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How to Access Your Government Payslip Online

Payslips can be categorized as those documents that we only check when we feel cheated or underpaid. Most documents like payslips may not be used often or even looked at unless there is a matter to be solved, but they still hold certain importance. When filing documents for loans, for instance, one needs a payslip. And that is one of the reasons why you need to register for the Government of Ghana electronic payslip (GOG E-Payslip)

As much as you may not need to look at your payslip every month, you may happen to need it during an emergency. Imagine you visit an institution for a certain service only for them to request your payslip? How do you get your payslip right there? Does it mean you have to postpone what you were doing? 

Getting payslips before the electronic payslip involved a laborious process. Thanks to technology and the internet, you can now access your payslip through a phone or computer when you have an internet connection. You can download or print your payslip right from your device. 

This article will look at what a payslip is, the government’s online payslip, and how to register for the platform, among other things. Whether you are a current government employee or applying for a government job, this guide will give you all the information about the Government of Ghana E-Payslip. 

What is a Payslip?

salary payslip

A payslip is a piece of the document containing details about your salary. Payslips are issued monthly and should be sent to employees at a considerable time before their salary is paid to them. Payslips are traditionally given to employees in paper form. However, the rise of internet and cloud solutions has given the ability for companies to use online solutions where staff can simply log in and access their payslips without having to push paper. 

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Key pieces of information on a payslip include; 

1. Details about the company such as name, location, logo, and contact, 

2. Details about the employee such as the employee’s name, employee ID, 

3. Itemized list of Earnings and Deductions. 

4. Gross and Net salary. 

5. Other details

The Government of Ghana E-Payslip (GOGPAYSLIP)?

How to Access Your Government Payslip Online controller and account general department cagd

Government employees like every other worker should be conveniently served their payslips. Over the years, the Controller and Accountant Generals Department has fulfilled this using paper payslip. This changed for good when the GOGPAYSLIP platform was created to aid in distributing and accessing payslips conveniently for both parties: government and employees. 

What is the Government of Ghana E-Payslip?

The government of Ghana’s e-payslip is the digitization of the payslip system through a Third Party Referencing System (TPRS). The CAGD created a platform where all staff can easily register to enable them to retrieve their salary information privately anytime, anywhere they have a device and an active internet connection.

The good thing about the platform is that it isn’t just for payslips. Government staff can access many other documents and request for others on demand – all online. 

Features of the GOG Payslip Platform

  • Payslip –  Everyone can easily access their payslip online through the system. All you need to do is register using a code given to you by your head of department or unit. Once you are registered, you need your staff ID number and password to log in.
  • Affordability – Banks and other institutions will request your affordability before giving you loans as a government worker. You can easily download yours on the platform right on the dashboard. 
  • Tax (GRA) Report – You can further generate your GRA report if you want to check your records. 
  • Wrongful Deductions – Wrongful deductions sometimes happen. Once you spot such deductions, all you need to do is use this option to get the issues solved and your money retrieved. 
  • Mandate forms – Before third parties can make deductions from your account to service loans, pay association dues, and other forms of payment directly from your salary, the recipients need to submit a filled mandate form from you. 
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features of government of ghana My-Payslip

Importance of Government of Ghana E-Payslip

salary payslip ghana cagd platform

Before the online payslip system, everything was manual and took time. The convenience that the system brings alone is a great improvement in the lives of government workers. 

  1. Security

The portal is developed using powerful web security features and encryption. Even though it may not be impossible to hack, it is definitely going to be difficult for the average person to break through to access your details. 

The use of a password system also ensures that no one can access your payslip information just by knowing your name or staff ID. They must have your unique password. Hence, try not to use your staff ID as a password. 

Also, Stay away from birthdays, and other common password patterns since they are the first hackers try out. Try to change your passwords periodically just in case it gets leaked or revealed to a third party.

  1. Convenience

It’s easier than ever to access your payslip. With a phone or computer, you can have your information. 

  1. Access Previous Payslips

Unlike the paper payslip which you had to file in a system so you can easily locate past slips, you can easily retrieve old payslips on the platform. Choose the year and month and let the system generate the information for you. 

How to Register for the GOG Payslip Platform

government payslip sign in page

Registration Requirement to Sign up

  • Enter employee number
  • Confirm employee number
  • Your password
  • Registration code from your Head of Department
  • Enter email (if any)

Process to Register 

  1. Go to the Government of Ghana payslip website
  2. Enter your employee number; this is a six (6) digit number
  3. Confirm Your Employee number
  4. Create Your Password
  5. Confirm your password
  6. Enter your Registration code
  7. Type in your e-mail address (optional)
  8. Enter your mobile phone number
  9. Type in the code shown on your screen
  10. Click on “Register”
  11. You will be redirected to log in. Do so using your staff ID and your password. 
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How Do I Access My E-payslip Online?

  1. Login to the GOG Payslip Platform
  2. Enter your Employee Number and your password. Click “Sign In” 
  3. You will be directed to the dashboard where you will see lots of options.
  4. Look for “My Payslip” on the top right side. Click on it.
  5. You will be directed to a page with a generated payslip which you can download and print. 

How Can I Download My Salary Slip?

features of government of ghana My-Payslip
  1. Login to the GOG Payslip Platform
  2. Enter your Employee Number and your password. Click “Sign In” 
  3. You will be directed to the dashboard where you will see lots of options.
  4. Look for “My Payslip” on the top right side. Click on it.
  5. You will be directed to a page with a generated payslip which you can download and print. 
  6. Look to the top right side. Click on the Download button.
  7. Alternatively, you can click on the Print button


Payslips are meant to make life easier for you. They give you a summary of your salary and the various deductions. This way, you can track your loan payments, your contributions and even plan your spending. With the new online payslip, you can do these activities and more without a lot of stress.


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