Warehouse Executives in Ghana


If you are looking for a job that involves less office and cubicle work, becoming a warehouse executive might be a good bet for you. The pay is good and barriers to entry are few to none. If you want a high management position, you may require extra education, qualifications, and skills. Warehouse jobs are always a great way to enter the logistics industry.

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