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How to acquire a Ghana DVLA Driver’s License

Getting a DVLA Driver’s license usually seems like a trivial thing. Until you buy a car or happen to be in an emergency where you need to drive someone. In order to prevent any unforeseen consequences, it is usually best to have a license ready. And also have practical experience in driving. 

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is the mandated body to carry out the exercise. Hence, they are the first point of contact. That said, your driving school will often assist you with initiating the process and helping you through it as well. 

In this article, we will look at how to acquire your Ghanaian driver’s license in 6 steps. We will also delve into how to do your application online and share with you the requirements for obtaining the license. Here’s a fact. A license isn’t a right but given based on the discretion of the DVLA. Get conversant with the requirements, procedures, and processes to prevent being denied or scammed along the line. 

Requirements for Acquiring Your Drivers License in Ghana

  1. The physical presence of the applicant at any DVLA office
  2. Minimum 18 years of age 
  3. Basic education (BECE) or Adult Education, Ability to read and write
  4. Photocopy of a Valid national ID e.g. Passport, Voter ID, National ID.
  5. Passport Pictures (3)
  6. Undergo mandatory training at a DVLA licensed driving school.  
  7. You only become eligible to apply for the actual license after 3 months of using the learner driver’s license. 

6 Steps to Acquiring Your Drivers License in Ghana

1. Visit any DVLA Office to Initiate the Process

The very first step is for you to visit a DVLA office of your convenience with all requirements and Purchase Forms and Make the Necessary Payments for the forms. DVLA stipulates that you need Forms F and F1. Mostly, your driving school will initiate this process and will require you to submit all required documents when doing your registration with them. But if you are doing this on your own, then you would have to make this very first visit by yourself and purchase the forms. 

Submit Your Application After Filling the Forms and obtain your requests for Physical Examination and Eye Test at DVLA. It is a requirement to attach the following documents to the forms before submitting the application to DVLA;

  1. Identity card (Proof of age)
  2. Basic education (BECE) or Adult Education certificate (Literacy)

The DVLA will give you a date to return for your tests. The tests are carried out in the DVLA offices by qualified personnel. This is necessary to ascertain your fitness to drive. Present yourself and be at your best for examination. 

Make payment for the Ghana high way code, Learner drivers plate, and a syllabus for your learning. 

2. Compulsory training of at least 48 hours with a DVLA approved driving school

The requirement is that your total time of practice must not be less than 48 hours. If you train for 2 hours a day, that would give you 24 days to reach the target of 48 hours. 

You would be booked for a written test and subsequent driving test. It will be done most likely while you are engaging in the period of training.

Your biometric information will be taken at DVLA after the training. You will also be scheduled for a written test after completion of the compulsory training. 

3. Computer-based Written-test 

Visit the office to take your written test. You will be required to do the test using a computer at the test center. The questions are usually multiple-choice. 

4. Oral Test and In traffic Tests

After you have successfully completed and passed the computer written test, next will be an oral test where your knowledge of road signs will be tested. You will be required to identify a wide variety of road signs and markings. 

The actual driving test involving a vehicle comes last. This is facilitated by a DVLA instructor who will assess your driving skills and score you. 

5. Make Payments for temporary License and P – plate 

You are about to finish the process. After passing all tests, you will be required to make another payment. This payment will be for the temporary license.

The details which will be used to make your driving license will be taken after the payment has been made. The instructor will give you a note which will be demanded at the office when you return for your drivers’ license. 

6. Acquire your Drivers License

The last and final stage is to return the temporary license for a permanent license which you will renew after every few years.  

Types of licenses You Can Apply For

  1. Class A – This is a license for motor vehicles only. 
  2. Class B – This Class license allows you to drive pick up vehicles, minibusses, cross country vehicles, and other vehicles that take 15 or fewer passengers. 
  3. The Class C – This class of license is typically used for bus drivers with passengers not more than 45.
  4. Class D – This license is for drivers of heavy-duty vehicles, coaches, and other heavy buses. Such vehicles must not take over 65 passengers.
  5. The Class E – Generally, agricultural machines fall under this category. This includes tractors, forklifts, rollers, and combined harvesters. 
  6. Class F – Class F vehicles are vehicles that exceed the weight of 35,00kgs. They are similar to vehicles in class D but not in weight. Vehicles in this class include but not limited to articulator trucks, long vehicles, etc


Getting your license isn’t only important when you have a car or a vehicle. Your driving skills can be used in many situations such as applying for a job, saving someone, or some other need. If you are planning on buying a car we have a short guide to help you out.

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